wilderness path

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 Tuesday, July 14, 2020

From: Desert Spirit


     Today my Lesson reads,


Salvation is a sure as God. His certainty suffices.

Learn that even the darkest nightmare that disturbs the mind of God’s sleeping Son

holds no power over him.

      Then one cannot know what is safe, what is sure if it is self-manufactured, and confined to the individual idea of what anything is. “My Kingdom, My Peace is not of this world” means to be safe, to be sure cannot come from you. It is a Gift. It is Given. Even if one is to attend A.A. meetings convinced they are “sober” or “in recover”, this is the lie the mind teaches itself.

     It is clear that those who are asleep are those who think OTHERS are the source of their discomfort, that OTHERS are “disgusting human beings” and these are the ones who sleep. Those who sleep are those who are disturbed. Those who are disturbed EVADE those whom they perceive the source OF their disturbances. They evade, ignore, thinking, “Out of sight, out of contact is out of mind”, the great illusion of a self-manufactured “freedom”.

     The sleeping mind is disturbed, and is immersed in the darkest nightmares that he or she sees and experiences in the external. Yet as it was offered previously, the human race is undergoing a shift to Higher Consciousness. Those who cannot or will not make that shift will be escorted off the planet, to come again and try again. Those who remain will be bent to a breaking point as all their worldly “safety” is removed, taken, destroyed. And those who see the externals as an EFFECT of their own inner transformation will know their Function.

      Those who are disturbed live in and by dark nightmares, the proof that one sleeps. It is time to WAKE UP. The Awakening is the ONLY SAFETY from what we will experience on the physical plane.

     As don Juan offered to Castaneda, Live as if your act is the last act you will do on the earth,” meaning there IS no tomorrow for you, for me, for anyone. To live as if one’s actions were the last action one is taking, how will you live your life? Will you discover a greater sensitivity in yourself and your surroundings? Or will you continue to lull yourself to sleep thinking you have “endless time” to “do” what you wish TO do, waiting for “things to get back to ‘normal’”?


     The OLD NORMAL is OVER.

     There IS no returning TO it.

     You are not HERE for your own selfish end.

          And so within this thread of discovery, Anya shares with me today the following transmission shared with her from Imogen and Errol.

       Heed its Blessings.




Tuesday, July 14, 2020

From: Errol and Imogen

Subject: The 2nd Pandemic Wave and 'Like Sheep's to the Slaughter'


Hi To You All,

      As global virologists (and yours truly) warning there would be a 2nd Wave of the Pandemic, and yet this was ignored and is being ignored by many people and so the 2nd (mutated and far more contagious) Wave has spread and spiked in the US (40 States, with over 55,000 infections occurring daily, far more and faster than the 1st Wave), Brazil (horrific proportions), Ecuador (hospitals have run out of beds), Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China (plus huge floods/mudslides, earthquake), S Africa, etc. And this is only the beginning. And what are people doing in many countries (especially western countries) - imagining that it is all over and no need to really worry, and many taking off masks and not distancing, and going to clubs, etc, etc. Sheep are one of the symbols of Cancer, and so the saying goes 'Like sheep to the slaughter'.

      How was this 'return to normal' situation instigated, putting aside the stupid 'sheep-like' attitude of so many ego-conspiracy theorists? (We have met a number in JHB who refuse to wear masks and keep distancing because they say 'it is all a conspiracy' and Trump is right in telling people not to wear masks and keep distance. So they go around with their stupid ego-conspiracies and put other people in danger and are 'sheeplike' Trump-moron followers).

     The 'return to normal' was instigated by Trump (and Johnson/Bolsonaro/Netanyahu/Etc) because his hotels and tourist resort businesses were about to go bankrupt, so instead of listening to the scientists who strongly advised otherwise (to extend the lockdowns until the 'time was right') he forced the Governors of US States to open up their economies (which, like sheep, they did, and the people followed sheep-on), and then, as the 2nd Wave hit in (far more potent than the 1st) the various States (especially those who voted for Trump - Texas, Florida, N-S Carolina, Arizona, etc) found the virus spreading and spiking beyond control. Now they have had to re-introduce partial lockdowns but it is too late - Catch 22. Same with Brazil/China/Germany/Italy/Russia/Ukraine/Etc/Etc/Etc.

      The 2nd Wave has only just begun. The 4 nations that are most affected are the US/UK/Brazil/Israel - our great religious 'democratic' nations?? (All these nations by the way had 'rigged' elections. None of their leaders were elected via authentic democratic elections. In fact all their leaders are crooks and sociopaths if not psychopaths, and this is not an over-statement). And all these idiots (not just in the US) who think Trump is taking on the deep state and who failed to see how Trump only thought about saving his businesses (and his family businesses - also in hotels/property/tourism) and cares not a jot if millions of Americans die from the virus, which they surely will (And the same goes for the UK/Brazil/Israel/Etc/Etc).

      As 'things return to insane normal' and the 2nd Wave spreads all over (in its mutated far more contagious form) nations will be caught in Catch 22. They will not want to return to lockdown (far too much effort to get people to develop wise balance in their lives between stillness and action) but the virus will spread everywhere and fear and confusion will spread likewise. What to do? 'The sheep listened to the sheep, the blind led the blind, and the vast majority of people fell into a dark hole', because they chose to be sheep and not Free-Thinking Intelligent Goats. As it is said 'So, What is New'?

      It is a paradox that the people who 'believe' in ego-based conspiracy theories actually start self-destructing (not wearing masks, not distancing, etc) because if it is all a man-made conspiracy then the whole pandemic is false, so why listen to the virologists. Listen to Trump. We meet people like this. Blind selfish sheep. Slaves to their own ego's.

      THINK LIKE INTELLIGENT COURAGEOUS GOATS AND MAKE ONES OWN INNER-INTUITIVE WISE GUIDED DECISIONS because the chaos will soon impact the nations. Do not listen to sheep-like fools.


 What I (Imogen) Received over

Cancer Full Sun-Moon Cycle


     The Cancer Monthly Cycle (June 20 to July 21) can be very intense and stressful as Energy enters the gross physical body of the Earth and humanity and all humans during this time. Zodiacal and Planetary (= Solar) Energies that enter the Earth and humanity unfold in stages:

 * Aries Cycle – Mental Plane/Body

* Taurus Cycle – Emotional/Astral Plane/Body

* Gemini Cycle – Etheric Plane/Body (The etheric body is the subtle invisible body of the physical plane/body. It is composed of nadis or energy channels that Energy enters into>through and then focus into the seven major Energy Centres/Chakras > Endocrine Glands > Nerve System > Body Organs.

      Without the etheric body the physical body of all systems, universal to human to atom, would be dead, for all physical bodies per se are ‘dead’ without this etheric body energy stream bringing in Life Energy/Prana/Chi from the STAR-SUN)

      * Cancer Cycle – Gross Physical Plane/Body. So people/nations/etc are impacted by this Energy Transmission at the physical body level, be it that people are unconscious of this, but it can be ‘seen’ if we notice the impact>results on ourselves, others, and nations during this time.

      * Leo Cycle – Energy now ‘Individualises’ itself in its unique individual creative expression (So people asking the question ‘What is my unique individual creative energy contribution to the greater whole’ can only discover this and develop it during the 5th Leo Cycle).

      Here is what I (Imogen) received (and which adds to what I received over the Aries to Gemini Cycles. What I ‘received’ has indeed come true, and is once again attuned to Errol’s astrological information re the various conjunctions in Capricorn and the three ‘Waves’. It should be noted (re our combined understanding) that these three ‘Waves’ are not simply ‘pandemic’ Waves per se – the pandemic [etc] is only the gross manifestation of the Cause and Purpose of all that is Happening, and too many people get hung up on the external pandemic ‘Waves’ and their natural [political, economic and social] repercussions, and not up-on the Divine Cause>Purpose of what is Happening.

      In this regard many people, including those who claim to be ‘conscious’, are hearing what [intelligent and idiotic] humans are saying about what is happening, but are not Listening to what the Superhumans [who KNOW] are saying, which is connected to Cause>Purpose, and thus missing the Point of the Whole Divine Drama. These people/ego’s are even making the disgraceful ego-excuse of not putting on masks or distancing themselves and thus putting other people in danger, especially older people, and family and friends, and are thus acting like Trump-Bolsonaro-Johnson like idiots. When they get the virus they will be ‘humbled’ and learn to grow up and ‘get a fucking life’).

      * There will be more intense civil unrest in the US due to all the people unemployed and confused and angry (and hungry and unable to pay their rent, etc, etc). People will be in fear-ridden panic mentality due to the above situation (Extra: Be aware of the UTube video we will send you of the three-fold unfolding dream that a really sincere Christian Pastor had re the above issue in the US. In it he was shown March-April, September and November being the critical months in this regard.

      I [Imogen] was told that September 4 would be very critical in this regard). Once again ‘things are not going back to normal’ for 2020 is the destined death>rebirth ‘Turning Point year for humanity, and the transformational intensity will not cease but get even more intense and pressurised for all humanity.

     But this carries transformational Purpose and Meaning. Humanity is approaching the higher section of the Great Pyramid [of human evolution] and when it finally reaches towards the High Point – the Kings Chamber – it will have to ‘get down on its humble knees’ before it can Enter the Chamber, and Meet/Greet/Receive the Great New Revelation – the Appearance of the Avatar of Aquarius, and thus shall ‘Things Change in the Twinkling of an Eye’. Unless, of course, the Christ is a liar. We Think Not).

      * The pandemic will ‘spike’ again, re the so-called 2nd Wave, which is a ‘repeat’ of the 1st Wave, and this due to the virus having mutated and become more contagious. Many States in the US will be thus effected, plus in other countries. Some countries will be forced to repeat the lockdowns (Melbourne/Australia has gone back into lockdown, etc, etc). S America, Far East and the UK will have major ‘spikes’ re this 2nd Wave (This is also due to so many people failing to protect themselves re masks/distancing/hand washing/etc.

      Many people are allowing their ego’s to dictate their choices and thus making rational-minded ego-excuses for not protecting themselves. Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, did this, and he has the virus, and so did a major Afro-American devotee of Trump, and he has the virus, and many other leaders and people are doing the same and will pay the natural price for their ego-bondage. ‘Putting ones Intelligence aside is not very Intelligent and  also highly Irresponsible’).

      * There will be major flooding in the US, with floods coming down from Canada into the US. All this will add to the great pressure so many Americans are experiencing due to the spike of the pandemic and ongoing economic collapse and all its economic and social repercussions.

      * In the Far East (China/Japan/etc) there will be floods, mudslides, earthquakes, etc (These in fact did occur in China/Japan after I had received this information. One gets the feeling that all the major nations are being hit by all these Happenings in order to ‘bring them down to their knees’, which of course is the deeper Purpose of all these Events. This is how we should SEE what is Happening, and thus detach ourselves from them, while also Changing Ourselves and thus too our Perception.

      As we have shared before PERCEPTION is everything – ones Level of Consciousness or Vibration determines ones Perception, be it thus mind perception or Mind Perception. And ones level of consciousness/vibration depends upon the ongoing Inner Work one does to Raise ones Vibration. As Einstein said ‘All is Energy, Vibrating at certain frequencies’, and the level of frequency determines where ones consciousness/perception is at. What one perceives is not reality – it is simply what one perceives, and this all depends upon whether one is Soul/Superhuman/Higher Mind-Perceiving or ego/human/lower mind-perceiving.

     Far too many people are trapped in ego-perceiving, but imagine that they are perceiving reality. They are not. They are in fact perceiving illusion. They are not doing the Inner Work (Study/Learning/Meditation>Contemplation>Deep Thinking) to Raise their Vibration, and to thus PERCEIVE higher Reality and Truth.

     They are not, as such, learning the Lessons required to Learn via the ‘external’ pandemic, etc. They thus insult and dishonour the Pandemic Virus, a living entity with an Angelic Archetype, which is actually sacrificing itself for the greater good of humanity. Who wants to have to find a home/host in a foreign body? They put their arrogant ego’s in the way of Divine Purpose, and will soon have to ‘kneel down in great painful humility’. Of course anyone can choose to be humble and wise NOW and avoid the coming pain).

      Since energy comes ‘down to earth’ in Cancer (the 4th sign of the Divine Zodiac) it hits into and effects the physical body of the Earth and Humanity, and thus the floods and mudslides (Cancer is also a ‘water’ sign), earthquakes, etc. What was largely invisible up to now (in terms of what could not yet be seen) will now become visible, and this also depends upon Perception or perception. ‘SEE with the Single EYE’ or, as the Jolly Chap the Christ said

 Let those who have Eyes to SEE, SEE,

and let those who have Ears to HEAR, HEAR.

      The ONE EAR and the ONE EYE.



More Revelations On the Cancer Monthly Cycle ++++++++


     Cancer is called the Experience of the Womb because energy enters the physical body of the Earth and Humanity and thus it is entombed in matter, and one feels like one is enclosed in the dark womb of matter (Well, as they say, enjoy yourself in the warm womb. Men know more about this than women – one advantage of being a man). Nevertheless this can also feel like one is in the darkness, and one cannot see clearly what is happening and why.

     One comes out of the dark womb into the Light in the next (5th Zodiacal) LEO Cycle (ruled by the SUN/Sunlight) and this includes the discovery and expression of ones unique individual creative expression (= LEO/SUN – the Sun sign reveals what ones unique individual creative expression is/can be). So Energy is impressed into the womb of matter in Cancer (feminine ‘water’ sign) and comes out into the light of Leo (masculine fire sign).

      Here is one good way to feel inspired in the Cancer Cycle. Go to UTube – ‘Nelson Mandela – the Final Chapter’ – Documentary. Mandela had his Sun in Cancer (and I think Leo Rising – Leo governs Royalty and Mandela was born into African Xhosa Tribe Royalty). Nelson was in prison for 27 years (the womb of matter) before he came out into the Light of freedom and became the President of the new Rainbow Nation of South Africa, and the most famous and popular and respected human being on the planet (Mandela’s Sun sign Cancer would have been in the 12th ‘house’ [ruled overall by Pisces/12th sign], connected to ‘crucifixion’ and often also imprisonment of one kind or other. Mandela consciously made his prison his school of life-education, and it prepared him for his later task in life as President. It should be noted that Mandela took his 4th ‘crucifixion’ initiation via this experience, and has now, in truth, Resurrected and become Liberated.

     Too many people think that only so-called conventional ‘religious/spiritual’ folk take initiation [as re Jesus, etc] but some of the highest Initiates work in the political field (Gandhi/Mandela/Martin Luther King/Gorbachev/etc. Initiates appear on all of the seven Ray expressions of life, and it should be noted that without their female partners these men could not have accomplished their task, just as Jesus needed delightful Mary M). This video clearly shows why Mandela was such a great Human Being (as indeed was/is Bishop Tutu). Many people do not know that men/women like Mandela are major disciples of the Christ, the World Avatar.

     The World Avatar has no association with one or other sector (nation/race/religion/teaching) of humanity but only with HUMANITY, and anyone who truly serves Humanity and the Earth (and God in the true sense) is a disciple of the Christ. Christians who think they own the Christ will soon find out that no one owns the Christ, and that the true disciples of the Christ are those who serve Humanity and Human Evolution. Jews/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/Etc will soon find this out, be it via shocked awakening surprise.

      Another great video is another interview with Dr Zach Bush (‘Rich Roll Podcast’ – ‘Heal Faster than you Injure’). He shares on various interconnected issues related to the pandemic, organic farming (one million acres in the US are organic), the protection of nature, etc, etc. He does not say (as some people infer) that the virus does not exist. He says that the pollution (of the earth/water/air/animal and human kingdoms) enables the virus to hitch on to this pollution and give it extra potency.

     And, we should remember, that it was the ‘lockdowns’ that started to counteract this pollution in a way that no other medium has or could. So why are so many people ‘antilockdown’, including people who claim to be very concerned with global warming>climate change? Why are so many people who should know better wanting to ‘go back to normal’? ‘Lockdowns’ are in fact by far the best way to counteract this supreme danger to humanity (Since when has the human race not been in negative unconscious lock-down? Better ‘conscious awake lockdown’). 

     We should all hope for more extended lockdowns (Melbourne in Australia has gone into lockdown, and Gauteng/JHB in S Africa is considering another lockdown, as are many other cities as the 2nd Wave of the mutated and more contagious virus spikes in many places).


Conception>Pregnancy>the Quickening>

Birth>New Life


     He also shares (as a Doctor) on the issue of conception>pregnancy>the quickening>birth, and on ‘death and rebirth’ (He has been with many people who ‘pass on’ and then are ‘pulled back’ by medical practises and share how they were in the Light of Pure Love, Light and Acceptance and did not want to come back. Once again – no one has ‘died’ in the pandemic, and no one has ever ‘died’, for death does not exist and the Soul is Immortal and Life is Eternal). He then compares (with great positivity) the issue of women’s pregnancy>>birth with the present collective ‘pregnancy>quickening>birth’ of Mother Earth and Humanity, which we have done a number of times in relation to 2020.

     He also shared on much of the great problems facing humanity (re massive pollution all round, farming with chemical fertilisers and pesticides and cancer-causing weed killers [Roundup], animal farm factories [the massive amount of chemical pig swill is so dangerous that is not allowed to be transported], the vast majority of anti-biotics is in fact fed to animals and not humans, the military industrial complex and ongoing greed-ridden wars, Big Pharma greed-ridden corruption, etc, etc, etc. And, in this, it is obvious that no amount of human endeavour or even the pandemic and its huge consequences can resolve this massive abuse of political>economic>industrial power, so what is the Answer to this great and very dangerous global and human dilemma?

      As we (and others) have shared the present>future global crisis is a Collective Pregnancy cum Initiation:

      * January 12 to April - Overall Global ‘Turning Point’ Transformation Cycle. Sun>Saturn>Pluto>Mercury Conjunction in Capricorn, sign of initiation 

     * April 5 to end June (1st Pluto/Shadow-Jupiter/Love-Light conjunction in Capricorn) – ‘conception>1st stage of pregnancy’

      * July (2nd Pluto-Jupiter conjunction) to November 12 >2nd stage of pregnancy

      * November 12 to December 21>3rd stage of pregnancy, leading to New Birth (December 21 and through 2021>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>).

      * So April to December Cycle = 9 months of Pregnancy. Now ask any women who has been pregnant and given birth to a new babe (and a Soul/Christ Self taking Incarnation) what was the experience she went through. As we all know it is not all joy and jolly ho. A great deal of discomfort, pain, forced limitation and restriction of movement, carrying a heavy babe-light load for 9 months, and then the ‘quickening’ process (6 months to the 9 months) and then the whole birthing process (natural/home or water birth or conventional hospital birth).

      * The ‘Quickening’ - will activate from early September (April to September = 6 months). We can therefore expect a great global crisis at this time related to the ‘Quickening’. I (Imogen) was informed that September 4 will be the crisis day connected to this (I was very fortunate in that my babe-son flew out of my womb. He has Sagittarius Rising – masculine ‘fire’ sign, that functions in quick speed. He is now 56 [The Rising Sign of the birthing babe governs the energy and circumstances of the birth].

      * So humanity is now in the 2nd stage of collective pregnancy (= 2nd Wave of the pandemic is the outer manifestation). We need to see this as a collective pregnancy>purification>preparation for birth>initiation. Women will understand this experience of Mother Earth>Humanity via the 3 to 6 month stage of pregnancy. September will be the crisis month of the ‘quickening’. September is the monthly cycle of Virgo, related to the 6th month/cycle of the ‘quickening’).

      * Then November 12 (third conjunction of Pluto-Jupiter, in the monthly cycle of Scorpio) > beginning of the crisis of the Birth Process - the Waters Break (might see ‘floods’ around the planet as a literal symbol).

      * December 21>BIRTH of NEW LIFE (Saturn-Jupiter conjunct in 11th sign Aquarius; 2,000 years ago Saturn- Jupiter made same conjunction in Pisces, Birth of Jesus, Avatar of Age of Pisces, but whereas Jesus was still a mortal/3rd degree initiate, and thus had a human birth, the World Avatar is an Immortal/7th degree Initiate, and will simply Appear ‘out of the blue’).


Ties To The Above


     * November 30 – Annular Lunar Eclipse at the Full Sun-Moon of Sagittarius – Birthing process speeds up greatly.

      * December 14 - Total Solar Eclipse at Sagittarius New Sun-Moon – the final crisis/darkness before the Light of Birth (Analogy – pregnant woman goes into final labour pains before Birth).

      * December 21 – Sun enters Capricorn, sign of spiritual initiation. Solstice. Capricorn is the Midheaven (Mountain Peak/Highest Point) of Zodiac, and thus directly connected to initiation. The fact that Saturn-Jupiter make exact conjunction in Aquarius at the same time that the Sun enters Capricorn is the ‘key’ to this coming collective (and mystical) initiation.


The Problem with Mass Consciousness


     As the ‘masses’ get activated in the Cancer Cycle it is interesting to see how many Christians are sharing dreams connected to what is happening in 2020 and to what they see as the End of Days and the coming of what they call the Lord. In fact many of these people believe in prophetic dreams and even have a way of dealing with them via what they call ‘Revelation>Interpretation>Application’, which is very sound and good advice (and in fact applies to all dreams). First ‘revelation’ = the dream itself. ‘Interpretation’ = obvious (and requiring knowledge of dreams, symbols, etc). ‘Application’ – how does one apply the dream and its revelation>interpretation to ones daily life and vocational work (including not becoming fearful but remaining centered, calm and in soul alignment).

      Pastor Dana Coverstone’s three-series dream (see UTube) is a good example in this regard (It has already had over one million hits). It showed him what will be happening (literally and at times symbolically) in the US (and as an extension globally), but some of the symbols are not been interpreted correctly. For example in one stage he sees Russian and Chinese troops in Washington DC and a number of US Christians interpreted this literally as they are still fearful (via brainwashing) of the ‘enemy out there’ = Communists (We in S Africa had the same ‘projection’ problem in the Apartheid days. The problem was not the fault of the white dictatorial regime it was the bloody Communists. Yeh – jolly ho). It is of course impossible that such troops would be in the US as the USA has the most powerful military in the world.

     This sounds more (symbolically) like USA dictatorial regime troops on the streets. In this dream and at this time (September>>) he also saw that the White House was empty (This links in to what I {Imogen] was shown that Trump would be ousted from the White House before the November elections). This also links in (overall) to the dream of Marcus Rogers (another Christian) in which he saw these huge Tsunami Waves hitting humanity, and many people ‘surfing these Waves’ in a positive fashion. And many more people being ‘drowned’ by these Waves.

      In this sense US Christians (and all Christians) have to recognise their own national, racial (they are largely white folk) and religious brainwashing, and deal with their own dark shadows which they ‘project’ on to Lucifer or the Devil.

     So when their ignorance, fear, arrogance, racialism, etc manifests they blame the Devil. No dear folk – it is your own devilish nature.

     This is the great problem with ‘mass consciousness and belief’. Christians refer to themselves as ‘believers’ (keynote of Pisces and outgoing Age of Pisces) and ignore the fact that ‘to believe’ is ‘to not Know’ (If you ‘believe’ in God or do not ‘believe’ in God who is right? Neither ‘believer’ because there is no sure Knowledge).

      Then Christians refer to the Lord (= God) as if God is revealing these dreams (etc) to them directly. Does it ever occur to these folks that God (the Overall Superhuman Governing Agency of our septenary planetary System) is a very busy Being who has no time for little ego’s and their naive if not childish beliefs? These dreams are being given to them (or anyone) by either the Soul (and this only if they are quite evolved) or one or other guide or angel. These folk have to learn some humility and stop imagining that God will put aside His Massive Workload to give time and energy to little ego’s who, because they are Christians (or Jews/Muslims/Etc) imagine God is on their unique side. Pride cometh before a fall. Sincere servers of God/Truth never are so arrogant to presume that God is taking time to speak to them personally.

     God has many Agencies (Souls/Guides/Angels) who do this work. Then Christians (Jews/Muslims/Etc) again imagine that the Christ (Imam Maydi/Messiah) is coming specially for them (to ‘save them’) which is highly insulting to this Great Being (who cannot be insulted) as here we have human ego’s ‘projecting’ their human ignorance, insecurities and prejudices on to God/Christ/Etc. Pride/Arrogance.

      And then Christians talk about the Body of Christ or the Invisible Church of Christ and once again believe this has to do with Christian believers, when it has do with All Humanity, and with the 5th Kingdom of Souls, who together form the Collective Consciousness of Soul/Christ Consciousness, which is of course ‘invisible’ (It is not composed of forms – it is composed of Consciousness).

     And religious (?) Christians and also by the way Jews believe (aahhyech – this term again) that they must not ‘cremate’ bodies and only bury them because when their Christ/Messiah comes to ‘save’ them their physical dead bodies (and even the bodies of their domestic animals) will ‘rise from the graves’ and be Resurrected (Yep – modern day religious folk believe this insane nonsense).

      What the Christ meant when He said Towards the end of the Age (= Pisces Age/Now) the dead (those that are asleep) shall rise from their graves(shall Wake Up). Not fucking rise from their physical graves. Jesus Holy Christ – what a total disgusting perversion of Christ’s Teachings.

      And then, finally, we have Christians ‘believing’ that when Jesus/the Christ (they do not know that these are two different Beings) Appears they will be ‘raptured’ and ‘taken up to heaven’ and ‘saved’. This is so naïve and childish that it is truly beyond any human intelligence (It belongs to the idiotic sub-human realm. Some top war-loving members of the Trump Administration believe in this nonsense). Some Being Appears, all Christians (or some ‘chosen’ Christians) go into ‘rapture’ (?) and are ‘raised up to heaven’ and are ‘saved’ (while the rest of the poor -+ 7 billion buggers left behind are doomed).

     Do these people really think that God and the Christ are so stupid and selfish (like human ego’s) that They are going to ‘save’ the Christian believers and tell the rest of humanity to fuck off down to hell? These people are in for one big nasty humbling shock when the World Avatar Appears. No ‘rapture’ - more shocked into Awakening to a Reality beyond their wildest imagination. And the same for Jews/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/Etc and indeed atheists and agnostics and the masses.

     And politicians, economists, scientists, etc, etc. 2020 – the TIME to commit oneself to KNOWLEDGE and to give up naive childish beliefs. Best Way to prepare oneself for 2020 radical transformation and for What is Coming is to WAKE UP and GET REAL and GROW UP and become adults and End the ignorant Past and Serve the Wise Future.

      Aquarius is governed by the 5th Ray of Scientific Knowledge (material and spiritual; spirituality is not simply an ideal but a science, the Science of the Soul). Disciples and Initiates of Aquarius are KNOWERS and not believers. This is because they have taken responsibility to study the esoteric>spiritual teachings, meditate, contemplate (activate the Higher Mind and Intuition, the higher 5th/6th Senses), and LIVE these Truths in their day to day lives. In this sense Aquarius and the new Age of Aquarius is very different and upgraded to the outgoing (End of Days) Age of Pisces.

     When the Avatar of Aquarius Appears and gives out the New Aquarius Age Teachings (valid for the next 2,300 years of human evolution) people will realise that these Teachings are far in advance of the New (Pisces Age) Testament. The Master DK says that Buddha brought the Teachings of Light to the Planet, and Jesus brought the Teachings of Love to the Planet, and the Christ/Avatar of Aquarius/World Avatar will bring the very advanced integrated Teachings of Light & Love & Purpose to the Planet/Humanity.

      (The Purpose or Will of God has in fact never been revealed to humanity because it is the Highest Quality>Revelation of God, and humanity has not been ready for this Great Revelation. The Will of God is connected to All Humanity and the Planet and even the solar System and only now is Humanity ready to receive this Great Revelation).

      The ‘masses’, including the religious masses, still insist on following ‘beliefs’ (or, as the Bible says The sins of the fathers [and mothers] are passed on generation after generation. ‘Sins’ = ignorance). It is these ignorant ‘beliefs’ that have led to bloody religious and national wars that have caused massive suffering to humanity (including by the way huge numbers of women being abused and raped be ‘religious’ men. Between the 10th and 13th Centuries millions of women were tortured, raped and burnt alive by the Christian Inquisition. Any apology by the Catholic Church? No way. And women still follow the Church and male figures, so many women are not innocents in this regard?). Tis indeed the End of Days, and this includes the End of Christian Days, not that Christians (or Jews/Muslims) realise this paradoxical fact.

     Thus 2020 – the End of Pisces days – the collective Crucifixion of human ego’s, to force them to become humble (‘to get down on their knees’ – Capricorn governs the knees). It should be quite obvious that the cycle between January to the end of June has NOT accomplished this Crucifixion. There are six months to go to accomplish this Purpose. Thus the dreams that many people are having that indicate that what is coming is far more dire than the first 6 months of this year. Dire in the sense that what is coming is required to ‘bring human ego’s down to their knees in surrender’ because initiation (Soul-Connection>Illumination>Love>Wisdom) cannot be taken if the lower ego is still in command.

     That a number of so-called Christians are having these Revelation dreams is good – but what they fail to realise is that they do not apply to Christians and their naive beliefs – they apply to humanity and all humans, and to the End of the Age of Pisces and coming Beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Thus the Christ said (white h Christians ignore) When you see the Sign of the Water Carrier in the Sky (= the symbol of Aquarius) I shall Return’.

      What is coming for the next six months will be far more ego-crucifying than the first 6 months. This especially from September through to December, when ‘all shit will hit the fan’. Anyone who imagines that they will be exempt from this collective ego-crucifixion (and also, if so chosen, Soul Resurrection) is living in naïve illusion.

     Either Raise Oneself Up and Surf the Waves or keep oneself down and drown in the turmoil (Do people know that under Bolsonaro [who now has the virus and yeh for that] the Amazon Rainforest [which supplies much of the oxygen of the world which humans need to stay alive] has hundreds of illegal fires {in order for mad greed-ridden maniacs to have huge cattle farms so that meat can be produced for the western and eastern meat-eating world]. And well known banks and financial institutions (and thus too Wall Street) are providing the money for this illegal insane activity.

      Do people think that by going back to normal this criminality will be stopped and suddenly oxygen will spring out of the Amazon? NO – the Planet/Mother Earth is being raped (literally) and the human race is being murdered by a small group of lunatics and it is either this quick DEATH of life on Earth or ego-crucifixion (no matter how painful and it will be very painful). The dreams and our guidance from Higher Sources and the Christ’s predictions (etc, etc) of what is Happening in 2020 and ‘why’ all indicate that total ego-crucifixion is necessary to Save the human race. There is no going back to normal – humanity is about to enter the Burning Ground (of the lower ego) and nothing on earth or in heaven can stop this.

      The World Avatar will Appear but only when the Crucifixion has done its required ego-burning up Work. And whether Jews/Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Etc believe it or not they are part of the problem and not the solution. KNOWLEDGE must replace beliefs. LIVING the TEACHINGS OF TRUTH must replace mere words and naive ideals. The 2nd Tsunami Wave has begun to roll in and it will hit into humanity and the nations in September. Anyone can Surf it Now, if they do the required use as huge numbers of people lose their jobs Work.

     PS: The economical situation in the US/UK/EU/Asia/S Africa/Israel/Etc/Etc is far worse than any governments are admitting. Tens of millions of businesses have gone bankrupt and many more are going to go bankrupt as huge numbers of people lose their jobs and then cannot purchase the goods (needed and not needed) that keep many businesses alive.

     This is the situation now and we have 6 months to go this year. Powerful economic forces have forced nations (governments/cities/etc) to stop the lockdowns before the time was right in order to try and stop the economic collapse but in the process have caused a huge spike in the pandemic (In the US in one day 59,000 people became infected, and this has been happening for weeks on end. In many other countries too). This includes big businesses. The S African economics Minister admitted that ‘SA is on its knees’ in this regard, but this the same with many countries (The UK economy has literally collapsed, and even China has taken a huge hit).

      Many people are of course asking ‘If this is the case what is going to happen with the present global economy’? Trying to save the economy by creating a situation whereby large numbers of people ‘get infected by the virus’ (due to not wearing masks and/or not keeping distance, and/or mixing in crowds, etc, etc) is Catch 22 – huge numbers of people will get infected and many will leave their bodies, and this in turn will further collapse the economy.

     And so? One of the major aims of this global crisis is in fact to ‘knock out the old corrupted economic system’ (see the Amazon situation as one example and there are hundreds of other examples) and this will occur, so what to do as this unfolds?

     LIVE SIMPLY – stop purchasing things one does not NEED (a lot of things). Do far less shopping (even on line). Use what you already have and try to buy far less new goods (including IT hardware, cars, clothes, etc, etc, etc).

     Give up meat (unless you wish to support the disgusting abuse of the animal kingdom).

      Fish itself are no longer safe as they have micro-plastic in them. Eat far less fish. Instead of driving ones car here and there try and walk whenever possible or take public transport, or organise group car trips to the shops using one car rather than two or three cars (We walk to the shops or go in our landlady’s car and we both do shopping for one another).

     Swap books (etc) rather than always but new ones.

     Stop using Amazon – it is a corrupted business. Buy from shops if this is necessary and support small businesses when possible.

     And always establish good vibs with shop assistants, etc, thanking them for their services (In S Africa it is black people who are literally running the economy for they are the ones manning the vast majority of the stores, big and small. They have to get up at around 3/4 am to get to work (mostly using public transport), wear masks the whole day, and then go back home (still wearing masks) exhausted to cook the evening meal, look after the children, etc, etc And they still smile and give out genuine good vibs while doing this exhausting work. SA’s – Thank these selfless people with all your goodwill might). In other words while humanity goes through the very difficult ‘transition cycle’ of one corrupted economic system to the next far more just and balanced system THINK AND ACT AND LIVE VERY DIFFERENTLY.

      The World Avatar will introduce this new system when He Appears. He has All Power to perform Miracles (which are not miracles to Him for He can do this At Instant Will). When this happens humanity will be Enraptured, which is what the Rapture means (of course). Thus Faith and Trust are a vital part of this equation. Not Faith and Trust based upon belief but upon Sure Inner Knowingness.

     And finally to end this Cancer Cycle Newsletter here are some more Wise Words from the Christ, the Lord of LOVE and Prince of PEACE that is very relevant for 2020,

 Let the dead bury the dead, and let the Living Attend to the Living.”