wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 "If men are deprived of the infinitely great

they will not go on living and will die of despair." 


  Fyodor Dostoevsky




 Saturday, 6/23/2018

 Desert Spirit


      “Remember always that you cannot be anywhere but in the Mind of God. When you forget this, you WILL despair, and you WILL attack.” 

     “Grandiosity is delusional, because it is used to replace your grandeur. Yet what God has created cannot be replaced.” 

     Today I remembered how I put the power of fear into alcohol, that it could control me, rule over me. It is revelant in understanding that to which I give my power today.

     Sitting in the bar so long ago, the glass of beer speaking to me; “How do I look? You thirsty? I will cool your jets. I will do things for you. You need me. You cannot live without me. We are one.” 

     How one giver his/her power to things is the great unseen. 

     It was my power displaced. Yet I must have someone Asked this power to be removed, redirected, replaced. And so was Led to recovery, to sobriety, to sanity.    

     And so although the alcohol remains in the world I perceive, though not necessarily in my Kingdom.

My power placed into it has been removed. My power was at that moment reinvested into Sanity, Sobriety, and the Laws of God. It has no power over me. Nothing to which I have not given power can have power over me.

     Now in much the same way I placed the laws of economics onto my possessions. First I MADE them “my” possessions. Then I defined my worth THROUGH them. I did not realize there is only Love. I did not realize that there is only God. I did not realize that every possession comes to me FROM God, and therefore comes from Love. It therefore belongs to Him. 

      I placed ideas of loss onto “my” possessions. In that regard, what the world or what I give to myself CAN be taken away., or I BELIEVE they can be taken away. But today I ask Creator to remove the idea of loss and belief in loss from my possessions, and allow the possessions to remain. 

     I divest in the power of loss that I have attached to things. It is not God Who takes from me. It is man who THINKS he can take from me, and it is I who agree with this false belief. Yet what man takes away from another, he takes away from himself. 

     The laws of economics and medicine, are not laws. They do not come from God. They are rules, set up by man, to rule over his brother. They are false beliefs to which man gives his power. To own a possession with the idea that “the bank owns my house” is to attach the false belief TO the possession. To possess a object and say “I provided this to myself” is to believe that it not part of the Laws of Love.    

     And yet ALL THINGS come from Love. Therefore ALL THINGS ARE GIVEN from Love. Therefore what is Given cannot be taken away. Only the idea of from where it comes can be “taken away”. Only the belief of who or what provided it makes it ephemeral.        

    Today the power in the idea of loss and the belief in the insane, false laws of economics are removed from all my possessions. For it is I who placed this false belief UPON my possessions. Today the power of only Love is attached to my possessions. And the power of the idea of loss of my possessions is removed. Yet the possession itself remains. The fear and loss does not remain.     

     The laws of economics are not connected to my possessions. Only the Love of God is attached to my possessions because He and not the world give them. Only the power of Love remains attached to my possessions and Love can NEVER BE TAKEN FROM ME.

      Grandeur is of God. It is what the Spirit He gave us is. Grandeur is sanity. Sanity is sobriety. Therefore grandeur is sobriety.  

      My foundation AND YOURS is sanity and sobriety. Therefore sobriety, which is my foundation, is grandeur. Grandeur is therefore His Law. Our foundation is grandeur, sane, sober Laws of God.

     The world judges me to be insane, grandiose, arrogant, a dry drunk with a low IQ from whom others think they can take. Yet from themselves ONLY do they take. Then, if the laws of economics are insane, they must be grandiose laws, which are illusion, a false belief, the ill use of the mind’s power, and not true. They therefore do not exist in His Mind. Therefore they do not exist in our mind either.

      Then, anything in our life cannot BE is not attached to the laws of economics. They are attached to His Laws which He forever gives and never takes away.

     I withdraw my power, willingly, from the laws, ideas, belief in the laws of economics, the laws of insanity. I withdraw my power from false ideas and beliefs that I attached to my possessions.

     It is my grandeur, my sanity, my sobriety that withdraws my power from insane laws now. Now the laws of insanity and economics are withdrawn from my Kingdom and every possession in my Kingdom. Nothing in my world is attached to the laws of economics or the laws of insanity now.

     God only gives love, sanity and the Laws of God cannot be broken by insane beliefs. Therefore everything in my life comes from Him. Every possession comes from God. Every possession therefore is attached to me by His Love. Every possession is attached to me by His sanity, sobriety, peace and happiness. And this, the world of insane laws cannot touch or take.

      If people put as much trust they have in their money as in Creator and in their Higher Self, they would be enlightened. But trust in money has only made them heavy-laden with insecurity, regret, greed and fear of loss. Then, for what purpose would be money.

     Money is the new god in a world saturated with artificiality.

     When money is no longer useful and gone, when economic collapse is witnessed, then one will see the true nature of one's worth.

      Would you THEN love the laws of insanity over the laws of God?


      “The mere fact of the ever-present idea that there exists something infinitely more just and more happy than I am fills me through and through with tender ecstacy  -  and glorifies me  -  oh, whoever I may be, whatever I have done. What is far more essential for man than a personal happiness is to know and to believe at every instant that there is somewhere a perfect and serene happiness for all in and for everything…the one essential condition of human existence is that man should always be able to bow down before something infinitely greater. If men are deprived of the infinitely great they will not go on living and will die of despair. The Infinite and the Eternal are as essential for man as the little planet on which he dwells. My friends, all, all: hail to the Great Idea! The Eternal, Infinite Idea! It is essential to every man, whoever he may be, to bow down before what is the Great Idea. Even the stupidest man needs something great. Petrusha…oh, how I want to see them all again! Hey don’t know, they don’t know that that same Eternal Grand Idea lies in them all!”                                                                                                                    

                            (Devils  -  1871  - Fyodor Dostoevsky)