wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit


      Man is convinced he is a body, that the body is his only reality, and all that occurs in his existence is directly due to what he chooses or does not choose. He makes his infantile claim, “I did not ask for this”. But perhaps you did.

     Is it possible one prays for "an answer" yet doubts, does not believe, as it is Written, that "the answer always comes through your brother"?

     For who has the Knowldege to know FROM WHOM one's answer TO one's prayer will come?

     Man fails to see how Order in the Uni-Verse is the Orchestrator of all things, seen and unseen, and all that man experiences; that it is Spirit Who is in charge OF all things, and that Spirit is responsible for those things that man feels he DID NOT REQUEST. And yet the proof of anything IN one’s existence is the result OF his asking.

     Man would understand this clearly if he realized he is spirit, and that spirit is his only True Reality. And until this occurs, he will continue to think all that he experiences happens TO him, rather than seeing it is that for which he has asked to receive. 

     And so as you have asked, so you have Received. 

“This holy, timeless instant will I give You.

Be You in charge, for I will follow You,

certain Your Direction brings me peace.”


“There are no Laws but God’s

I am under no laws but God’s.”

     I receive this timeless instant now, in which there is only the Knowledge of the Unseen. I call forth this timelessness now. I call forth this instant within which there is no time, no past, no future, and only the Healing Ray that is Present. Here is all there is OF time, reminiscent of A.A.’s teachings, “One day at a time”.

     Lift my mind and spirit being into a Peace that is not of this realm now. What will You have me do, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done. Decide for God for me for my life.

     Now I come to receive the Thoughts of God, so that I may respond according to my part in the Great Awakening to Self. Let it now BE received BY all minds, within the Mind of the Creator. And in this clean, untarnished birth I claim this truth be made manifest in a form I will see, understand, use and extend.

     Now today I discover he in whom sickness dwells, Peter Salas, he who says he does not wish to be slandered, claims he has been slandered and that I am the deliverer OF this slander.

     What of this, Inner Teacher?

slander – (SEE SCANDAL) – the utterance of a falsehood that damages another’s reputation

     Can offering that which You give me TO offer BE slander? In whom are the words I offer is this slander? Do I slander You, or my Self, in the Words You offer me to extend to another? Can a Son of God BE slandered, or is it only ego that perceives itself being slandered? What is the falsehood I offer another that can damage his reputation? How exactly does this occur?

     He claims he “respects” my “beliefs” but he thinks I offer slander. And who attracts slander to himself and therefore would not see THESE WORDS ALSO must be slanderous?

scandal – (Gr, skandalaon, a snare) – anything that offends moral feelings and leads to disgrace; shame, outrage, etc., caused by this; disgrace, malicious gossip

     Peter Salas perceives I have ensnared him, caught his leg in a bear trap, caught the mind in a vice, which offends his moral feelings and has disgraced him, shamed him. He is outraged. He perceives my offering is malicious gossip. Yet who has posted on social media this claim? With whom have I shared the Healing Ray except Peter Salas, and the offer to share it with his wife and sons? Are they too disgraced by my offer? In whom does this grace abide; he who is part of His Grace, or he who FEELS disgrace BY His Grace? For there is no doubt the mind IS ensnared that disowns Self-honesty.

snare – (ON, snar, to growl) – to growl, bearing the teeth as a dog does; to speak sharply as in anger

     He in whom sickness dwell growls at what he receives. A wounded animal will always attack when it feels it is cornered, trapped. He growls, he feels trapped, and he sees only what he disowns. And yet is it not You Who say, “Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace forever”?

     How would grace perceive a disturbance?

      He growls, bearing his teeth, like a wolf caught in a snare. His words that state, “I do not want to be slandered” imply truth is slander. And he is angry. He speaks of his anger, not directly to me, but reports it on social media, where gossip and slander are the foundation of social media existence. He does not wish to speak directly to me.

     He channels his sentiments to others who side with him thereby strengthen the very things he perceives is in others but not himself. And the others agree with him. She says to me, Stop mind fucking. For real David that shit ain’t cool”. And so she too has been contaminated by his sickness.  

     It is intimated to me that Peter is “exhausted physically and mentally,” and yet how can it not be this if he IS caught in a snare of his own making? Or did someone ELSE set the trap for him? Perhaps alcoholism happened TO me and for which I was not directly responsible.

     He, Peter Salas, to whom is Given Your Thoughts, perceives Them as an attack on his pristine nature and delicate reputation, That Which brings Light to the idea that “sickness is not of the  body”. To this he replies that he perceives he has been slandered, that Your Words are attacks on him and are falsehoods that damage his reputation.

     By such a thought is he repulsed, convinced the sickness is independent of his participation, convinced the body produces this sickness due to some past sickness, for which he himself is not responsible. Yet he is not alone in this delusional insane thinking, for it is I who thought also I am powerless over alcohol and the sickness of alcoholism” rather than I give power TO alcohol and TO the sickness of alcoholism for which I am responsible”. And I remained IN this sickness until 1985 when it was Intimated to me, It is you who do these things to yourself through the sickness you have taught yourself”.

     So what IS his reputation, so delicate that it can be rocked so easily? Does he extend his thoughts to his followers, as a Son of God, who cannot BE slandered? His mind tells him ANOTHER’S words are slander, another he blames for his perception of slander. He sees this as a scandal, that which offends his moral feelings, and in them he perceives this is disgraceful, shameful, not helpful. He perceives the truth as a disgrace; a truth with no grace, for it comes from one who in his perception is not “following Jesus” or “interpreting the teachings of the Bible”. And it is because of this he has no relationship with those who are not his “followers”.

      My offer to him that the mind has produced this sickness he claims are my “beliefs” that are, to him, shameful, disgraceful and unwise. They cannot be FROM God.

      To claim one is not as God Created him, as a Son of God, IS a disgrace. What IS without grace, disgraceful, is that in which he is caught, but sees no escape, thinking this sickness happens TO him rather than seeing it is he in whom this disgrace exists.

      Who can pretend to be a prophet and not disgrace his own Self? For the Self cannot BE disgraced. Yet he in whom this sickness lives feels trapped, caught in a snare. For his perceptions of being slandered IS the scandal in which he IS trapped.

      Now the snare has brought forth growls of anger, the gnashing of teeth. Even a wolf will attack anyone who attempts to free the leg of the wolf from the snare. And yet within a mind that perceives not a sickness made manifest in the body IS the snare in which the shamed ARE trapped.

      Now how does the one who is caught in a snare free himself if HE himself set the trap FOR himself? Your Lesson, “Know THY Self” is lost to him, of which THIS lesson is a reminder.

      Now it is Written that what enters a being’s mind cannot sicken him, but only what comes out of it. And so to offer, “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me” cannot but free one from the self-imposed snare in which he is caught. And even the Creator Himself cannot release him from that which he himself wills to be true for himself.

      Now my Lesson today reads,

 “Nothing can reach you here, out of the past.

 And it is here that you are completely absolved,

completely free and utterly without condemnation.”

     It is not by accident or coincidence I Receive this Blessing today. Thank you, Inner Teacher.

      Now it is Intimated to me that ONLY the Source can give Absolution. I offer Peter Salas this Key that would unlock the snare, at no cost to him, and he offers me the gnashing of teeth. Yet here cannot the desire of the sick reach me. Here the disownership of slander cannot touch me. Here he who has ensnared himself cannot share his shame, guilt or sickness in this clean, untarnished now moment. And I welcome him to join me here.

      How easily could the snare clamped tightly closed on his mind be removed. Yet no one who desires sickness can ask for healing. And no one who offers true healing can share the snare OF sickness. So I offer this to Peter, that he may share it with his loved ones, his congregants, and with the Creator Himself.

      It is Written,

The mind is sick that thought the body could be sick.”

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

I will accept the truth of what I am,

and let my mind be wholly healed today."

     For it is also Written,

 “The main problem (of the alcoholic) centers in the mind,

and not the body.”


 “These things I do so will you do,

and even greater things will you do.

     Let it be so now.

    It is done.