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Desert Spirit



May 14, 2020

From: Slava


     Hi David,

"Spirit does not concern itself with survival,

because it is forever safe within the Source."

      You mention 'the Source' in your post from April 29. May you please talk more about what is 'the Source' and what levels of beings/entities are there? 1) Human 2) Spirit 3) Source.

     Life is the Source. Life is the Undefinable.

     Everything that is moved by energy is part of the Source. The Source then must be Energy. Energy has no limits on it.

      There is no "GOOD" or "BAD" energy. There is no good or bad power.  Power is what energy produces.

      Energy/power passes through the electrical line on an electrical pole and transfers this power/energy to your home.

     The LINE through which the power is carried is the FORM or the CONDUIT through which energy/power passes TO its destination. All "FORMS" of life represent the conduit through which power/energy is carried. Then, the body is a conduit through which power/energy is carried.

     We can call this "spirit".

      The conduit CARRIES the power/energy, but is not the source OF the energy. The conduit is only a link FROM the source TO its destination. This process of carrying power from the Source TO Its destination is called "creation". Creation extends itself, which gives expression to power/energy.

      Your body is the conduit. The power in you comes from the Source.The power you carry FROM the Source is directed to that which you would extend your power. Your spirit and the Source have previously decided HOW you will extend your power and TO whom or to what.

      In this understanding, you would ASK Source how you are to extend your power, because we have forgotten all this, and the purpose of our earthly journey is to reconnect with this relationship, the relationship of you to your spirit, your power/energy to the spirit, and your spirit to the Source.

      Ask every day only three questions and you will never be misguided, for the Source will not interfere with your earthly journey unless you INVITE and WELCOME it. It cannot impose on you.


     The three questions are:

      1. What will You have me do this day?

     2. Where will You have me go?

     3.What will You have me say and to whom?

      Let Your Will and Power be done/extended through me now.

      If you make it a consistent practice to make this invocation to the Source, you can never not be Guided. You may still misperceive the Guidance, but that would only be because of the duality which we have assigned TO Power, making it good or bad, loving or evil. Yet as I said, power is power, neither good or evil.

      Returning then to the conduit of the electrical line that carries power to your house, were it to be used incorrectly, it has the potential to burn down your home when the electrical line is shorted, or is misdirected or used inappropriately. We may term this misuse of power "bad" or "evil" when your home burns down from an electrical short. Yet the power is only doing what it is designed to do, regardless of whether your wiring is to code or not.

      Yet THIS SAME POWER would be seen as "good" and "loving" if it powers your air conditioner that keeps you comfortable, your microwave/kitchen stove to prepare your food, or the lights that allow you to see in the evening when the sun has set.

      Then again, the power is even available for you to "see in the dark". We call creatures that can see in the dark "nocturnal". We call people who can see in the dark "wise".


May 18, 2020

From: Slava

     Thank you David. A beautiful analogy. Energy gets sent to our homes and turns into power and it is up to us what to do with that power. It can be used to warm some water, or burn a slice of toast.

     We call people who can see in the dark "wise". Is seeing in the dark a metaphor for being able to think ahead and make wise decisions? Or is "darkness" a metaphor for evil? 

     As I said there is no good or evil power. The concept of evil is man made designed by ignorant beings. It is used to control the behavior of others.  

      And it is equally the ignorant who allow themselves to BE controlled by others.

      Then, darkness is synonymous with ignorance, which is the willingness and desire to not know. This makes darkness a metaphor for ignorance.

     To make wise decisions would not require one to think ahead if ones use of power was under the guidance OF the  Wise.

     To think ahead implies planning. Planning requires time to think. Time to think is the practice of delay. Delay is postponement and perpetuates time. Postponement and the perpetuating of time is born of fear. And so fear thinks ahead in order to make what fear thinks is a wise decision.

      Which is unwise.


May 21, 2020

From: Slava

      Thank you David.

 "The concept of evil is man-made

designed by ignorant beings.

It is used to control the behavior of others."

      Control is what those in power want. They brainwash the rest of us to think that we NEED them to keep us in check, otherwise wars, riots, and protests will break out. The popes, the kings, the presidents, police chiefs etc. all want us to believe that we are inherently evil and cannot function without them. Otherwise, why would we need them?


“Control is what those in power want.“

      Well actually no one is “in power”. They have been GIVEN power by those who allow themselves to be controlled. No can control you unless you give them power to do so. 

 “They brainwash the rest of us...”

      It would be wise to rethink this and restate it. “They” do nothing unless you allow it.

     If you are going to accept responsibility for your life and thinking, then you must realize that you have allowed yourself to be deceived.

      You would have to be willing to accept the fact that “I have deceived myself into thinking others have brainwashed me. But actually I have allowed this to happen. I have brainwashed myself to think others have brainwashed me”.

 “....to think that we NEED them to keep us in check, otherwise wars, riots, and protests will break out. The popes, the kings, the presidents, police chiefs etc. all want us to believe that we are inherently evil and cannot function without them. Otherwise, why would we need them?”

     Not inherently evil but inherently irresponsible, fearful and weak. So they sell you their wares and everyone accepts it without question. 

     Lost people elect “leaders” BECAUSE they are lost or think they are lost. Then, how is it possible for a lost person to know who would lead them if they ARE lost? The problem is the “leader” is just as lost as you/we are.

      And if one has no inner Guidance then one IS lost. Yet if one had inner Guidance one would not be lost and therefore would not need to elect a “leader”.

     If you had inner Certainty your life would not be dictated by the externals or by others and you would question everything and encourage others to do the same.

      You would be INCAPABLE of being deceived and consequently be incapable of being controlled by anything or anyone.


May 26, 2020

From: Slava

      Thank you David.

 "Yet if one had inner Guidance one would not be lost

and therefore would not need to elect a “leader”. "

      What would our life be if we relied on inner-guidance instead of leaders? Would there be large communities of like minded folks, or would we all be segregated and live in smaller groups that share the same "direction" from the inner-guidance?


     There is a misperception about what constitute a "leader".

      A leader has to have the wisdom to guide those who he or she would lead.

      Creator/Love is the only True Leader, because Creator is the Source of all life and Love is its only purpose.

      All were created in and by the Creator.

     That means that ANYONE who would lead others would have to understand this truth; that the one in charge would have to rely ONLY on the Creator, on Divine Love, and on the Laws of the Universe to guide those he or she would lead.

      Were leaders to be guided BY Creator's Love, all beings would be equal. All beings would be treated equal. There would not be any rich or poor. There would be no borders. There would be no foolish "laws" to control man.

      Man's "laws" are not laws because they are not governed by Creator. Man attempts to control his brother to exploit him. Man uses his brother for his own selfish end. Man therefore is lawless. He does not live by the Laws of Love.

      Creator is equal to all. Creator loves all equally. The leader would then have to exemplify this Truth. Then you may begin to see how ALL BEINGS would be treated fairly.

      If this were the case, there would be no crime. No no one would have more than another. No one would have less than another. There would be no sickness, because all would be loved, would be equal.

      When all are equal all are happy. When all are happy there is no depression. When all are at peace there is no sickness. There is no hunger. There would be no need for hospitals.There would be no need for medicine or prescription drugs.

     The Power of Divine Love would be the healer, not synthetic chemicals.

     So without Wisdom and the Laws of the Universe to Guide a "leader", you have what is our present world.

    The world is full of sick people, hateful people. Sick hateful people have made the world sick. They are sick from wanting. Wanting implies lack. Lack motivates one to "get" more. Those who are wanting, who must get more, are sick. The sick cannot be fulfilled. They have more than they will ever need and want more.

      They think they are rich. They have "sold their souls to the devil". The want more and decide how to control the rest of us to get us to give them more. This leads to exploitation of everything. Exploitation leads to a sick planet where the oceans are used for dumping our garbage.The landfills are used to bury our junk and waste, and the earth is dying.

      Obviously you can see that a world without Wisdom and True Intelligence is doomed.

      So what is going to be your part? Why did you come here? To appease the demands of another and keep your guilt sustained through deep suppression of it?

     I do not know. I am just asking.