wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"So the purpose of our lives is to rise above our present ignorance
about what we think we know about ourselves, and others,
and rise to a higher level of learning, 

and cast off the dark spirits that influence our negative thinking."


Desert Spirit



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Desert Spirit 

Hello Nancy, 

     I want to clear up some things about our recent discussion regarding your brother’s cancer and my ideas as they pertain to them. I also want to clear up some things about my accident as a child, when I was kicked in the head by a horse that resulted in my subsequent death and return to life, and the ensuing brain surgery which resulted from that accident. 

     First, let me say it is best you keep an open mind. You think you have an open mind, but you do not. An open mind means that you allow what you have not ever heard, or what you hear that may disturb you, to enter. 

      If you think you already have an open mind, then you have an IDEA of what an open mind is, and your mind is CLOSED AROUND that idea. 

     So I am suggesting to you to keep an open mind when you read, but first realize you do not have an open mind. If you did, you would not walk away in the middle of a discussion and say, “I do not want to hear any more of this.” For that statement means you DO NOT have an open mind and DO NOT want to hear what is being said. 

     I was kicked by a horse when I was 10 years old after falling off the back of that horse. When I hit the ground behind the horse, it startled the horse, and he kicked behind him. His rear hoof crashed into the left side of my skull, breaking it open. I died on that dirt road. But Spirits came to me and told me I had to return because my earthly journey was not over. You can believe this or not, and frankly I do not care if you do or not. I am just explaining to you what happened. 

     They rushed me to a hospital and the surgeon said that the area of the brain that was damaged was very close to the central nervous system and potentially could affect me, even paralyze me. However, the surgery was successful, not because a surgeon did a good job, but because Spirits decided I had to return to the earth. So this means that Spirits, not men or doctors, are the only ones who can save a person. 

     I was in a coma for three days and then woke up without any complications from brain surgery. I shared this with you in confidence, to reveal something miraculous to you, but you treat it as a joke, and mock me telling Anya that having part of my brain removed as a child is what is wrong with me. 

     There is nothing wrong with me or my thinking except where your stupidity does not allow you to understand things of which I speak. That you think there is something wrong with me shows a lack of intelligence and compassion on your part and merely displays a level of ignorance that you yourself do not even understand is that from which you suffer.

      Do not ever let me hear you speak about my brain injury again, ever. 

     Now regarding your brother and his cancer, it seems cancer runs in your family, as you told me that you had surgery because of cancer, I believe, and that it was a breast you had removed. I think you said the left breast, the one that is on the side of the heart. 

     We have two bodies, so to speak. We have a physical body, and we have what is called an “etheric” body or a spiritual body. This etheric body has seven centers, called CHAKRAS. This is pronounced SHA-KRA. We also have what is called an AURA, or a spiritual bubble of protection that surrounds the bodies. We cannot see it but it is there. I will explain these two things now; what the CHAKRAS are and what the AURA is. 

     The chakras are centers in the spirit body that when aligned, or are clean, leads us back to God, so to speak. For the physical body they keep the body harmonized. Aligned chakras and a clean aura is the level of a spiritual master, or a saint. Many have walked the earth to teach us of these things. 

      In the body, the chakras are not clear or centered. It is the earthly experiences we are given that bring the chakras back into alignment. We may have to experience the physical body many, many times before the chakras are aligned. This means you have been in a body before, many times, in other lifetimes. This means that you do not have “one lifetime, die and go to heaven”. You will experience many lifetimes until you clear and align all the spiritual chakras in you and clean the aura. 

     The aura is damaged by negative thinking. When we are depressed, guilty, arrogant, fearful, or suffer from the “seven deadly sins,” then the aura becomes damaged, and resembles a piece of Swiss cheese. When the aura has holes in it, then negative or dark spirits enter these holes and possess us. We call this “spirit possession” and many do not know they are carrying other spirits with them, spirits that negatively influence them. 

     Your heart chakra, in the region of your heart, is not clear, nor is your crown chakra which is located at the top of your head, nor are many others. And you aura is damaged, with many holes in it that allows dark spirits to enter and influence you. You just do not realize it because you are closed-minded to these things. In fact, spirits that are negative influence closed-mindedness. They also tell you that you can know the Bible and its teachings, and that your interpretations are correct and to not listen to anyone else.  Most “Christians” are influenced by dark spirits. They suffer from dark spirit possession. 

     So the purpose of our lives is to rise above our present ignorance about what we think we know about ourselves, and others, and rise to a higher level of learning, and cast off the dark spirits that influence our negative thinking. In doing this we are given certain lessons to experience that help us align our chakras and repair our aura. We call this a “spiritual path” or “spiritual awakening”. I first learned about this when I went into A.A. and recovered from 29 years of alcoholism. 

     The chakras and aura are damaged by what and how we think. Thinking is not of the brain. The brain does not think. We have a mind and a brain. The mind USES the brain. 

    Mind is the center of intelligence. You can see a flower is intelligent, but it does not have a brain. A fire does not have a brain. Wind does not have a brain. Sun does not have a brain. But they all display intelligence. 

     The brain runs the body, and the mind uses the brain. A dead body with a brain in it does nothing. When the spirit enters the body, at or before physical birth, so to speak, the spirit uses the mind to animate the body. But if the mind has ignorance or darkness, or sin or guilt or fear in it, then this will be transmitted to the brain and therefore to the body. And when this happens we say and do stupid things, like speak about things we do not know anything about, while telling others that their brain injury has made them stupid. 

      When the mind, that is not physical, is full of error, or what we call “sin”, then this energy of thinking is transmitted to the body and the brain. The brain receives this negative energy and transmits it through the central nervous system to all parts of the body, INCLUDING the spiritual body. This is how the chakras become dirty, damaged, misaligned and this is how the aura is damaged. 

     When the mind transmits foul energy to the brain and therefore to the body, it manifests IN the body as sickness and disease. 

     So this is why I told you that your brother’s cancer is related to guilt. He can clear his cancer by dealing with the guilt of his past. But no doctor will be able to save him from his cancer. The doctors can cut out the cancer, and give him treatments, but the cancer will come back until he deals with his cancer that is connected to his guilt. If you do not think guilt is like a cancer, think again. 

     Your mind, in its ignorance, manifested in your heart chakra guilt, fear and anger. It affected the heart chakra which is responsible for the heart organ. When negative energy or lack of energy is passing through the mind and therefore the chakra, it affects the vital organs. Your cancer, above the heart, in the area of the heart chakra, is a result of your poor thinking. You COULD manifest cancer again if you do not address what caused the cancer that manifested in your breast by looking into your mind for what is hidden there. 

     You can believe all this is true or not true because some brain-damaged man told you this, and I certainly do not care if you do or do not. I am offering you these thoughts to consider today because Spirits ASKED ME to do so. You can share this with your brother also. 

     Dying does not give you or anyone else a free pass to Heaven, and reading the Bible and believing the red words of Jesus will do nothing until you open your mind to other possibilities. 

     You might consider that Spirits sent these messages to you today, and to share with your brother, rather than gossip and complain to him about how screwed up you think I am because of my brain injury as a child. Just do not ever let me hear you say that again. 

     I hope you find this all inspiring, or you can throw it in the garbage. Before you do, however, ask your God, “Did You ask David Salas to send this message to me and my brother?” Only a hidden darkness in you would say “NO!