wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"If Liberty is part OF the liberated world I perceive,

then my mind is part of liberation today,

and therefore part of Liberty today."


Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit


     Today my Lesson reads,



I have no purpose today except to look upon a liberated world,

set free from all the judgments I have made.



     Judgments are conclusions. Conclusions are closed-minded assumptions and cause only uncertainty. Whatever I conclude about is a disturbance. Whatever I think is not part of liberation, part of freedom today, is a conclusion. The Lessons says my purpose is to look upon a liberated world. The world is a reflection of my mind. Then, to look upon a liberated world is to look upon my mind free of conclusions I have made about anything.


     Now I have made assumptions about many things, how they could be, should be, might be, would be, however this is all part of the conclusive mind that then attempts to figure out how to change or alter what it sees. Yet if there is only Order in my mind then this is what the world shows me. There IS NO DISORDER in my mind or the world, but only the misperceptions I make. What IS PRESENT IN my world today IS an effect OF the liberation You give me today.


     Now I have made conclusions about my move from my present dwelling to another. The dwelling I discovered recently is located on Liberty. When I discovered this, I discovered the word “liberty” meant “freedom”. Today, I discover you use the SAME WORD in my Lesson – “I have no purpose today except to look upon a liberated world...”


     Is Liberty the liberated world? Does Liberty represent a new world of freedom for me? Am I free TO MOVE TO Liberty?









    You say that liberation is what I would see today and I see Liberty is a place OF liberation, and you ask me to look ON a liberated world. Then would I look upon Liberty AS part OF the liberated world You offer me today?


     I see my world is liberated today, however, I conclude HOW to move TO Liberty, for the time is not right as my time in my present dwelling does not end for two months. Yet if you give me liberation TODAY, then the seeds OF liberation have been planted, and in this I begin turning in that direction. My forces have been fragmented in thinking how to move or how to stay where I am. Yet it seems to me You have given me the opportunity to look upon a liberated world, and Liberty IS PART OF that liberated world.


     Now a few days ago you offered me to consider the message within the Animal Energies book as it pertains to the energy of Ant. The Ant woke me up as it crawled on my face in my bed. In fact, for a few months it has done this, and yet I have not detected any place they could enter my dwelling. Nevertheless, the Ant has made its presence known to me, and in spite of my conclusions ABOUT Ant and its presence in my world, I have not seen it brings a message of liberation.


     So in my investigation OF the Animal Energy of Ant, I read,



If Ant has made its way into your life, a message it might have for you

is to look around at how you are being asked to fit into the big picture.


Even societally bound Ant knows when the time is right

to break away from the colony and start a new hill.”



     Start a new hill? I reside in Beverly Hills. And I discovered Liberty in Citrus Hills. Is Citrus Hills the new hill where I would start my newly liberated mind? How is moving to Liberty part of fitting into the big picture? I perceive Liberty as being abandoned for over a year, and this dwelling has been neglected. Yet its location is ideal and appealing to me. And what healing energy can I bring there and restore Liberty to the beauty OF Citrus Hills?


     When I moved to Beverly Hills the small dwelling was neglected also. And yet I have brought my healing energy to it. Now should I depart this dwelling, it will be given to another who will enjoy the gardens I have planted and the energy that will reside here once I have departed. And I will journey to Liberty, and give my energy to it. For it represents liberation from Beverly Hills and a return to Citrus Hills.


     Now I will not conclude today what anything means, including this lesson. Yet I cannot deny the Words You use in my Lesson today. And it is very clear: “I have no purpose today except to look upon a liberated world...” If Liberty is part OF the liberated world I perceive, then my mind is part of liberation today, and therefore part of Liberty today.


     And now I will point my sights for a new world within the liberation You offer me of Liberty.


     So be it now.

     “It is done.”