wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Disrespect to another is the effect of those whose actions

are motivated by pain and sorrow.

It is not lack of respect for me,

but lack of respect for themselves."

Desert Spirit




Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Desert Spirit

     Today my lesson reads,


An elder brother is entitled to respect for his greater experience, and obedience for his greater wisdom.”


     Today I come to investigate entitlement, respect and obedience.


     entitle – to give a title or name; to give a right or claim to; something to which one is entitled; a benefit provided by another

     respect – (L, re, back + specere, look at) – look back at; to feel or show honor or esteem for; to show consideration for; consideration or regard; honor or esteem

     obedience – to obey, obeying or willing to obey

     obey – (L, ob + audire, hear) – to hear from; to hear before; to hear against; to hear completely; to carry out the orders of; to be guided by


     What is the title You give to me? Is it Son of God?

     What is the title others give to me? Is it liar, cheat, thief, betrayer of love?

     If You are the Elder Brother Who guides me, then it must be You Who ask me to follow orders, to obey willingly, what You ask of me, regardless of how I think about. If I am to obey Your requests, I must be showing You respect. If I am asked to leave a dwelling, to make changes, if I am to obey the requests another makes on me, then this must be an appropriate reaction to what I perceive to be an unjust cause. It is a show of respect. To show respect for disrespect is a demonstration of one’s honor for oneself and wisdom.

     I am thinking of the days of Your own earthly journey, as it is written, and question if the Apostles obeyed, or respected You. And as You offered the world Your light, in the final analysis there was no show of respect to You, not from the world, and not even from Your closest followers. In their fear, their pain, their sorrow, they showed inappropriate reaction to their own tests, denying their association with You. And yet whatever was Your path, it must have been that which Creator asked You to obey and you did so willingly.

     Now I return to a time when I was often told, “I respect you”. And yet in the parting of ways, how was this respect demonstrated? “Get out”.

     How has their request for my presence in their lives brought them peace?

     And how has their request for my departure from their lives brought them peace?

     In spite of my protests, did I show respect? Did I do as I was ordered? Who asked me to leave? Was I disrespectful to another and is WHY I was asked to leave? Was it You, or another who asked me to leave? Did You ask me to respect the requests of another, in spite of my confusion and disapproval ABOUT the request?

     How was I to respect the request, be it Your request to me or another’s request to me? In my estimation of those days and those events, it seems to me the request to me to depart a dwelling was an inappropriate reaction to pain, to sorrow, manufactured by assumptions. If someone respected me, what would have been the appropriate reaction?

     Yet regardless of what brought about the pain and sadness, they became the motivation FOR reaction.

     Disrespect to another is the effect of those whose actions are motivated by pain and sorrow. It is not lack of respect for me, but lack of respect for themselves.

     I will respect their desire to do so and obey Your Requests to me.