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"Without a belief in “the devil” in your own mind, temptation would be impossible, and there would be only Love for one another in you."

Desert Spirit


Thursday, July 19, 2018


Beatrice, Seymour, CT 


Hello again, Ms. Beatrice,

      I received your certified mail letter today and thank you for your reply.

     I am returning the check to you. As you so insistently want to convince me of your belief in Jesus, I would think rather than send me a tiny 100.00 check for services you do not trust I will perform anyway, why not put your ideas of “the devil” away for a moment and open your heart to the Love and Generosity and Abundance of God and His Son and do something outrageous. Contact my FNBA Bank (800-266-7661), ask them the payoff amount of my cabin (account # 212409). Pay off the note anonymously, quietly. And direct them to mail me the free and clear title? 

          Would not THAT be an expression of a true Christian, or of the Love of God in you and not an action of some vulnerable person who thinks she can be taken advantage of? That would be a TRUE Miracle.

      But I would like to address your letter thoroughly. To begin with, I wish to offer a few thoughts that deserve attention. Please now before you proceed, ask for the Ears to Hear and Eyes to See beyond your own, that you may hear the Voice for God emitting His Love to you thought these words that I as His Son and as your brother in Spirit offer to you now.

      The first point I wish to address is the form in which I send my messages to you. I am aware you asked me to hand write a letter to you.  I taught myself how to use a computer. I taught myself how to type. I use a computer with a word processing program called MS OFFICE that makes it very easy to compose correspondences. It is not out of laziness or a lack of my desire to express my humanness. Rather it is my wish to communicate more clearly that makes the correspondence much easier to read by the recipient.

      Human beings can enjoy the computer and the software that is placed into the computer due to the advances in technology that have been offered to us by our Spirit Brothers of Higher Intelligence. These advanced civilizations that bring these advances in technology to the earth plane allow man more time to enjoy other things in his life, that which I term Divine Leisure.

      The advances in technology allow us Divine Leisure. Where man once used oxen and plow to prepare his fields and plant his crops, advances in technology made the tractor possible. Of course this was appropriate for man to have a better way to attend to his fields. Yet the advent of corporate America destroyed all this by mass producing tractors to attend to the thousands upon thousands of acres of land the corporations have bought up to mass produce food, for profit. Those corporations have dominated over mankind, and now there are hardly any privately owned farms any longer. They have all been swallowed up by greedy American corporations.

      The computer is not a creation of the human brain. The computer comes from advanced civilizations who are highly developed, who have been visiting our planet for eons of time, that which are appropriately called “extraterrestrials”. Extraterrestrials are highly advanced expressions of the Knowledge of God who are responsible FOR the many ancient teachings from which the Bible came as well as many other books. They were the original writers of all sacred writings.

         If you are attuned to the energy of the Spirit World, then you probably know that everything contains energy. Hence, this letter is not just words and ink on paper, but is an EFFECT of that which sends the words and ink on paper to you. In other words, the energy of my spirit is extended to you that manifest in the form of a letter with easy to read words. You can reduce the message to “a printed letter”, or you can capture the pure energy BEHIND the words of the message. That is to say it does not matter HOW Life expresses Itself, but what is important is THAT Life expresses Itself. 

     The ET’s are our Spirit Brothers of a Higher Order of Intelligence who have been attempting to assist human kind for ages on the earth in the development of our own higher consciousness. In exchange for their advanced technology and knowledge, humans provided the ET’s with resources of the earth that are useful to them. However, the misuse of advanced technology and knowledge by humans have violated this relationship, and the ET’s now spend most of their time making sure mankind does not annihilate himself that would otherwise affect other planets in other galaxies.

      So attend to the energy behind the words, rather than the form they come to you or the words themselves.

      The second point I wish to make is the picture you sent of “Jesus”. Like many “Christians”, they love to conjure up false representations of an image of “Jesus” according to THEIR liking, rather than offering an accurate depiction of him. Jesus’ given name was Yeshua ben Yosef. Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah, son of Mary and Joseph. He was not a “Christian”, nor was he an Anglo Saxon male who looks like a Hollywood model.

      Nor were his hands and feet pierced in the manner the picture depicts. Actually, were the palms pierced in the way shown in your lovely picture, the hands would have not been able to support the weight of his body, and consequently the nails would have ripped his palms apart. It may be more correct to consider the position of the nails were actually through the wrists, between the Ulna and Radius bones, called the Distal radioulnar joint, which held the weight of the body.


Distal radioulnar Joint.



       Your picture of “Jesus” is something you perceive Yeshua to be, but not who he truly is, nor is the picture you portray yourself to be accurate. Nor is your perception of me accurate. Your perceptions of me are based on your own inner prejudices, fear and lack of inner conviction. So your perception of EVERYTHING is selective. What is selective is exclusive. What is exclusive excludes. What excludes is closed. Hence, the picture of Yeshua you offered me is from a closed-minded person, which means your perception of me is closed-minded, and your perception of yourself must be also, as you have never questioned yourself OR your beliefs that have been imposed on you by OTHERS who have never questioned themselves either.

     You do not see me as a Son of God, because you do not see yourself as a Son of God. You cannot, because you have made “evil” REAL in your mind. That is WHY it is closed. It does not want to “let the ‘devil’ in”. Do you not see your belief IN a “devil” has already PLACED IT IN your mind by you who choose for it to be there? How ELSE did it get in your mind as a belief? 

          A closed-minded person is a judgmental person. She is listening to the “devil”. It then must follow that if beliefs about what Yeshua actually looks like is judgmental, then so must your beliefs of what you term “Christianity” must be. In other words, your beliefs are in accordance with what YOU want to believe, but not actually what may be true. Being that the “devil” is IN your mind as a belief, that means that your beliefs about what you feel is “Christianity” are defined by the “devil”, or self-deception, which is what the “devil” actually is. The “devil” is nothing more than self-deception. 

     You say, I was raised with strict ‘work ethics’ and morals”, “strict” being the key word meaning you were raised in a somewhat hostile, closed-minded environment that believes in “the devil”. You were TOLD how to act, rather than how to BE and given the opportunity to develop morally on your own. You were PROGRAMMED by elders to think a specific way, and this is reflected in your religious beliefs. 

     Consequently, all you think and believe about life, about God, about Yeshua, about other people, even about “the devil” is all based on what someone ELSE programmed you to think. As it is written, “The sins of the father are passed to the third and fourth generation”, it suggests that all that you were taught by “well-intended” people were THEIR ideas about how YOU must live. Their “sins” became your own. Their beliefs in “evil” and the “devil” became your own. Yet you have never once questioned these erroneous beliefs. And anyone who brings this to your attention will be seen as “evil” and a “trickster”, because you have no inner trust, no inner love. How can there be inner love where the “devil” in you as a belief abides? Yet is it you and only you who have deceived yourself in what you believe?    

     This is why you may feel no inner conviction, no inner trust, no inner certainty. You cannot trust your heart or yourself to be loving and compassionate because it does not fit into the criteria of your upbringing. It does not fit into what OTHERS have taught you. You are full of suspicion, and see “evil” lurking everywhere. 

     Where is your own mind, the one that has not been influenced by others’ thinking and others’ beliefs? Where is your Inner Voice? Where is your Originality? Where is your inner peace? Can it be where the idea of “evil” and the “devil” exist? How has this dark belief not made you physically sick and mentally unstable?

     Can you not see that in your so-called “Christian” beliefs you are merely pontificating the echoes of the poor teachings instilled in you by others who were ALSO poorly taught? And the irony of this is that it took this long in your life to discover this by a complete stranger, me, David Salas, who was led to you, BY God, to reveal these truths to you. And if you feel God did not arrange our meeting, who do you think did? Satan?

     To believe in the “devil” means you have MADE HIM REAL IN YOUR MIND. Is it not YOU who have placed the idea and belief of “evil” and the “devil” inside your mind? And in this mind does not Spirit tell us “The Kingdom of God in within you”? So which is true, the “evil devil” in you, or the Kingdom of God in you? Perhaps you and the others to whom you have listened have misinterpreted Sacred Scriptures? Is that remotely possible? 

     What you make real in your mind is placed there BY YOU, or by others who taught you these things. YOU allow it. Yet your pure spirit and mind were created in Love by a God of Love Who knows no such things as sin, the “devil”, fear, hate, greed, piety, self-centeredness, distrust, dishonesty. The “devil” is your own fearful ideas of what you think you are and what you think others are. Therefore do not be tempted BY the “devil” to see your brother in spirit as the “devil”.    

     Blasphemy is not a creation of God. Blasphemy is to decide for yourself what God created you to be that is unlike Him. When you define and believe yourself to be less than the pure abundant loving Spirit God gave you then you are being blasphemous. You are saying your opinions and beliefs of yourself are truer than God’s knowledge of you, and that this contains the belief in the “devil”. Blasphemy is to deny you are a Son of God, the Christ, as God created you. Blasphemy is to make yourself UNLIKE the Spirit of God. Blasphemy is to make the “devil” and “evil” real. When you make the “devil” real you are saying you know more about God, His Creations and the Spirit World than He does.   

     My previous letter to you was direct and to the point in my request. It was well thought out and it was a legitimate request. It was offered to you from an open, gentle heart and a desire to communicate honestly with you. What I received in reply was a lecture on the ethics of moral behavior. 

     I felt it was very judgmental and prejudicial, full of piety and inaccurate conclusions, and it does not reflect the true values for which you feel you are advocating, that being “Christian” values. 

     Now I will address some specific parts of your letter. 

     You write that “As we all know the devil is real and temptations are real.” Are you referring to “all” those who think and believe as you do? For me there is no “devil”. For me there is no “evil”. Why would I want to make them real? Why would you? Perhaps what is spoken of in scripture regarding the “devil” is not what you think it is? Could it be the “devil” is the earthly mind that denies one is EQUAL TO God, created in the image of His Spirit? Could it be “evil” is actually self-deception? If Yeshua says, “Know thyself; love one another”, does that mean to be honest with yourself about what you believe? Would it mean to know that it is you who made the idea and belief of the “devil” and “evil” real in your mind? 

     God is Love. What comes from God cannot be sinful or “evil” because everything comes from God. God did not create a being that could be “evil”. But you could. Yet a being can THINK SHE OR HER BROTHER IS EVIL and in this she is not related to Love, and therefore cannot trust herself. Hence you will not be able to trust your brother either. 

     We could only make ideas of “evil” and the “devil” real in our own self-imposed dreams, in nightmares. For anyone who believes in the “devil”, who believes he or she is unlike the Pure Love of God, is sleeping the “dream of forgetfulness”. When you speak of temptation it is the temptation to THINK THE “DEVIL” IS POSSIBLE. That is the only temptation that is possible, and it is only possible if YOU YOURSELF make “the devil” real in your mind. Without a belief in “the devil” in your own mind, temptation would be impossible, and there would be only Love for one another in you.

     In a mind where there is Love, there is no suspicion, no vulnerability, no sense of lack, no hoarding, no fear of loss, no lack of trust. Where there is Love within us there is a desire to help one another. And those who temporarily have more would gladly be willing to share with those who temporarily have less. In the giving of what we have we are able to keep it. Therefore, if we give away ideas of sin and “evil” and the “devil”, we strengthen those in us. So I am offering you what I have to give, and I pray it is helpful to you. It is a free Gift, what I offer in this writing, because it does not come FROM me but THROUGH me. So I hope this helps you. 

     To say there is a “devil” is to say that there is “evil” in God, or that a creation that is unlike God can be possible. God DID NOT create a “devil”, nor a being that could BE “evil”. We did this to ourselves, with what you term “free will”. If we “created” a “devil” then it is from our pure mind that God gave to us that made such an insane idea possible. And you are using all the power OF God’s Mind that He gave to you in your creation as His Spirit Offspring to hold such a foolish idea IN your mind. 

     Spelled backwards, the word “evil” spells “live”. Invert the first two letters of the word “evil” and the word spells “veil”. Hence, we can say that in corrected perception regarding our ideas and or beliefs in “evil”, this correction in our perceptions show us that, 


Evil is the veil that prevents us from the desire to live free OF the idea of evil”.


      I understand the fundamental “Christians”, especially the Baptists, preached this nonsense. Yet it was done out of ignorance of the sacred Scriptures. Any belief in “evil” or in a “devil” is not a teaching that is consistent with Truth. It is made up by men who designed the present day religions of the world. Yeshua was trained by the Essenes. He taught Love, and not battling the “devil” or "evil". But he did say know yourself, and look inside yourself where the enemies “evil” and “devil’ reside there through your will.

      The “devil” became popular with Paul, the so-called “father of Christianity”. It was a way the early Church could control man and his mind through religious beliefs by offering this propaganda to weak people, making the “devil” the “enemy” of God. It is how the Church justified building an army to slaughter anyone who opposed its teachings.

      It was Paul who began what is today commonly known as “Christianity”. Yet it contains only a few fragments of actual truth. For example, the common belief is that Jesus, or Yeshua, is the ONLY Son of God, that God had only ONE Son. This is Truth. Yet no one can explain from where the rest of us came.

     God did not create the body.

     God is Spirit.

     God extended his Spirit and created the One Son, termed the Christ Self, or Higher Self.

     You have in you this Higher Self. You ARE the Higher Self.

     This means that if we are all children of God, we are all Sons of God.

     If we are all Sons of God, then we are all the Christ.

     And as it is written, “These things I do so will you do, even greater than these will you do.”    

     Only the Christ can do great things Who knows no “devil”. In this truth you do not NEED a “devil” to worship or a need to make “evil” real in your mind. Love has nothing to fear. If you claim to love Jesus and have the Kingdom of God in you, then you have nothing to fear, to distrust, nor do you have any “evil” with whom to do battle. This is the ONLY message Yeshua taught. You cannot “Know thy Self” if you have made “evil” or the “devil” real in your mind. But it is your choice, your free will to do so.

     As it is with most people on the earth who subscribe to some form of organized religion, they base their opinions and beliefs on two factors; how it sounds to them, and how they can fit it into their miserable life as their chosen belief system. They say, “I am a Christian” but never question WHO IS SAYING THIS? 

     Who is the “I”? 

     And so we go to a church, they ask for a collection, or even two, and they collect the money. If “Give your money to the poor and follow me” is a teaching of Yeshua, then it must lead to the fact that any religion that asks for a donation or collects money must be poor. With this money they pay no taxes, and build buildings to deceive more people and collect more money. They teach their followers how to do the same, and so we hoard but do not share.

      The Vatican is drenched in gold and people are homeless and starving to death. There is no God in the Vatican. The Vatican is just another political arm of self-deception. And so the “followers” practice this same form of greed. They “work hard” all their life, save their money with the idea that they will one day “retire” with plenty to live upon. Like you, they pontificate, “I EARNED ALL I HAVE AND YOU MUST ALSO” meaning that everyone must live according to your ethics. You collect it and pile it away into the bank, even purchase two homes. And the one in Florida is so filthy it is uninhabitable. How is that a right use of your resources? 

     I rent a home and have a small property in Arizona I wish to keep. I merely asked you for help that would be repaid to you. Instead you send me a condescending, judgmental lecture about the ethics of work and how you were raised in this “strict” way that you have encouraged others to do so. And so you also pass along the sins of the father to others, and they in turn will become greedy and full of piety, “protecting” their “valuables” so that no one can break in and steal. Yet it seems to contradict the very teachings of Yeshua; “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves can break in and steal.”

      What will become of your estate? Will it go to your children? And in doing so would this not violate your own laws of work ethics, as you lectured me, “Earn money for what you need”? Is your money “safe” and being used wisely? How? By collecting more interest on your little pile? Do you think your hard work and frugality was what allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Has it made you safe, or more suspicious? Do you have to protect it so thieves do not break in and steal? How is that working for you?

     I do not wish to steal from you. I asked you specifically if you would consider helping ME. This has nothing to do with my wife, Anya. It was my idea to approach you, based on a moment of inspiration I received from Spirit. You can believe that or not. It matters not to me what you think of me.

      Do you think Creator is the only Source of all things we receive, that He is the Hand that feeds us? And what happens to those things we never use, or the money we never circulate? What good is it to constantly feel you must “protect” it? When we do not utilize what Spirit provides to us, it either becomes valueless, obsolete, or it is taken out of our lives. If you cannot share your good fortune, then what use is it to you?

      Will you donate your estate to a church, and in doing so for what good do you feel it will be used? Perhaps you feel you are “vulnerable” and others can take advantage of you. So because of this you make “evil” possible to justify greed. Do you not trust God or those He sends to you? Do you not feel or think my words come from Creator? Do you think my words come from “the devil”?

     In which of these do you believe more, God or “evil devil”? For BOTH are IN YOUR MIND and heart. I know what you may THINK about all this, but how do you FEEL about all this?

      Since you seem to have no inner trust you must have distrust. If you believe in distrust then how can you trust that your ideas of God and the “devil” are accurate for even true and not a fabrication of your own distorted belief system? How can you say OTHERS cannot be trusted if you are distrustful? If distrust is in you, it is inevitable you will manifest a distrustful person whom you will be convinced has taken advantage of you. Then you make yourself a vulnerable victim and judge the other person as “evil”. Yet is it not YOU who made this possible through your own free will?

      But you say your guide is Jesus. Is “Christian conscience, avoiding the sin of taking advantage of the vulnerable” what Yeshua taught? Or did the greedy church teach this and thus encourage distrust? Yet you feel YOU, the “Christian”, are vulnerable and can be taken advantage of?

      How convenient is it then to blame “evil” or “the devil” for your own vulnerabilities. How can you BE vulnerable OR be taken advantage of if you are a believer in Jesus, if you feel the Kingdom of God is within you? And if indeed It IS WITHIN YOU, as Yeshua suggests It is, how did the “devil” arrive into the Kingdom of God in you? Is His Kingdom within you vulnerable?

      So again I say to you I am returning your check to you. This money does not come from love.

      You claim to be a “believer in Jesus” yet everything you think and say is counter to what Yeshua taught. “Give your money to the poor and follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men”. So I am returning this money to you, giving it to the poor, for you need it far more than I do, Ms. Beatrice, if you are poor in spirit. This money comes from distrust and not from Love.

      Thank you, but your self-righteous 100.00 I do not want or need. Insecurity is the only “evil”. Fear is the only “evil”. Arrogance, ingratitude and piety are the only “evils”. Please forgive me for what I have not done to you.

      In closing I say again rather than send me a 100.00 check for services you do not trust I will perform anyway, why not put your ideas of the “devil” away for a moment and open your heart to the Love and Generosity and Abundance of God, contact my FNBA Bank, ask them the payoff amount, pay off the note anonymously, quietly, and direct them to mail me the free and clear title? Would not THAT be an expression of the Love of God in you and not an action of some vulnerable person who thinks she can be victimized, who thinks she can be taken advantage of? 

      Would the “devil” or God tell you to not do such a loving thing?

      I could say MUCH, MUCH more about your letter, yet I feel what is offered in this message to you shall be sufficient to ask Yeshua why I would respond in this form.

      I am enclosing a small booklet I wrote several years ago. I pray your mind and heart will be sufficiently open to receive its blessings.

      Respectfully your brother in spirit,