wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit




TO: Chris Cuomo

     Ask for eyes to see and ears to hear if you will to embrace what freely comes to you today.

Would you impose your idle wishes on the present,

and hope to find salvation now?

Determine, then, to be not as you were.

Use no relationship to hold you to the past,

but with each one each day be born again.


     Hello Chris,

     As we previously shared with you, the human race is undergoing a collective consciousness shift. This is being done on a Level that is not understood by the human brain, not by the human race, and is why nothing seems to make sense, not to scientists, not to experts, not to specialists, not to doctors, and certainly because these individuals have no understanding of what is occurring on the earth, they cannot explain this to the public.

     Yet as we previously shared with you, when you first begin reporting about your experience with Corona Virus, this is a REWRITING OF THE DNA of every being in time and space, seen and unseen, that no one will be immune from this changing of consciousness in the human race.

     Perhaps you did not attend to our messages when we first shared them with you. Perhaps you did read them and felt some fanatical individuals were sharing strange views with you, as we explained to you the three phases of the process humans are all experiencing.

     We told you phase one would be the physical healing and cleansing.

     Then there would be phase two, the mental, the psychological shift.

     And phase three would be the spiritual, in which all will begin to question all they have ever been taught or learned about God, about religion, about spirit, about Creator, about creation, even the origin of themselves, of earth and its inhabitants.

     So we will say it again, and we implore you to begin to embrace this truth; the human race is being raised in consciousness to its True Origin, and in this shift in consciousness the DNA is being rewritten, in the non-physical mind of every being, seen and unseen, and that this will AFFECT THE HUMAN FORM/BODY at the cellular level. It is why your organs are changing, as is your blood.

     When a consciousness shift occurs, the mind makes those changes within itself, and consequently this affects the body, because it is the non-physical mind that manifests the physical form/body. This can be understood in very basic terms; when a person meets another, he or she make adjustments to themselves in order to interact with another. Often this means adopting another person’s beliefs and ideas or the other adopts beliefs and thinking processes to accommodate the other person. We can call this “INFLUENCE”.

     Thus, the term, FLU or, INFLUENZA, derives FROM the principle OF influence.  INFLUENCE INFECTS the individual. Influence is an infection, infectious, and can be perceived to be negative or positive. Yet influence in and of itself is neutral. It is HOW one uses that by which he or she is influenced that determines that by which one is being influenced means.

     What infects affects; IN meaning WITHIN, and an AFFECT, correctly defined, is TO HAVE AN EFFECT ON.

     Now you report that “funky” things are occurring, that you do not understand nor do the doctors or experts. When sharing it with Gupta, even he generates a very puzzled look on his countenance. Why? Because what you are trying to verbally express, based on what you are experiencing, is not understandable to the human brain, especially to those who feel their work in medicine should understand these things. But please remember this is why it is called a MEDICAL PRACTICE; it is because they really do not know.

     If you wish to truly understand what is occurring, in you, AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL, you would have to appeal to a Higher Authority. It is the same Authority to which we have access. When mind is brought under the correction process, it AFFECTS the physical, and this affect is what we see as EFFECTS. Your blood is being transformed, your organs are being redefined, everything physical is being rewritten. We shared this with you.

     You do not have to fear what is occurring, yet as with anything new there is often what is termed a “fear of the unknown”. Yet it begs to ask the question, “How can I fear the unknown if I do not know what it is?

     The only way the Unknown can be feared is by FIRST DETERMINING or DECIDING or CONCLUDING what the Unknown is. In this regard the guessing and the speculation of what is not known to man becomes a threat. And although mankind speaks of his “faith in God” and “love for his fellow man,” he does not practice these principles in all his affairs.

     If you do not think so, then take a look at your world at how the consciousness is shifting. Even the one who was elected to lead has begun the propaganda of influence that has raised fears in the human race. He has not come to unite, but to divide. This can be clearly seen, if you are observant.

     Today it is Written in time and space this truth:

Would you impose your idle wishes on the present,

and hope to find salvation now?

    Your idle wishes are akin to the collective idle wishes of many who wish for “things to go back to normal”. This is not going to occur.

     In other words, the past will not save you.

     As Alcoholics Anonymous so generously offers their “one day at a time” approach to sobriety, so too must you, individually, begin the process of ending your time ideas, that you may embrace the fact “No one is guaranteed a tomorrow”, that you will come to fully embrace your time on the earth TODAY and report your experiences to others, AT THE COST OF SOUNDING FOOLISH.

     If you will ask, in humility, in respect, a Higher Authority for the Words to be Given you, EVEN IF YOU KNOW NOT WHAT HIGHER AUTHORITY IS, then you will begin to discover this Certainty with you, that what you are to report is not OF you although it comes THROUGH you. And the Message will be clear to YOU, even if not to others. Yet it WILL FEED the part of them that starves for this Message.

     Now you are experiencing, directly, how the rewriting of your DNA is manifesting in your physical vehicle. It is not necessary to “know” all the details of this, but only realize it is what is being done THROUGH you. It is why the Wise call it “transformation”, or the “changing of form”. It must begin within, at the level of mind, or consciousness. And you are now experiencing phase three of this process of inner healing.

     If you are finally ready to embrace these truths, you will adhere to what is being Offered you today:

Determine, then to be not as you were.

Use no relationship to hold you to the past,

but with each one each day be born again.”

     You will observe in your world that a percentage of the human face, who are being misled, wish for all things to “go back to normal”, to how the world was prior to 100,000 entities being escorted off the earth. There IS NO GOING BACK, Chris, and attempts to do so will only bring more physical, mental and spiritual suffering and duress.

     In Alcoholics Anonymous there is a saying, “A.A. has ruined my drinking. It is not the same anymore”. An alcoholic sees his drinking experience changes once he has been “exposed” to A.A. recovery. It “ruins” his drinking. Essentially this is what is occurring in your world; there is no going back. The consciousness of the human race is being raised, and those who do not adhere to these new disciplines will suffer by clinging TO a past.

     Now it is time for you to embrace this also. To be “born again” is to END what you perceive who and what you are, based on your past ideas. For the most part it was all INFLUENCED by a misperception of oneself. You are waking up to the true Self.

     Now the opportunity is being Offered you to come to a New Perception, to the New Earth, the Real World, and you can experience the joy and freedom of this if you wish. Yet realize that just as an alcoholic must develop new disciplines if he or she wishes to BE sober, so must you develop a discipline to conclude not about that which you know so little. And do not rely on the “experts” to steer you.

     On a deeper level your Self knows what to do.

     Share this with those whom you feel will be receptive to it.

     I beg to remain anonymous,    

     Desert Spirit