wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Last night I passed through brick walls and wooden doors, effortlessly.

This means, in my mind, in me, is the potential to pass


I think stands in the way of my usefulness to Creator."


Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit



     I have sent you an attachemnt of a business card I made up last year. You can use the design and create your own.
     Last night I had an out of body experience as I occasionally do. I rolled out of the body, landed on my feet in the bedroom, and looked at the bed and could see my body sleeping there.
     I turned and penetrated the clothes closet, passing through the door, the clothes and the back wall, to exit on the other side into the second bedroom. From there I cannot remember where I travelled.
     The reality of our spirit is formless. It is imprisoned in the body, in flesh, but flesh is not our reality. This is theoretical to those who have not experienced an out of body experience and so it remains at the belief level for those who have not. But when you experience your TRUE self as the spirit that Creator gave you, then you will realize the body is not your reality and that you are a prisoner to flesh only because you THINK you are a body.
     In my study this morning I addressed this; that you feel trapped by the idea you need a job, that you need someone to provide to you work so you can draw an income. So this is a block for you. It is something you feel through which you cannot pass. You feel stuck. You were dependent on someone else each time you were in a bind. Now that person is gone. So now you think the wold is suppose to serve you what you want or think you need. It is always external for you.

     This need is INTERNAL. It is an INNER CALLING and so you have to look for the Answer there.

     Because What is IN need, IN you, is What needs YOU. 
     You are the one who pontificates all your beliefs in the Bible, and yet you never live the truth of any of Its principles. Why?
     Does it not say, “
The kingdom of God is within you"?
     If the kingdom of God is within you, then God must dwell IN this kingdom, with you, in your mind, in your spirit. Then, the POTENTIAL to do anything IS IN YOU. So that is where you need to be looking for “work”. You need to be going INSIDE, not OUTSIDE, for your answers. When you can make contact with the God in Its Kingdom within you, then you will know what following Direction means. When you are “in” there in meditation, you make contact, and you ask Spirit, “What services will You have me perform?” But do not go there pitifully pleading, “Please, please I need a job, I need a job, I have to get money, I need work....” because that is not going to receive an Answer.
     When you realize you are spirit, and not a body, then you will realize the Creator will provide to you the services It would have you fulfill on the earth. Then you will not be so concerned with how to acquire your daily bread.
     Last night I passed through brick walls and wooden doors, effortlessly. This means, in my mind, in me, is the potential to pass THROUGH EVERY PERCEIVED OBSTACLE I think stands in the way of my usefulness to Creator. It means NO OBSTACLE I perceive in my life can stop me from fulfilling my function, as God gave it. And so if my mind has this experience, and if it is true as Spirit says, “
All minds are joined,” then this same principle is true for you – that no obstacle that you see in your world and life can stop you or prevent you from making contact with the Divine.
     Then when you go about your day you see every other being is also spirit, but are sleeping and are not aware of this. And so you will attempt to hear the Voice for God in them as they speak to you. And if they say, “No work for you here,” then that is where Spirit does not want you. But YOU have to be persistent. Do not think you will just sit and fill out applications every month on the internet and expect God to knock on your door and say, “HI THERE – HAVE I GOT THE PERFECT JOB FOR YOU!” That may or may not happen.
     Chances are you will have to activate your energy and make contact with people, rather than wait for a phone call. Go to the places I suggested and meet with managers and human resources personnel. And do it on a weekly basis. You have nothing by time on your hands and therefore nothing to lose.
     Also, consider looking beyond your present search perimeter. You may be asked to travel ten miles to work. How far are you willing to go to penetrate the barriers of your own discontent? How determined are you to find what He would have you do? Because if you are relying on yourself, and your present circumstances are a result OF your making decisions for yourself, then it would be wise for you to resign today from being your own teacher and your own decision-maker.
     You will have to assert yourself. As I said to you last night, you have forever depended on others to fix your problems. Now it is your responsibility and this is why Spirit has removed everyone from your life and why you feel you are “alone”. For at some point you will discover what Jesus said to his disciples, “
I am with you always, and I will never leave you comfortless,” assuming of course he even said that.
     So be it.
     I hope you apply these disciplines and not just read the words.
     Good luck in your searches.
     Peace to you, little brother.