wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit



     In 2010, as I lay in the borderline sleep state, I heard Their footsteps coming across the tile floor, from the front door, passing through the dining area, through the kitchen and into my bedroom. I was frozen in fear, and could not move. In my mind I could "see" them, giant entities, standing at least eight feet tall, strong and powerful, in beautiful elaborate garments, wearing headresses.Two were in front, and three behind the two as They made Their Presence known to me telepathically.

     These five Beings entered my bedroom in the Manila Lane house, and, towering over me, the two in front stood by my bedside, the other three behind them. One of the two in front stepped back as the Leader of the Group bent down, His face barely touching mine. As I lay on my side, my back to them, I could almost feel His breath on my cheek.

     He scanned my thoughts, which seemed like hours, yet in actuality only seconds past. He then stood up straight again and paused as He looked down at me. The four behind him then stepped back and to the side to allow him to pass. Then one of the four then joined the Leader, and they proceeded to walk out of my bedroom, two in the front, three behind Them, in procession form.

     I listened as Their boots tapped out their departure on the cold tile floor. They passed through the front door without opening it. And then a deep silence fell upon the house. I lay there for hours, motionless, trying to understand what just took place.

     Eventually I was able to move, and rolled out of bed cautiously. I drank a glass of water, used the bathroom briefly and returned to bed and fell immediately into a deep, restful sleep.

     The memory has been with me for many years, and from time to time I have recalled it, but have shared it only with a select few. I often pondered WHY They came to me, with no insight or understanding regarding Their visit.

     Now the Anunnaki have returned to me.

     They have revealed to me that Their visit, which seemed to occur so long ago, was a request to Them by me. Like a call for help, my unconscious mind sent my thoughts out to Them, a beacon, a thought ball, a rote, to which They responded.

     And now They have Revealed to me the purpose of Their visit:

 "We did not come TO you. We came FOR you."

     It has also been Intimated to me that Anya's entry into my life is, in part, Their Reply to me regarding Their visit.