wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 "And the seed of the apple that the snake gave the dove?

That was Shakti and Shiva, united in Love."

 Peter R Moor 



Who am I - I cannot say
My seasons they change from day to day
Poet, priest, assassin, thief
My magic dispels my disbelief.
Who am I – Im just a pack of lies
I'm a tower of cards, I'm the yarn of a bard
I'm the jest of a fool, I'm a glittering jewel
I'm just a candy coated castle in the sky
But this little self is just a day dream of an angel
It's the shadow of a rainbow
It's the twinkling in the inkling in the blink
Of an all seeing Eye
So tear down your lying idols and let your spirit free…
Stop searching and find, stop listening and hear, stop looking and simply see...
Do what thou wilt! And no other thing!
Wander alone in the crowd and sing
And fear not the taunts of the man and his masses, cos when disaster comes knocking its us fools who'll be laughing.
Now Noah and his folks were the neighborhood jokes,
Till the rain started falling and the levees broke…
But too late, the profane saw the error of there ways,
At the end of their tethers at the ancient of days.
So don't get manic and panic, when terror turns titantic
Just don't stand and stare at the wave as it breaks!
Do what thou wilt!
Whatever it takes!
Follow lord fortune wherever he leads
And petition your angels to tend to your needs,
Go crazy, go wild, get wasted, get wise
Wake up from your nightmares, stop believing their lies!
Get active, get radical, get real and get magical
Aspire to the heights and embrace all your lows
Give in to desire…let the flood of lust flow.
Let experience unjudged be your teacher supreme,
in the mystical marriage of the king and his queen,
For devotion delivered from lust of result,
destroys the delusions of the personal cult.
And the seed of the apple that the snake gave the dove?
That was Shakti and Shiva, united in Love.
Now the fruit of the knowledge of good and ill
Was the necessary evil but a bitter pill.
But the fruit of the tree of eternal life,
Is the salve to alleviate man's mortal strife
See the kiss of the cobra both kills and cures,
And the only defense is a heart that's pure.
It's a drug to unhinge the temples door,
And the key to the kingdom where LOVE is the law.
The word of sin is restriction
So give in to your sacred addiction,
And get drunk on the wine of the light divine,
So bright that it blinds and burns your mind blind!
To all but to God and the grace of creation,
Divorced from mistaken identification.
As you witness each breath with dispassionate wonder,
At once here and now in the blissful blue yonder.
Let reason and passion be your left and your right,
No more divided than day is from night,
Then unite by your art, your head and your heart,
For emptiness ends when eternity starts
So let go, and let rip, take a ride, take a trip.
Get to work, get to bed, get a life. Get a grip!
Take leave of your senses, your cunning pretenses,
Pick up your beds and tear down your defenses
And retrace the course of the spring to its source
In the time before mind,
Where god alone knows,
In the garden of Eden, 
Where the tree of life grows.
Songwriters: Peter R Moor (poetry) / Estas Tonne(music)