wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“In nature there is no past or future.


“There is only now.


“A tree is complete in the now, even as an acorn,

and even when it dies and rots and returns to the soil.


“It is always complete. It is never NOT a tree.”



Desert Spirit




Universal Corporation


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Desert Spirit



     I have a question about my study. The Teacher says there is no past and future is pointless. How come I hold both so dear to me coming back to the past to unveil it and open my secrets and also dwell in future to dream and make it happen? I do not understand. What Teacher says contradicts with what I perceive about a past and future.


     There is no past in Reality, in Spirit, but there IS past and future in our minds because we made time. So you offer your past and future ideas to Him and He shows you how to withdraw your power from them today, now, in the present. Future is pointless if you know NOT what you do TODAY.


     He will show you how to not hold on to past ideas by bringing you to miracle, or healing about them and release them so you do not make a future like a past. The reading today will be demonstrated for you in your day if you are attentive.


     Past and future always refer back to fear and guilt and regret. Ego does not want you to think about a past. If you do you may remember you live in God NOW and would completely abandon ego. It fears this and fights for control of your mind.


     Regret is what perpetuates fear and guilt. Future is pointless if you see Spirit has already decided all things you will experience. Only your perceptions are needed to recognize this. When you think about future, Spirit is saying there are lessons for you that will be made known to you in a time and place of His choosing.


     If you live by time ideas and the world’s teachings, then your day will not be spontaneous, but it will be routine, habit, and you will get up, go to the job, unlock the door, answer the phone and nothing will be different. If, however, you live by the Eternal, then you have NO IDEA what is going to happen IN that day. You may get to the job and it will be completely different today. And we are reluctant to live by the Eternal because we are so consumed with ideas of self-preservation and trying to protect ourselves from some unforeseen event that we think lurks in the darkness out of our present awareness.


     Today there is no past and future because I live in and by Your Order, Creator. Thank You for this freedom from time ideas today, now.


     Today I claim all past and future time ideas have only within them Your Love for me and my highest good. Only successful outcome do You see for my earthly journey. Thank You for this freedom.


     Thank you.


     The past in the mind is like an object I hold, a physical possession, FROM my past. It must have some kind of value to me. It must serve a purpose according to what I think I am. But in truth the only past that serves my highest good are those things where I overcame an obstacle, or difficulty and gained inspiration and freedom for my mind and my perceptions. It is THIS that remains a part of the Present, or Heaven, that is used in a “future” to assist others, that you will extend TO others. For this reason, time ideas at this level are necessary and useful. He says He can use all things we made, including time ideas. So why not let Him?


     What you come back to in your mind as a past is really in the present, because you are doing it now, today. It therefore has never left your mind and has always BEEN present.


     What you think about a future is really present, as you are thinking ABOUT a future TODAY. It is in your mind now, today. If you have a past guilt, it will be seen in the present. What you wish for in the future you will see in the present. If you do not resolve your guilt TODAY then in the “future” you will still have this guilt, this past, and therefore the present cannot offer you a transformed future world TODAY.


     When a bird flies out in the morning to catch a worm for her young, she does not bring back twenty worms. She does not store nineteen worms in the refrigerator or cabinet and give one to her young today. Only is she in the present, knowing the Supply is Provided in the present.


     A squirrel will collect many acorns for the winter and often will bury them to eat later, but the squirrel cannot remember where he or she buried the acorns and as a result a tree grows there, thereby producing a tree full of acorns.


     And when these buried acorns become a mature tree full of acorns, the squirrel will collect acorns from this tree and bury them for the winter but will not remember where they are buried.


     And so a tree grows there. And eventually there is an entire forest of acorn trees with endless acorns on them.


     And this cycle is repeated again and again and again for eternity. So you might catch a glimpse OF the eternal IN time and space.


     In nature there is no past or future. There is only now. A tree is complete in the now, even as an acorn, and even when it dies and rots and returns to the soil. It is always complete. It is never NOT a tree.


     And so are you and your mind and your spirit. They are perfect as Creator gave them and changeless regardless of what time and future and past says about you, regardless of what you try to make of yourself or what you wish to “become”. That is what it means by the message that says there is no past and the future is pointless because you are and have everything NOW.


     People think at some point they will “become” better, acquire more and more, and this is the pointless seeking of a fearful, futile world/mind.


     Oh my God….what a beautiful example. So have I grown so many trees in my mind of my past that I actually have no need of it? They grow on their own, but what am I left with? It is always the present…..wow…..difficult to understand.


     But I want this understanding to grow to knowledge. Then I ask a question….why is the past so dear to me? What is so valuable in my past that I hold it dear?


     Every gift you have ever buried in this world has only benefited this world because it came from Love, from Reality, from the Real You. Nothing has been wasted.


     My security? My certainty? But there was nothing like this in my past. Do I really keep my past only in my mind? Or the events have their imprints somewhere else? Oh….new trees grew out from those thoughts, events and vibrations of the past. Still…..how difficult to understand.


     Without an actual demonstration, or experience IN THE PRESENT it is not understandable, and only a theory. Ask for the direct experience.


     The Eternal Love of the past can never leave you.


     You do not hold the past dear.


     You hold the Love, the Eternal dear because this Love has always been IN you IN a past.


     Eternal Love is a “time” when you lived consciously in Creator’s Mind. But in truth you LIVE THERE NOW. It is this remembrance He seeks to return to us.


     I am not talking about the things of the world. I am talking about the things that are eternal. His Love was always with you. His security has always been in you.


     I do not know anything of eternal love. All I know about is my past as a child and the family, the life, joys, sorrows and events. That is what I perceive as a past; a time idea.


     When you think about the past and the future, you think about them in terms of the body and your personality and the name that represents this personality.


     But I am speaking about a past and a future that is of the Eternal. What you are referring to is not the past about which He is speaking, although He knows of it.


     But I cannot prove “not of this world” past….


     He is talking about a time, that is still occurring, when you lived in God that you have forgotten. You will not find it in the future or the past or this world. You can only discover it now, when you understand what you are truly. Only your ego demands proof. Spirit does  not need to prove anything to you.


     It is hypothetical to me, what Teacher and you are talking about, as I have never sensed eternity in this life journey. I only talk of it.


     It will be hypothetical to you until you live this way daily. Your body and your flesh will die but your Spirit never can or will. When you have full consciousness out of the body, then you will realize this. Yet it is not only this that can show you the Eternal in your present existence. It can be shown to you TODAY.


     How do I bring myself to eternity? In thought? In mind? In heart? I do not think I am able to experience eternity, gearing to it by myself. Only the Guide can show it to me. So I need to experience being out of my body.


     Everything begins with an idea and He has to offer this to you to stimulate your remembrance. It is the dim light in us that He is trying to ignite. But if you just say, “Oh, this is hypothetical…I do not know anything about it….”., then in 20 years or 200 million years you will still be saying this.


     How do you bring yourself to eternity? You just said you do not even know what eternity is….lol


     Your task is not to seek for eternity. Your task is to seek for all time ideas that imprison you. It is Spirit’s task to bring you to the remembrance of the Eternal. It is your task to prepare yourself through willingness to go there.


     I just got to my job, and J left me a message to go out and do some bank work for him. He asked if H was here at work with me, and I said “No”. So J said to lock the door, and forward the phones and leave and go do this task.


     So yesterday did you plan on this happening this day? Did you see this future coming? And if Spirit sends this message TO you, what does it mean to you? Do you see that the time idea of the job is disrupted today? Do you see that the routine to which you have disciplined to follow has been interrupted today? Do you see the Eternal in this action? Two days ago, even four hours ago, you had not idea this was going to happen. This was already arranged in the “future” for you by Spirit, to demonstrate the Eternal about which you say you know nothing.


     So “lock the door” of your past ideas of routines, and time ideas, and senseless duties. You are given a freedom today. You are free to move freely today. You are not confined to a stuffy office. AND you will still be paid FOR your services. Do you not wish for a life where you can move about freely and not be confined to time ideas and also be paid so you can meet your daily obligations?




     Are you sure? Because He is trying to show you the past does not exist and the future is pointless.


     Do you wish to work for the corporations of the world, or for a Universal Corporation Whose Benefit Package far exceeds what the world can give?


     Do not paraphrase the Words in the Books. Offer Them for examination and dialogue exactly as They are Given and this way there is no room for assumptions.