wilderness path

a significant inner journey


How do I truly feel today, if all I think, say and do is part of Love?

Desert Spirit








Desert Spirit


     Today my lesson reads,


"To deny His Authorship is to deny yourself the reason for your peace, so that you see yourself only in segments.

This strange perception is the authority problem.

segment - (L, secare, to cut) - any of the parts into which something is separated; section; to divide into segments

     You say "
Your brother is an image in which you see a perception of yourself as long as perceptions lasts." This must be true, then, that I see myself as another, a perceived source of any disturbance or any joy. In this lesson then I will write AS I perceive myself as another.

     I see myself as one who has resources provided to me in this earthly journey by others, as well as those I provide to myself through my services in the earthly journey. My resources are those abilities that are within me, in my mind. They motivate me to act. I can use these resources according to a higher intelligence, or I can use these resources as I deem fit, seeing them as either coming from me or given to me from a Higher Understanding.

     My resources are used in actions that motivate me. What motivates me can be determined by how I perceive myself, as either part of Higher Order, or part of a fragmented self in a world where all thing external to me seem to be separated from me. My motives then can be part of my resources. My resources then can be fear-based, or love-based. From these my motives come. If I am inherently insecure and afraid, my motives will stem FROM these and will mislead and deceive me. If I am certain, as Spirit would have me be, then my motives will be assured and I will not deceive myself or others.

     My resources I use to lure others into my world and into situations that I think will be beneficial to me. Yet, I will convince myself this is happening TO me and not of my doing, where I perceive I am at the mercy of other's actions. I deceive myself and place myself into an arrangement where I use my resources to have things my way. Then, when they do not work as I plan, I attempt to attack the plan I made and attempt to find victory over the situation, justifying that by doing so I am doing what is the "right" thing.

     I lure others into an existence I wish for them to have with me. They resist. And as they refuse to cooperate with me, the existence becomes unbearable and painful. I then blame the situation on they who do not meet my inner needs, and punish them for doing so and claim, "He/she left me...." I then can claim my victory over the situation that offers me self-gratification. I "taught them a lesson". I mislead them by my motives and intentions, then punish them when they will not succumb to my devious wishes. And I claim victory in my punishment of them and claim for myself, "This is God's Will..."

     Now I must see all this is part of what You call "the authority problem". And would all this be part of my existence if I stepped back and allowed You to lead the way and be the Author OF my path? Now I surrender the idea that I can be the Author of my path. If you say, "Go" then I will go. Yet where I go will be where You ask me to go. In this regard there is no door that can be closed to me. For You are the Open Door through which I walk. And in any situation in which You ask me to pass, I will give them what they want, that I may be free to do so. And I will live in a peace that passes all understanding.


      How do I truly feel today, if all I think, say and do is part of Love?





Now, today, let me see that TO which You have led me has

united me with those parts of myself that reflect Love.



And see that only You could arrange such a Marriage.

     So be it now.

     "It is done."