wilderness path

a significant inner journey

   "If Knowledge has Its own Path, in spite of the human race

remaining asleep TO It, then even sleep cannot prevent It

from fulfilling Its Work."


Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit




TO: Reed Summers

Email: society@newmessage.org



      I trust you will Ask for an open mind to receive what is Sent to you in this message today, if according to Knowledge "Nothing happens by accident, and chance plays no part in God's Plan".

     Then it is not by accident you would receive this transmission.
     With all due respect to you, Reed, if it is your desire for others to follow your father's teachings, a few points may be valuable here:

     1.  First and foremost, it would be wise to immediately remove any videos that your mother, Patricia Summers, has posted on You Tube or otherwise. It is not helping to give credibility to your father's mission.

      2. The personal mind DEFINES what it wants the Impersonal to be, and in doing so deceives itself.

Placing personal names of purported authors of material on books when claiming the "message" is coming from "Allies" makes the message personal, and not Impersonal. All true messengers who came into the world of time and space remained anonymous and never placed their names on the material given to the world. A prime example of this is Alcoholics Anonymous and A Course in Miracles. There are many individuals who have never claimed personal credit for their words.

      3. To speak of "the future" implies one is guaranteed a "tomorrow" and in truth no one is.

      There is no time in a Timeless Reality which is the only Reality. The prophets taught this principle very clearly. A.A.'s "one day at a time" principle is a prime example of this. Predicting all "future" events implies a world that is constantly in flux, changing, is not going to change. Your father's "predictions" and the trajectory of events emulates with the prophecies of Nostradamus. Yet Nostradamus himself explained that ALL THESE EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, a point your father does not make.

     I am a prophet if I suggest to an alcoholic that if he continues to drink he will die from alcoholism. Yet that does not mean that he will, even if my prophecy IS a truth.

      4. All things come FROM a Higher Power.

Give gratitude and credit for the Gift to Those Who provide It and do not profit from It. If your father is going to USE material such as A Course in Miracles to present his message to the world, give credit where credit is due. Your father obviously has had previous contact with A Course in Miracles. Every page of every book resonates with the principles OF A Course in Miracles; Steps to Knowledge is a redesign of the 365 Workbook for Students Lessons of A Course in Miracles.

      5. Followers are lost, and dependent on the leaders who THEY define AS their leaders and this is not a lesson in True Independence.

      Your following someone else's message violates the very teachings you claim to support. It implies Knowledge in you is advocating for you to follow someone else' ideas, rather than discovering the Knowledge within you and following your Own. This makes you dependent ON the messenger as well as the message, and you will defend this adamantly, even at the cost to your own freedom. Perhaps you were meant to be a veterinarian, or a concert violinist, and not a defender of someone else's life? Perhaps you will muse that the latter is more convenient?

      6. Truth is Anonymous.

     People who bring something of the Spirit World to earth NEVER PUT THEIR NAMES ON THE MATERIAL/BOOKS THEY EXTEND. They never claim personal credit FOR the message they give. A good example of this is A.A. and the founder of A.A., Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, who never claimed credit FOR bringing A.A. into the world. You will not find their names on any of the A.A. literature. Likewise for Helen Schucman and A Course in Miracles.


        7. True Messengers never claim to be as such.

     Those who collect money or accolades for what they bring to the world are not true messengers. They are salesmen, charlatans, soothsayers. Marshall Vian Summers may be a messenger because he has a message to impart. Yet would it be wise to question what part of it has been contaminated by the personal desire of ambition?

     In closing let me say that the principles of what Marshall Vian Summers offers in "his" books are borrowed from A Course in Miracles as well as others' teachings. Only the form in which he gives them is changed. Anyone who claims to be a "messenger" who has THE solution to "saving the human race" needs to be questioned. Others SHOULD read "his" books and formulate their own conclusions.
     That Part of each one of us, what Marshall calls "Knowledge", KNOWS what is true and will reveal what is necessary for each person to see and do in his/her respective life what is Assigned to them.


     If Knowledge has Its own Path, in spite of the human race

remaining asleep TO it, then even sleep cannot prevent It

from fulfilling Its Work.


     And is that NOT the message OF the Messenger? Would that include THIS MESSAGE being sent to YOU?

      I understand you must defend your father and your mother. Obviously they have established a compound in which you will be "safe" when the world begins to "punish" the human race. Yet are you prepared to open the gates TO the masses when they flock to your compound? Will you take care of all those who will be flocking to its gates? Or will you keep the gates closed and tell them "FIND YOUR OWN WAY!"? Perhaps this is why there is no evidence of any physical address for your compound?

      A true seeker would see, directly, his mother and father are NOT his true Mother and Father.

      Your following someone else's message violates

the very teachings you claim to support.

     It implies Knowledge in you is advocating for you to follow someone else' ideas, rather than following your Own.

      Desire is ambition. Your ambitious pursuits to follow another's "mission" that has been offered to the world may be personally desirable to you, masquerading as brotherly love, but is it wise?

Within you, that which motivates you to seek 

is That Which you seek.

Embrace THIS truth.

     It is your doorway out of your predicament.



Even if you do so, will you still BE following?

     Share this with your father and mother.


      Desert Spirit

     Wilderness Path - A Significant Inner Journey