wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit



From: Susan T.

     David, I was rereading our exchange and when I sent you a Happy Father’s Day message, you relied and then asked about Peter.  

     Oh, ok, so you are right and I am wrong...but is that not what you were lecturing me about in your last message? 

     First, none of you contact me, and then say I “alienate” from all of you. Then, when I ask about someone, you tell me to not ask because you do not like what I say, telling me I should keep my “beliefs” to myself. This dichotomy from which all of you suffer is why all of you are confused, afraid, upset, alienated, and sick and cling together to justify your sickness. 

     So it is best to go our separate ways. Perhaps one day when you and the others are ready to look at yourselves and do the inner work that is necessary, rather than clinging to your collective beliefs, then we can have a real conversation. 

     There is only One Family, and I assure you “the Salas family” is not It. Spirit makes these meetings possible, not you or me. As I previously stated, Peter Received an answer to his prayers regarding his illnesses that Spirit Arranged. That he does not or will to not hear it is his issue, not mine. Spirit is the Giver of truth, not David Salas. 

     That Peter and the rest of your do not want to hear the truth, and rather “believe” HOW the Answer is to come to each one of you, and FROM whom it is to come, is WHY he and the rest of you remain unheard, uhealed and confused.

     Yet the fact of the matter is what Spirit Gave me to give to Peter is for ALL of you, not just Peter. You can revisit it at our web site.  And you can extend THIS message to all of them. 

     The Universe is evolving and man’s consciousness must also. Otherwise, the changes to the planet that are rapidly coming will not be understood, or survivable. 

     David, you know I really don’t know what to say. I read and reread the correspondent since you and I have shared back and forth with each other. I didn’t see what you said that it was going to be your last message to me. And you also said that if Spirit did not want me in your life or you in my life, that he would either remove you or me if it was enough to either one of us.    

     As I have always shared, your Direction must come from Spirit. So perhaps you should Ask Spirit what you should do. I am merely saying I will not extend any more to anyone who is not willing to listen or who think my “beliefs and opinions” conflict with theirs. You need to clearly understand the difference between truth and “beliefs and opinions”.

          The voice text on this phone comes out all of crazy.

     I type and attempt to proofread the message before I send it. This takes more time but is a demonstration of a willingness to be clear because what I offer IS important to me. If you are using voice activated text and send message that are not clear, then this is your demonstration to others of how you think; that you feel it is “easier” and “more convenient” for you to communicate this way. And the use of “shortcuts” is another demonstration of one's laziness. (U R not hearing me.) 

     But for me it is sloppy and lazy. And although hardly any of the text I receive makes sense, it gets the point across; that this is how you communicate to others and you do not care what people think. I care what people think to the degree I understand I cannot do a thing about their selective thought processes. I only respond to what I see and hear. If you go to the Southwest you will see ancient symbols scratched on the sides of mountains. That it is a language you or I may not understand is not Their concern. They will explain it if one shows respect FOR it.

     Anyway, I’m contacting you because there was a message that I read and re-read and understood and believed it now that you're so far out there, like people think that you are, you know. It seems people like to label one another, especially in the Salas Family. I recently sent Lori a picture my youngest son who graduated from high school. She sends me a text back saying, “Oh my goodness, you look great.” Well I guess that blows the perception of her idea or the stereotype that I was placed under as far as she was concerned. But you know, it doesn't matter to me what people think about me and what people say about me or how they feel about how I acted towards my children.

     I do not need nor want Lori's or any else's approval or acceptance and if you do I pity you. She is a sick, toxic co-dependent loudmouth who owes me 3000.00 dollars. Lori and Michael think they can hide by deleting their email accounts. But Spirit will attend to their karma with me. Perhaps she should get a job and pay her debts rather than depending on alcoholics and other codependent small men to support her.

     In Nicholas Adam Salas’ passing it was you that stood up at the funeral and said the honor and respect went to me and his father David. That was so profound; honor and respect; it was incredible. I never got to thank you for that. Thank you for acknowledging me otherwise.

     Crazy Lori said to Nick, “Well I was your aunt, but now I'm your sister, because nana is your Grandma, but now she's your mom”. Now I understand with the UNLEARNING WHAT I'VE LEARNED ALL MY LIFE. I read and reread it and then pondered on it when you stated we always manifest what we want / desire, even if what we experience is not what we want/desire.

     You said my direction must come from Spirit. You also said that when Spirit was done with you or me that we would no longer have contact with each other. And here we are…

     I share a lot of your messages and your teachings with my friends, and they understand, and then we have a discussion about it. It’s incredible.

     Ok, but you cannot decide what I share or with whom I share, or that it is just some crazy beliefs, because they are not beliefs or opinions. It is how I live through application of what has been Given to me to share. 

     I said sickness is not of the body but of the mind, and so the mind is sick that thinks it is a body. The mind has to be corrected/healed. We cannot do this. Only Spirit can do this. 

     As one rises in consciousness the DNA changes. This implies the mind is rewriting the DNA. This in turn affects the body. Higher intelligence introduces tremendous pressure/energy into the body. This is the only reason Spirit tells me to keep the blood pressure in a certain range through the use of a chemical. It is not because I think I am a body and I am sick. The chemical interacts with the body because both the body and chemical are physical elements. 

     In much the same way, while Yeshua was in the body he had to eat food, even though he was an avatar.

     The mind is not in the body. Mind is not physical. The IDEA of a body and a personality is IN THE MIND. What you THINK you are you manifest. 

     When you realize you are spirit with a mind that Creator gave you, then you will never again see these fools as your “family” but rather beings suffering from the sickness of amnesia that have fallen into a belief that they are bodies, that God made these bodies and then they can think and “live” and do as they please. 

     There IS NO FAMILY EXCEPT the One Family that is Creator the Father and your Self Who is an Offspring of this one Father. That means EVERYONE IS YOUR BROTHER IN SPIRIT INCLUDING Nicholas, as well as  extraterrestrials; Grays, Reptillians, Anunnaki...endless races. They are all your brothers, created by the Eternal Spirit and far more advanced in intelligence than humans. 

     Even the Carpenter taught, “Those who do not live by the Will of God are not my brothers”. 

     Those who do not live by the Will of God are those who think they are a body, who are closed-minded who think they know it all because they have a fucking Bible and go to church and “believe in Jesus” and think earth is the only inhabited planet in a boundless universe. This is such horseshit. 

     To think other than the way Spirit thinks is an INSULT TO Creator. It is slander to God to TELL God what you think He is and what you are and to limit Its Power in such a pitiful way. 

     You did not create yourself.

     You did not create God.

     You did not give life to Nicholas.

     He does not belong to you.

     He belongs to the Creator. 

     You were only Asked to provide a body FOR Nicholas’ spirit to enter. To see him as anything other than this is to not live by the Will of God, or to know your Self or your Father.

     Your text just came through but I'm driving on the highway so I'm going to read it when I get home to respond to you

     Do not text and drive.