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From: S.

Sent: 6/9/2021 10:23:46 PM



     Hi David! Thank you for sharing this with me. Here's what has caught my attention:

 “The virus is not human born. It was a ‘rote’ given to humans. A rote is a thought ball. It is a capsule of thought.”

     What exactly do you mean by "rote"? The dictionary defines it as a "mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned." but it does not seem to fit into the context.

     Your definitions state, “mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned." Let us work with that.

     So the term “mechanical” can be used to describe an action that is automatic, and then becomes habitual or habit forming; a ritual. The action stems from an idea, a thought, that INFLUENCES one’s action.This then becomes a BELIEF and that to which one gives all of one's power. From there it becomes an OPINION we opine to anyone who will agree with us. 

     And so you can see that which Spirit calls "the sleep of forgetfulness" is a thought system in which all we know is what we believe, and consequently in that same vein, what we do NOT believe. Then we "share" this with others who think the same way, what Spirit refers to as the "like-minded".

     Humans then become mere echo chambers of the beliefs they have accumulated through various sources, and opine them to others. And then you have the opposite side of the spectrum which are those who oppose these beliefs and opine about THEIR beliefs and opinions. 

      But hardly anyone THINKS FOR THEMSELVES, asks questions.  And ANYTHING that challenges their prescribed beliefs and opinions is rejected. These folks are "the silent ones" who never share how something affects them, or questions the effects something has on them. They just sit and have nothing to say, thinking they are "showing respect" for that which they find confusing or offensive to them.

     The repetitive movement of an action that beliefs and opinions sanction makes one “automated”. We are “automatons”, little ignorant biological robots doing what we are told, obediently following what we are told to do or not do and never questioning this.

     If you were remotely interested you would be shocked to discover this about yourself.

     Everything we do in the world is based on people behaving and doing what they are told. This is “programmed” into our thinking. It is done consciously, when we are verbally told we must obey certain “laws” and it is done unconsciously.

     In fact what you do for work and pay is a form of psychological programming. It is called “advertising”.

     We are subliminally pummeled through advertising, the media, social platforms, religion, family, government, etc. to think according to the boundaries and limitations set before us that others impose on us.

     You complained once about W. not washing a dish properly so you rewashed it, but I suggested to you to not wash any dishes for a week and see what happens. You will find out very quickly how programmed you both are.

     Higher Intelligence in the form of other races, resource explorers, Reptillians, just to name one, are telepathically communicating to humans what they wish to influence them to do or not do. In this form of psychological influence it is termed “rote”, just like a file attachment on your computer. When you click on the file, you release the files content. If it is a virus it contaminates your computer.

     Since they know this, this is how they “implanted” the code into human consciousness. The code is a rote, a command to follow. This is not so difficult to understand. In hypnosis it is called a “post hypnotic suggestion”, a command suggested to the recipient under hypnosis to affect their behavior.

     This is what happened with the pandemic virus. It was released as a “file”, a rote, a post hypnotic suggestion into human unconsciousness. Those who gave power to it “clicked” on it in their subconscious, releasing the influence into their psyche.

     But this is no different than what one person does to another person who wants to control that person to get her way by demanding of the “partner” repeatedly, or by coercing them, to behave a certain way.

     And the person who follows along convince themselves this is “love”, the “sacrifice” they are making for another person. The only problem with that kind of thinking is it is insane and corrupted.

     Thank you for answering my question, David!

     The short answer is that a ROTE is any influential thought that is received, consciously or unconsciously, by the aspirant that provokes habitual behavior or activity.

     Habitual action is commonly termed “addiction” and is not exclusive to a substance. Belief systems are addictions. Addictions derive from those things we never question. Then, any behavior that is habitual is an addiction.

     All this stems from a ROTE, a thought given to us consciously or unconsciously.

    Thank you, David!

     Wow, addiction is a whole different topic! Very interesting what you said here: "Addictions derive from those things we never question". Unconditional agreement.



From: S.


     Hi David,

     Thank you for sharing this story with me regarding the Anunnaki visitation, in writing! As I was reading it I was thinking why: why did they appear? And then, at the end, you've answered it yourself. Do you remember how far apart were the two happenings? The time they have visited you and the time Anya came into your life.

     Also, a beautiful song by Seals & Crofts.

     Thank you for sharing!


     I was in contact with Anya since my internet business began, about 2004 maybe. But did not become closer to her until about the time of Their visit, or shortly  thereafter. I have always said I felt Anya is extraterrestrial.

     Thank you for sharing, David! I understand that you became closer to Anya around the time the Anunnaki have visited you. A-nu-NNA-ki.

     There you go.



From: S. 

      Hello extraterrestrials! This article made me think of you:

 Highly anticipated report to shed new light on what

U.S. knows about unidentified flying objects


      Yes, well, they will attempt to hide the truth, because they have been collecting data since 1937 or earlier. All governments have been hiding behind a shroud of secrecy.

     How do you think they are going to explain to deranged Americans, who want to sit at home, watch t.v. and eat cheesburgrs, who think they are safe and free, who indulge their insecurities with complacency within their very conflined comfort zones of their personal belief systems and myopic opinions, that aliens and alien craft have been kept secret from them for 8 decades?