wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"We do not KNOW or RECOGNIZE the Spirit always guides us, 
because we are weak in our communications WITH the Spirit Level, 
which means we are irresponsible to our Selves. We do not know ourselves."

Desert Spirit



Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Desert Spirit


     Perceived problems are not presented to us by Spirit for the purpose of solving them, but rather for the purpose of measuring our REACTION to them. It is illogical to think I must “solve a problem” when I am Told “There are no problems apart from the mind,” as well as “Spirit is in a state of Grace forever.”

      If I react from fear, then I will not see the situation was Arranged for me from the Spirit World.

     If I react in confidence that it WILL be solved, then I am welcoming Higher Intelligence, what we term "God," or Possibility into the equation and therefore into my mind and life, and the perceived problem is solved.

      In this way "trust in God" grows as I grow in confidence in my relationship TO Spirit Creator, and I begin to rely more and more on Creator than on myself and all my own clever ideas.

      The only way therefore to SEE the Hand of God working in our life is to see the perceived impossible situation that Higher Intelligence has Given us for only ONE purpose....TO RELY ONLY ON His Possibilities to enter our life or mind.

      What the mind accepts as possible becomes a manifest expression in the externals.

     This then we recognize that the external is EFFECT and mind is CAUSE.

     This is what it means to "create" our kingdom.

      We must have Higher Authority guiding us in EVERYTHING.

     What else is there?

      Then we will see there IS only Spirit and only Order in all things.

     Even if one is not aware OF a Higher Authority, which only an ignorant person could deny, it does not change the fact OF Its Reality.

     Now to "have Higher Authority guiding us" is a perception, rather than something that must be "done".

      The Spirit is always guiding us, but our ATTENTIVENESS, or awareness OF this wanes.        

     We do not KNOW or RECOGNIZE the Spirit always guides us, because we are weak in our communications WITH the Spirit Level, which means we are irresponsible to our Selves. We do not know ourselves.

      We also are developing in consciousness.

     Consciousness grows and changes and evolves, what can be termed "the evolution of consciousness.

     What we "know" today was not available to us perhaps last month or year.

      So this implies that Higher Intelligence is "limited" to what It can extend TO us.

     It in and of Itself is not limited, but our AWARENESS and RECEPTIVITY OF It is.

      This is easy to see, even in this world.

     A child will not grasp what an adult knows.

     Conversely, an adult cannot grasp what a child knows.

      If I am given a hammer, and never saw a hammer, I would not know what to do with it, and may harm myself or someone or something with it.

     If, however, I am shown how to use this tool, then it becomes a useful thing.

      This is how our mind is.

      In the service of ego, or the body, or the personal self, mind is destructive, self-centered, full of vengeance and the need to "get even", is arrogant, selfish, greedy, full of fear and insecurity.

     It eternally WANTS.

      In the service of Creator and Creation, mind only gives, or extends, as it knows what it gives it gives to itself.

      Then, this becomes the purpose of our earthly journey.