wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"To see a child as a slave horrifies us to see this practice in ‘undeveloped countries’.

"Yet is not to program a child to think

as the parent demands it think

an act of slavery, 

even an act of molestation?"


Desert Spirit





Monday, July 02, 2012


Desert Spirit



“Only my condemnation injures me.”


Today my lesson reads,


Forgiveness is the only road that leads out of disaster, past all suffering,

and finally away from death.


How could there be another way, when this one is the plan of God Himself?


And why would you oppose it, quarrel with it, seek to find a thousand ways

in which it must be wrong; a thousand other possibilities?



The single purpose, sole responsibility of the miracle worker, You say, is to accept the Atonement for himself, atonement meaning undoing, unlearning; at-one-ment. Atonement must be a Love not of the world of bodies. At-one-ment must be forgiveness.


To ‘accept’ means, ‘to receive willingly’. I receive willingly the atonement. I receive willingly the undoing.  I receive willingly the unlearning of all I have been taught by others. It must be the purging of what I think are my sins. I receive willingly forgiveness of my ‘sins’. It must be the overlooking of my errors in perception, and the correction of what I perceive to be my mistakes.


If I am to ‘receive willingly’ forgiveness, the pardoning of my errors and correction of my perceptions of others and myself, I must first be willing to look upon them. Then, in whatever lesson I find myself, in whatever situation I manifest on my earthly journey, it must be for this single purpose; to receive willingly correction of my perceptions of others and myself.


And so I would have to overlook or look past what I perceive to be THEIR mistakes, their sins, their ideas, their rules, their ‘laws’. Must I adhere to what I do not agree with? Do I manufacture impossible solutions BECAUSE I resist and reject what they ask of me? If I do not follow their ways, their beliefs, their sins, their teachings, then there must be only an unfamiliar path before me. And in this environment I would need Wisdom to guide me upon it.


How do I not concern myself with what THEY ask of ME? For I would forever be a slave to what I am told BT THEM is what I must obey. IF what they teach me is to obey them, as a parent does to a child, or a husband does to a wife, then I perceive this as an elder using the innocent child as its slave. I perceive this as the husband using the wife as his slave. 


The husband my think his intentions are noble, just and good. The parent may feel its intentions are good. Yet the parent programs the child to think the parent’s ways, and the problem becomes two-fold; first, the parent imposes its ideas onto the child as ‘the ‘sins past on to the third and fourth generations’; second, the child never develops a mind of its own, spending its life trying to live BY what has been imposed on it by the parent. In adult life, the child becomes a reflection of what the parent has imposed on it.


To see a child as a slave horrifies us to see this practice in ‘undeveloped countries’. Yet is not to program a child to think as the parent demands it think an act of slavery, even an act of molestation? Then, the child grows to adulthood and finds these teachings conflict with them. And so in order to find its own path, the child begins to reject, release these teachings for which the parent is directly responsible.


It does no good to blame the parent or the others whose teachings were imposed on me. For according to Spirit, the parents and the others were cast into their roles BY MY REQUEST. And so as it is true for the parent, then the child, BUY ITS REQUEST, is cast into the role of slave, molested by the parents and the adults.


And for what reason will the child ask for such lessons? To learn the function of forgiveness; to learn of a Love not of this world.


Now I have rejected the parents and teachers and the world and its insane ‘laws’, but I would still respect them for the role they agreed to fulfill. I do not blame or hold them responsible. But I do remind them I reject what they have taught me because I have discovered the senselessness of carrying on my journey their sins, their mistakes, their laws and their errors in perception about themselves and about their perceptions of me.


I AM FREE OF IT AND OF THEM. All beings must find their freedom from that to which THEY are slave. Out of this shedding of others’ teachings, what do I learn or discover? And how do I proceed?


I will demonstrate what I have come to discover as part of this release of others’ teachings, and how to not impose this on another. But I will only demonstrate what I have come to discover within myself, and extend only this.


I am Flower. But I will not demand or expect others be Flower.












I will only extend my beauty, in the hope they will recognize, receive, appreciate and reciprocate the gift.


Now I clam THIS IS the road OF forgiveness, a road less traveled, the narrow path, leading me out of disaster, past all suffering. Now disaster and suffering cannot be in my world when I reject their impositions and develop and claim my own inner journey.


And they too can end all disaster and all suffering in their lives when they decide to wake up, cast aside all that has been imposed on them, and refuse to poison themselves and others with their impositions. THIS IS THE REBIRTH. This is the Second Coming of Christ.


I am the Christ. My awakening to Self discovery is the second coming that ALL beings must discover within themselves and claim FOR themselves. Who can expect to ‘return to God’ when he or she denies he is one and the same as Creator? Was it not His Words that revealed I am created in His Image?


This IS His Will.  There is no other will. This IS His Plan. There is no other plan. This is His Wish. I wish to share It with Him.


This cannot oppose His Will because it opposes their wishes for me, rejecting all those I have made as my gods, my teachers, and receive only the Inner Knowing as the One Path out of this world.


In rejecting all that has been taught to me and imposed on me BY others, does my mind, heart and spirit rejoice in this purging, in which the clean slate of my being is filled with Your Grace, and this new foundation is built upon it Your Kingdom, a kingdom not of this world.


Now, rather than collecting more garbage from others as ‘the way’, my mind/spirit/soul/path is made lighter, allowing me to lift out of the lower vibrations of time and space to enter the formless realms where my Education continues.


I will not miss them, but I will call them to join me. I make this shift now  -  today  -  this instant.


So be it now I extend this fact to Your Mind and to all minds in Your Mind.


“It is done.”