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"It is ONLY You Who CAN correct that for which man has not answer or solution.

And this is not a ‘Christian’ teaching - it is a Fact of Life."

Desert Spirit




Friday, May 28, 2010

Desert Spirit



As I comb the stories posted on the media network, upon which comments are attached by individuals who offer their opinions about what they read, I come upon a disturbing post made by someone. And in my contact with this disturbing post, I find this morning it stimulates this communication I write and offer to the seen and the Unseen.


In fact, it must be the Unseen That made my eyes aware of the disturbing post, thereby revealing that there IS Order, undeniably, and that I live in It and am affected by It. Yet equally can I be affected by man’s inability and or refusal to consider he/she also is part of this Order. And so within man’s disorder, do I find that often I am affected by this also.


So will I address the perceived disturbance of the post I encountered yesterday afternoon, and carried into physical sleep, unaware its workings on my mind and how it is brought forth this day these thoughts as I begin my daily study.


They write that prayer, communication to and with the Unseen, is futile, ineffective and a waste of time, even foolish and childish, infantile and unwise, and does nothing to affect changes in the externals. Yet I cannot deny I have seen the good works of communicating with the Unseen, and its results are synonymous.


The doubters, the skeptics, the arrogant, the ignorant, the self-reliant, the so-called atheist will be those who wail for God when their time of true need comes, when their mind is encapsulated in a corral of pain and turmoil so tight that only oblivion will seem to be their obvious choice. In their desperation they will beg for mercy from the Unseen. And will their wails BE heard?


Perhaps they are the shallow-minded, as I have been often, who think God is suppose to fill all that is their empty desire, Who is suppose to provide their unrealistic expectations, who demands their incessant, pitiful empty needs be met on their terms in the time they demand. And when those desires and needs are not given, they say, “There is no God - prayer is a waste to time.” Yet is seems to me everything communicates with and to the Spirit World and the Intelligent Universe.


Now my day begins with the realization that man’s latest endeavor to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil leak is not working. It seems helpless and futile their man’s efforts to stop the oil leak has not brought a solution to the growing problem. And should they not cap the well or stop it by the time hurricane season begins, there will be even greater catastrophic consequences facing mankind.



I sit alone in this place this morning, far removed from the madness of the Gulf oil leak, and think it does not affect me or is not my concern. But as each day passes without a containment of the leak, I feel a desperation growing in me, and in man, and in the world…


What could I possibly do except to ask the Creator to intervene, to invite Its Solution?


My Creator, please, will You help these men find a swift and sure way to stop this leak of oil into the precious ocean waters that continues to flow? Who HAS invited You to intervene, Spirit Father? This day I find it within me to ask You to intervene. For what is affecting all of those who are there working to stop the leak and clean up the oil mess is affecting me. It is affecting me because I am a part of this level, I am part of mankind, I am one man, all men. I am also part of the problem of using oil to fuel the various devices that makes my physical life comfortable. And so I am an oil consumer through all the ways I use oil for energy.


I call upon the Wise Elders and ask Them to ask Creator for me to send to this plane an answer to this dilemma that man seems to not have. I respectfully ask for the Intelligence of the Uni-Verse to assist us/mankind in finding a swift and wise and permanent solution to stopping this oil leak.


With so many days passed, forgive me for not ever even considering asking the Unseen for an intervention. I do not ask out of desperation, but as it is my sacred right TO ask for a solution, to ask for the Power of the Unseen to intervene.


I call forth the limitless and merciful Power of the Uni-Verse that keeps ALL THINGS IN ORDER, and respectfully call forth the swift and immediate halt of the high pressure oil flowing from the broken pipe five miles below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.


It is ONLY You Who CAN correct that for which man has not answer or solution. It is ONLY You Who see a possibility in the perceived impossibility. It is ONLY You Who HAVE the wisdom and intelligence to give TO man what will provide him with the insight that will guide him in knowing what to do to stop this leaking oil and restore order to the situation in the Gulf of Mexico.


And I pray all who are affected by this will find the strength and courage to meet these challenges with faith and trust in You the Creator.


So be it now.

“It is done.”


Now my lesson reads,


Today’s idea,I walk with God in perfect holiness,’ but states the simple truth that makes the thought of sin impossible. It promises there is n cause for guilt, and being causeless it does not exist. It follows surely from the basic thought so often mentioned in the text; ideas leave not their source.”


Ideas leave not their source. What, then, is the source of an idea/thought?


Who inspires me to write to ask for Spirit Creator to intervene in finding the ONLY REAL PERMANENT solution to the Gulf oil leak?


When ALL else fails to find a cure, when MAN REALIZES he HAS NOT THE ANSWER TO HIS OWN SELF-MADE PROBLEMS, and recognizes only an Intelligence beyond the brain can and will bring forth a solution, THEN will the world begin to awaken TO the only real and true realization that of himself man can do NOTHING, and it is ONLY the Intelligent Uni-Verse that does the work of bringing harmony and order TO man THROUGH man and thus to this plane.


And this is not a ‘Christian’ teaching - it is a Fact of Life.


What more could I possibly do than THIS, Spirit Teacher?


Self-reliance is the cause of all of man’s problems in this world that has made this plane unsafe and unclean. And so it is at the level of cause where affect must be placed. And so here and now do I offer my contribution -


Step back in trust and let Truth lead the way.”


I claim this IS the ONLY wise solution TO man’s ignorance.


Now I claim my lesson this day. I walk with God in perfect holiness. And here within the Perfection of the Universe I extend my part to all minds now.


So be it.

“It is done.”