wilderness path

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Desert Spirit


     It is Written,

 Sickness is a defense against the truth.

I will accept the truth of what I am,

And let my mind be wholly healed today.”

      Sickness is of the mind, not the body;

 “The mind is sick, that thought the body could be sick.”



From: Susan


     With all due respect please don't ask me how Peter is doing anymore because he does not want to be slandered and he’s mentally exhausted regarding not only his health but for his beliefs as well.

     You know, two things I learned before our father died was number one, if you can't pay cash for it you don't need it, number two treat people the way you want to be treated, and number three fight for what you believe in, but that doesn't mean physically fight. That just means that if your belief is different than another person's belief, it doesn't mean that you're right and they're wrong or they're right and you're wrong.

     Stop mind fucking. For real, David, that shit ain't cool.

     Is it correct that you are on medication for your high blood pressure? So this means that that also transforms from your mind to your heart causing high blood pressure?

      Hello Susan,    

     The mind manifests the conditions in the body, not the other way around. Like you, Peter believes he is a body, and so his sickness from which he suffers he perceives is related to something "hereditary" and consequently these things are happening TO him but not caused BY him, by his mind, by his thinking. 

     The mind (non-physical / spirit) tells the brain (physical) what to do, just like your body "tells" the clothing what to "do". The clothes can do nothing unless your body animates them. In much the same way, your body can do nothing unless your spirit and your mind animates it. 

      Once again, I'm not going to try to get in the middle of this and I'm not trying to have a debate about your thinking and his thinking. His beliefs are his beliefs. I'm about respect.

     If Peter does not want to hear what I have to say, it is not because he is strong in his beliefs. It is because his beliefs closed his mind to anything anyone else had to say.

     That's your opinion. Everybody has their own opinion on things. Please don't take this the wrong way. Just speaking my mind.

     Then perhaps you will not mind me "speaking my mind"? Blood pressure is caused by restrictions in the vessels. It is also caused by increased mind pressure.

     I'm not going there.

    Then you DO mind me "speaking my mind"? 

    The pressure in the mind, in the spirit, causes pressure. Peter has RESTRICTIONS. That is a CLOSED mind, not open mind. You should know this from AA/NA.

      David, stop it. That's enough.

     So you do mind me "speaking my mind" but do not mind speaking your mind. 

     I meant to say alright David STOP. Save it 4 Skype later. I can multitask but not at this moment. I got to get behind the wheel and it’s a rainy day so I will talk to you later. I love you. 

     I do not know what you mean by “Stop mind fucking”. I called Peter in the hospital and wrote him a letter also. It is not a mind fuck. What I offer comes from two sources; my Inner Guidance and my experience in recovery.

     I do not “mind fuck”. I expect Self honesty and Peter does not have this. Neither do any of the rest of them. THIS is what I am Asked to share. Of course it is going to ruffle feathers. But I am not the one who is sick. I do not mind fuck, but what I offer may fuck up the ego's use of the mind. That is undisputable.

     And if this conflicts with you, then you should also not contact me.

      If Peter does not respond to my letter then I am done with him also. I am not on the planet to hold the hand of sickness. Nor am I here to win a popularity contest. I am here to evolve, and offer that to those who are remotely interested in receiving it and applying it. Where I go they cannot follow until they start doing the inner work.

     “You know, two things I learned before our father died...”

     John and Lorraine taught me only one thing; to listen to nothing they taught me.

     They were terrible role models. They did not guide me to recovery. Creator did, in SPITE OF BOTH OF THEM. This is NOT A BELIEF. It is a fact, a truth by which I live.

     I do not live by OPINIONS OR BELIEFS. I live by TRUTH. To LIVE TRUTH is to APPLY TRUTH and extend it to others. Beliefs and opinions are of horizontal thinking, which is the ego-thought system by which bodies and the world thinks and lives. 

     Truth is Love. It is not of this world, which the ego hates, and thinks "its mind" is being fucked.

     Truth and Love are of vertical thinking. Horizontal thinking is of time and space, of past and future, where beliefs and opinions and relative thought abide. Vertical thought is an entirely different thing. It is not of time. It is timeless, and it ENDS time in the mind of those who live by its principles.

     You do not understand this because you are caught in horizontal thinking and perceive everything FROM THAT LEVEL. I cannot reach you from vertical thinking because it does not operate IN horizontal thought and so we are speaking different languages.

     Each person mush rise TO vertical thought in order to develop what Spirit calls "the eyes to see and the ears to hear". Another way this is said is what Yeshua offered to the people; "My Kingdom is not of this world".

     Horizontal thought is of the ego, of form, of the informational/intellectual level. It is the level of GETTING. Vertical thought is of the mind, of true intelligence, of formlessness. It is the level of GIVING.

     Spirit Arranged for me to contact Peter, not you. You do not understand this because of YOUR beliefs. This has nothing to do with beliefs. If you had studied anything I sent to you, we would not even be having this conversation.

     Beliefs did not free me from addictions. Applying the truth of the principles of recovery did. There is a vast difference in these and consequently a vast difference in my thinking and theirs, as well as yours.

     If you are not living and extending recovery, then you merely BELIEVE you are clean, but you are NOT in recovery OR extending it. You are merely believing you are.

     Interpreting a Bible or its stories, which Peter or anyone else did not write, and then think one is "saved" because they "believe in Jesus" is a sickness that has put Peter flat on his back. It is making his family sick because THEY BELIEVE PETER SHOULD NOT BE SICK, being such a "true believer". They do not understand HOW OR WHY Peter is sick, nor does Peter. And this IS his conflict and exhaustion. Or they "believe" that perhaps "God is testing his faith". This is horseshit.

     This is not a judgment on Peter. These are the facts, the truth, which you or the others do not want to hear. So just "believe", Susan, and keep lying to yourself. Peter is in conflict because of what I told him, not because of his beliefs. His beliefs led him TO his present condition, not his body and certainly not what I have shared with him. If he had not scoffed at what I have shared with him, and was willing to open his mind to applying the principles of recovery, he would not be in this predicament.

     His body is sick because his mind is sick.

     “two things I learned before our father died was number two, treat people the way you want to be treated...”

     THIS is how I “treat others”, by extending the truth. Truth will set the mind and spirit free, not beliefs, not faith, not sickness, not doctors, not death.

     If you do not want to hear it and wish to continue to cling to your insecurities and closed-mindedness, then go stick your head back in the sand and continue with your life, “with all due respect”.

     Finally, I take 12 mg of Metoprolol a day to keep my blood pressure in the normal range, because, according to Spirit, the mind is transcending its limitations and is causing increased pressure in the body.

     This is because the Spirit is gradually changing the DNA structure in this physical vehicle through the evolution of consciousness, which is change in the mind’s content. It is not "hereditary" or having anything to do with the body.

     The first DNA rewrite was when the psychic shift occurred in A.A. that led me out of A.A. and into my next Level of Study.

     And please stop telling me “I love you”. This statement has become so watered down it means nothing. It is a cliché. Love is sacred. It is not a word. It does not mean what human beings OR those who think they are a body have ascribed to it.

     Here below is a link to my web site which contains the letter, my lesson, I sent to Peter. It is THIS with which he has conflict, not me.


     I previously sent it to you. Perhaps you did not take the time to study it. I am merely the messenger, as it is Written, “It is the Father Who does the Work through me”. If you think this is my “belief” then you may want to Ask Spirit directly about this. Perhaps, if you are willing to LISTEN, Spirit will reveal Its Answer to your questions. Obviously you have not heard me.

     On the contrary I have heard you loud and clear. I just have not responded to you in response to that. Just because a person does not respond to a message that is being sent to them does not mean that they have not studied it or has not let it resonate within them.

     Yes, perhaps. If it has brought you to speechlessness then it has served its purpose. But I would question your resistance and lack of an appropriate response if I were you.

     You know, Slava, Anya's son, receives everything I extend to others, everything, and each time affirms he received it, will study it and offer a reply as to how it affects his thinking.

     Now one could say he does this:

     A. Out of respect for his mother's new husband.

     B.  Out of respect for me as a spiritual being who is having a human experience.

     C.  Out of respect for his Self.

      And the answer is C. because this is something he has never heard before but gleans its importance to his time on the earth and his relationships to other beings.

     Go study the letter at the link I sent and you will discover WHY Peter is upset. It is all contained in the first paragraph that is highlighted in blue font.

     With regard to the You Tube music you sent:

     There are no demons,

     There is no sin.

     The only penance is,


     Find something of your own to give.

     With all due respect once again that is your perception. Okay so maybe you are right, I may be wrong or me right and you wrong. People have different perceptions on things. I love you.

     Wisdom comes from RECOVERY/ INNER AWAKENING, not "BELIEFS". Beliefs are for bodies that cling to this world and think the body/form is their reality. Awakening to Recovery is not of this world. It is a different way of thinking. It is Self Discovery. It is WHY you think I have “beliefs and opinions”.

     I offered this to Peter when Lorraine was alive. He scoffed at me, said my study of Spirit was demonic. So who is crying now? And the rest of his Facebook followers will agree with him.

     You know nothing about me, really.

     You know nothing about me except what some distant past memory taught you about biological families, and some past memories you hold of me. But you cannot see me as anything except what your beliefs have taught you. And it is this to which you cling.

     I have freely extended to you my life, my discoveries, my spirit, wisdom, higher understanding and asked for nothing in return in the understanding it is what Spirit asks of me. To this FREE GIFT you tell me it is mind fucking. Thank you.

     You even said yourself you “manifest” what you think. Here are your words:

“How true that is you know when I want something I think about it in my mind I believe it that it will remain in my heart and I claimed it to be mine and it does come to pass always."

     So how is that in conflict with what I have said about the mind being sick? You have not risen out of that sub-level of understanding yet. But you will. Eventually everyone must.

“Okay so maybe you are right, I may be wrong or me right and you wrong.”

     It is not about who is right or wrong. It is about discovering something new, that conflicts with your predetermined mania, and coming to Self-honesty and humility, and a thought system not of this world. You will not find it on Facebook or in a Bible.

     I do understand what you're saying you're right I know I won't find him in the Bible on Facebook, understanding, self-discovery...everybody learns at a different pace. And I do thank you for offering your wisdom and learning to me. For free. You, however, have a lot more learning then I have. Hello… I'm still in embryo...lol. Peace.


     You are not in embryo if Spirit keeps you in contact with me. When Spirit decides you are done here or I am done here, I will either be removed from your life of you will stop contacting me, but we do not decide these things.



     Hello Susan,
     I was revisiting our exchange in May at the link below. On that day you told me not to ask about Peter anymore, and I wish to just correct this.
     It was not I who asked you about Peter. As the link reveals on May 13th you stated you received a notification on your Facebook account. You then proceeded to contact me to tell me of Peter's condition.
     As I have previously stated, it was not you but Spirit Who made me aware of Peter's condition. You were just the vehicle Spirit used for me to extend the lesson TO Peter, the lesson you think is a synopsis of my opinions and beliefs.
     But the truth of the matter is that it is Spirit's Answer to Peter's prayers TO Spirit regarding his condition, Given to him through me, as it is Written, "The Answer always comes through your brother."
From: S.
      David, I know it's late. I was scrolling through my Facebook and there was notification that P. has four blockages going to his heart, two of which are 100%...he's going to be in the hospital for a few days, checking his kidney levels and some other stuff. I just thought I'd let you know. I had no idea this was going on. I had a notification so I pressed on it and that was that notification…what the hell is going on in this world???