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Sent: 5/28/2021 11:02:41 PM

From: S. M.

Subject: Re: THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST - An Easter Message


     Hi David.

     Thank you for sharing this with me. This is what stood out the most:

"The crucifixion is therefore the dying of the small self, what is termed “ego”, or the personal self. It is this Jesus demonstrated. That self identity must die in order to ascend and resurrect the Higher Self which is the Christ within".

     It is interesting that we spend most of our time as children, teenagers, and young adults, and perhaps even as adults, looking for ways to identify ourselves i.e. trying to understand who are we and what do we stand for. And then, we realize that we now need to strip ourselves of our identities in order to ascend to the higher self.

     It also is interesting that crucifixion represents the death of the ego, the personal self. I feel that way about marriage and perhaps starting a family. These things teach us to become selfless. Thank you for reading!



”It is also interesting that crucifixion represents the death of the ego, the personal self. I feel that way about marriage and perhaps starting a family. These things teach us to become selfless.” 

     Are you serious??? You think “marriage and starting a family” teach you to become “selfless”? 

     THEY DO NOT. 

     You do not even know what it means to BE selfless. It is your EGO that thinks marriage and starting a family will teach you how to not be an ego. You think they will teach you to be a “better person”?

     You think they will teach you how to be a Higher Self? From where did you hear and “learn” this bullshit propaganda?     

     Here are some thoughts to ponder about your “family” idea...

     If you have not discovered who and what you are, if you have not discovered that your time on the earth is not to please other people, if you have not come to self-honesty, I would caution you in very strong terms think very hard about “starting a family”. 

     Being responsible for oneself is a very difficult thing to do and hardly anyone in this world IS responsible, and this is the sickness in human beings that have caused such sickness in the world. To think of “ bringing a child” into this world is not only insane but it is suicide. 

     Also remember the spirit chooses into what body it will come from the spirit world and who will provide it. To think one can “give life” to a spirit by two people making a body is the great deception of humans. A woman does not “give life” to an entity nor does a man. They merely manufacture a body for the spirit to enter into.

     One cannot say “this is my child” because it is not a possession.

     No life belongs to you. 

     If you or your “partner” has not discovered the Self that you Are and are not extending that Knowledge to others, you are not ready to extend that to a child. You are not ready to “have a child”. 

     Why do you have a dog??? And you could not take care of a cat also. But you toy with the idea of having a child, “start a family”? What “family” do you think you can start? There is only ONE Family and you did not start it.


      In fact, you hardly realize you belong TO this Family. 

     Depressed, insecure, unhappy, miserable  human beings “have children” because they are miserable inside and do not want to look at themselves and deal with these issues.

     So they think “let’s have a baby....we need a baby....we need to start a family....then we will be happy...”. This way they can distract themselves from dealing with their inner sickness issues... “I can preoccupy myself with a child and never have to deal with my insecurities and misery.”

     And then they make the child serve them and provide them with what the parents cannot do for themselves. They think the child or “a family” will make them “happy”. They do this and think this because they are sick.

     THIS is the human sickness in the world. 

     We do not need more people on the earth. Think again about what you are saying and implying. I hope you are financially capable of paying child support as well as alimony. David Jr. thought he would have “a family” that he thinks he did not have, and thinks “I will be the father to a son” he thinks was missing in his life. And in such idiotic thinking he has made a mess not only of his life but the lives of girls he has seduced as well as the children that are the result of his broken relationships


      S., the concept of “marriage” and “starting a family” is PRODUCED BY the ego. It is produced BY the small wanting self, not the other way around. To think marriage and starting a family is selfless or how one learns to be selfless is ego’s teaching, not Spirit’s. 

     One does NOT BECOME SELFLESS by giving someone’s ego what she wants, including your OWN ego. You have it all backwards. You did not get this insane thinking from me. You are being manipulated, my young friend, and you do not even realize it. You are in so deep you cannot even see what is sane or sound thinking.

     You have shaped your perceptions to conform to a world someone else is designing for you and how someone else expects you to think. 

     You are just a guest in someone else’s world/imagination.

     If fact, you are not even a guest. You are a servant, a Slave. Interesting how changing one letter changes your name.

       You are in a body on the earth BECAUSE you do not know What or Who you Are, as Creator created your spirit. You are playing games with spiritual concepts. You are caught in what is uncommonly called “spiritual ego”. 

     Someone is manipulating you and your thinking to do HER bidding. You are not living a selfless life. You are not living your own life if you are giving someone everything to APPEASE THEM. And each day you dig this hole deeper, and one day, I assure you, you will wake up and regret it. 

     By serving someone’s ego-needs you have sacrificed your life and convinced yourself this is what constitutes selfless love, convinced you are “happy” and doing something “selfless” because you perceive her ego is “happy”. 


     Neither is the one manipulating you.

     The instant you do what you want to do, this artificial world in which you are existing will all turn ugly. THAT IS THE PROOF you are being manipulated. That this message raises disturbances in you is PROOF of the validity of this message. Even right now her voice in you is saying “Do not listen to him....”

       Spirit will NEVER expect OR demand you serve another’s ego. You have no idea what service to another means, slave....not a clue. 

     Go start attending CoDA meetings...GO TODAY. And perhaps after a few years, if you are persistent, consistent and working the program of recovery from codependency, you will begin to see what constitutes selfless service to others. You are heavily influenced by her demands for you, my young, immature friend. 

     Think hard about what you are thinking and consequently saying, as well as what is contained in this message, because mark my words, you are deceiving yourself. And you will regret living your life thinking you are “finding happiness” by doing what some girl or other people demand of you. 

     These are the Thoughts Spirit has Offered me to extend to you.

     Heed the warning.