wilderness path

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That is why future is never clearly defined.

But hindsight IS 20-20,

and you can SEE THE PERFECTION OF Life in hindsight." 


Desert Spirit




Friday, July 22, 2016


Desert Spirit


Hello S,


     Anya was sharing with me that you were asking about how I felt about the interacting in life with others and the business of changing and so I will share some thoughts with you. I have to prequalify my words, however, with some details about things of which you may or may not be aware. So I will explain these and then proceed to the rest.


     We all have something deep within us that motivates us to move, to live, to seek, etc. For lack of a better word, we can call it Life. Life moves us. Life moves everything, in nature, and in the seen and unseen worlds. This Life is often referred to as the Spirit, or the Soul, or the Self. It is Part of us that KNOWS. This Part is not physical. It can be understood to be not a THING but an action. It is movement. Life is movement. Life is action. Life knows.


     A plant knows what it needs to live. It needs soil, air, sun and water. It knows this even though it has NO BRAIN. While it reaches DOWN into the deep dark soil, stretching its roots to seek water, it also reaches UP towards the sun. If you observe some plants that grow in the shade of trees, they will be attempting to reach for the sun. Some trees that grow in the shade of other trees will actually bend themselves into awkward positions to reach the sun.


     So this is how we are while we inhabit the body and the earth. We seek to “ground” ourselves by keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground, while stretching out our hands to reach for that which is greater than our reach may allow. When we aspire towards something, it is this Life, this Self that is pressing us or pressing our bodies to move, to seek, to attain. This energy is then transmitted to the brain and the brain in turn animates the body to take an action.


     If we have an impelling urge to change, to seek, to do, etc., it is this deep Life Force in us that is trying to break past its present limitations. But often we do not adhere to this deep impelling urge, and we remain “stuck” due to fear, confusion, uncertainty, guilt, etc.


     But Life is NEVER UNCERTAIN. Life knows. Life is Knowledge and cannot be found in books.


     Life will not be contained. Like it says in Jurrasic Park, “Life will find a way.” Life finds a way to extend itself, even when the ground is paved with asphalt and there is a parking lot placed there. Yet if the grass and soil below the asphalt find the slightest bit of light, it will move towards that light and the results become weeds growing through the asphalt.


     If you observe a potted plant, it can only grow to a limited height because the roots are contained in the pot, and cannot extend past them. Take the plant out of the pot and you will see how the roots are surrounding the base of the plant. Place it in the ground and it will expand and grow.


     So this is how we are. We are seeking to expand and grow beyond our own little pot. The pot in which we grow are our IDEAS to which we are confined, either through those limitations imposed on us by others or through our own misunderstanding of ourselves, our insecurities and fears. They limit our growth. Yet these same limitations allow us to MOVE BEYOND THEM when we are related TO Life and become the challenges Life seeks to surpass and penetrate, like the grass penetrating the asphalt.


     Life will move us even when we think we are not ready. Life is kind of arrogant in that way.


     So this Part of us, this Life, is the action, and the body and personality, called David, or Slava, is the medium THROUGH WHICH this Life Force is expressed.


     The Life Force, the Self, knows no limits. Yet the body and personality only know limits. So although we must exist within a framework of physical limitations, so to speak, there is that Greater Part of us that wants to rise above those limitations. That is why everyone is constantly challenging their limitations in various ways. They want to connect TO that Life Force. They just do not realize it.


     Now with regard to my relationship with others, we must understand that our time on the earth is about relationships, and about relating to others, not as a separate self, but as a Part of a Larger Family. And when that relationship is developed, then we see how interacting with others encourages not only OUR desire to expand and grow, but to encourage that in others.


     So I perceive another to be a catalyst for me to offer something greater than what he/she has offered me. Over the years I have learned that some folks are not really interested in relationships and therefore other people except where they feel others are a SOURCE OF INCOME for them. In this world, our responsibility is SERVICE TO OTHERS, and not seeing them as a SOURCE FROM WHOM WE TAKE. If we can see our relationships in this regard, then every step of our earthly journey becomes inspiring, and we are never threatened by these experiences.


     So I have come to offer my services to others, specifically the need for INNER HEALING or INNER CLEANSING. I am referring to a cleansing of the ways we have been taught to think, and consequently this manifested itself as an offering of a CLEANSING product TO others. Ask yourself what is the PRINCIPLE that is represented by, is a metaphor for your present duties and talents as a graphic designer.


     I perceive he who offers us the product see it only as a product to sell and to collect money from others. He takes great pride in this product, however, it is not his own intelligence that made this possible. Now he is more interested in how it makes him money, rather than how it will help others and their health. So when the money is not enough, he seeks another adventure, not for the purpose of helping others, but for the purpose of seeing how much money his adventure can produce. 


     In my crossing his path, he began to come into contact with me, personally, after I began to experience his erratic behavior and the subsequent lack of availability of product, as well as his lying and other deceptions he practices. In my contact with him directly I saw that I was dealing with a self-absorbed little spoiled child, rather than a grown, mature, responsible person. And so our relationship has challenged him and his need to look at himself and his motives.


     When the future of the product was undetermined, by he himself, I sought other products to provide, a wider range of products from which others could choose. Life is a variety and not exclusive to one thing. The garden may have many flowers and plants in it, but they do not COMPETE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. They ALL want the same water, soil and air and sun, and in an Abundant Universe there is plenty to go around for everyone. Yet man is not related to this Abundance, and consequently feels he must hoard for himself all he can, and if everyone is doing this then there is no true relationship between people. And there is only competition.


     So when he realized I was offering other products other than his, he became highly threatened. In spite of his high views of himself and his product, he crashed into a deep depression when he discovered he was no longer the god I had placed on my altar and that I was no longer worshipping him as the high and mighty provider and savior of my life. So he retaliated with attack, accusing me of copyright infringement and “bait and switch” tactics, and threatened to sue me.


     And this is where you are now, ready to move to the Next Step.


     There, deep in you, is a sense of movement, and you may not be so sure of it, but it is there, in you, and it is going to move you. You are the plant that has outgrown the pot. Your services and talents are useful in many places, yet for your earthly lessons you will be led to where you can mostly use your talents effectively and where your life lessons can be learned in the greatest capacity.


     You do not see how we met, but in hindsight, if you look, it will amaze you how Life brought our paths to cross. So this is how Life is.


     Life does not offer much foresight, for that is the nature of wonder. Wonder has MANY POSSIBILITIES IN IT. That is why future is never clearly defined. But hindsight IS 20-20 and you can SEE THE PERFECTION OF Life in hindsight. Have you ever wondered about this?


     I mean to say that where you will go next is ALREADY DETERMINED. You just have to acknowledge this is true for you and be ready to walk through that open door.


     Here is a clue: Life, being an action, is always effortless. What requires effort is not the movement of Life and is therefore a warning, so to speak, to slow down and consider why an open door may not be apparent to you for the moment.


      So do not fear this movement of Life in you. It will move YOU. Just remain open and be receptive to it. You do not need to figure out WHERE you will work or WHEN, because Life has its own time and direction.


     As long as you see that your duty is to extend your life force to others, through the medium of the body and through the medium of your present worldly talents, there will never be a lacking for you.


     You can say to yourself, “I do not know where I will wind up, but I will be content with wherever Life leads me.” This is not being irresponsible. In fact, it is more irresponsible to not follow the gentle urging in you than to follow it and trust in it.


     Life is wonder.

     Life wonders.

     It is not lost.

     It knows where to go and when and what to do.


     If you are not related to Life, you wander.

     What wanders is lost.


     And that is WHY it wanders.