wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit




     Here is your “Independence Day” message....

     Just one Insight I would offer you today that may clarify the difference between beliefs/opinions and truth.

     Truth is actual. It is reality. It must be LIVED. Beliefs/opinions are illusions. They are things one WANTS to believe but are not factual.

     One can BELIEVE but never KNOW, through direct experience, the reality OF something. To say “I am free to believe what I want...” is to not know the truth of what freedom is in actuality.

     Freedom is open mindedness. Beliefs close the mind around what you believe you WANT freedom to be. You are not free to believe you know truth and reality because your beliefs are in conflict with what reality and truth is.

     For example, when I say I became sober in AA this is a truth, a fact, reality, something I lived, applied, experienced. If you think “Well, that is your belief”, it is because you never experienced or saw directly my involvement in recovery. Even if you say “I believe you” it still is not a truth for you and so you do not know the truth of my sobriety or it’s reality. You HEARD about it but you never went to a meeting with me. You never saw with your physical eyes me leading a meeting. You never saw me speak at a meeting.

     So my involvement in recovery is merely an idea/ belief/ opinion for you. You BELIEVE IT. But you do not know, for a fact, that I went to AA. You do not know the TRUTH of my involvement with AA.

     So this is the difference between beliefs/opinions and truth. Truth is experiential. One MUST live it.

     Beliefs and opinions are not experiential. They are just ideas to accept or not accept based on how they make you feel.

     If your believe something, it is probably because you like the way it feels.

     If you do not believe something, it is probably because you do not like the way it feels.

     I go out of body. My spirit leaves the body and stands by the bed, in full consciousness, looking at the body of Anya and David in the bed. I know I am out of my body. This is experiential. I am living the truth of “I am not a body”. If you BELIEVE this or NOT BELIEVE this, it changes nothing for me. It only denies you the opportunity to know this truth directly yourself.

     So it is time on earth to end all you beliefs and opinion and find out directly for yourself if something is true for you. Spirit will lead you to the experience AS LONG AS YOUR MIND IS SUFFICIENTLY OPEN TO RECEIVE THE EXPERIENCE. If you are just mildly curious, it will not work. And Spirit will wait until you come to seriousness and willingness to know factually if something is true.

     If you want to know the reality of extraterrestrial races, you will have to prepare yourself to have an encounter with them by asking Spirit for the experience. And you will be laying in bed, hear a noise, look up and see them standing at the foot of your bed staring at you.

     This idea will be fearful to you and so you will “choose” to not believe it. But recognize your choice to not believe it stems from fear. And so you may think you are free to believe or not believe but you are NOT free because you are being guided and ruled by fear. Fear is the denial of freedom.

     You would have to burn to know the truth of something before Spirit will bring you to the experience in Its time, not yours. This is what it means to LIVE IN REALITY and not just BELIEVE you think you know what reality is. This is the only true freedom.

     Freedom lies BEYOND ALL your beliefs and opinions. The Train to True Freedom is on a different track.

     Your belief train will never get there.

     Neither will Peter's.

     Neither will Michael's.

     Neither will Lori's.

     Neither will Johnny's.

     Neither will Patricia's.

     Neither will Beverly's.

     Neither will Lorraine's.

     Neither will John's.

     You can extend this message to all of them. I just did. For one mind is ALL minds. This is the True Independence of the Spirit I offer you freely.

     On some level, you prayed to Spirit and this is His Answer to your prayer.

      What will you do with it?