wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"And if you cannot love the creation that you are

that God gave to you as His Offspring,

a Spirit of pure light and love, then who will?


Desert Spirit




 Desert Spirit



     Please ask for the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear this message before proceeding to study it. And please give it the time and attention that it took to prepare it for you.

      After today and our brief exchange, I Received some insights I wish to share with you regarding your “classes” at the hospital and the diagnosis which the doctor gave of your condition.

      What I offer you is my own experience with inner healing, based on the teachings to which I have been Introduced by the Wise. All beings have this opportunity, however, few are interested. In you Bible it states this fact; “The path is narrow, and few ever find it”.

      First, let me say that the Wise always teach that what is disturbing is always a blessing in disguise. What this means is that the things that disturb us that we tend to evade or avoid are actually the things that will INSPIRE and LIBERATE us from fear and disturbances IF we are willing to go INTO that disturbance. But we tend to think we can be free OF disturbances BY evading and avoiding them or changing the subject when we hear them.

      We then define our freedom from disturbances through avoidance. Then we teach ourselves that freedom from disturbances comes by not dealing with them. Yet in truth this only exacerbates them and we therefore can never be NOT disturbed, which leads us to be fearful all the time because what disturbs frightens.

      So what I offer you may raise a disturbance in you. But if you think I am the source of what disturbs you, then you will avoid me thereby thinking you are avoiding what I offer you because you have concluded I am the source of your disturbance. You then think that you are free OF the disturbance if you do not listen to me, or avoid me.

      The truth of the matter is NO ONE CAN DISTURB YOU, but they CAN introduce you TO the fact that you have disturbances and you and you alone are the source of them and consequently responsible for them.

      So the doctor suggested to you that you suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, which is a condition that stems from an experience or event that leaves an impression on the mind that causes us to be disturbed. The disturbance then leads us to be afraid, angry and depressed.

      Your fall in the shower, he thinks, has led you to be afraid OF the shower. And so you equate the shower with a place where you can be injured, and not cleansed, a place that you should fear rather than enjoy. His solution then is for you to enter the shower fully clothed until you are comfortable with your shower.

      And so I suggested another approach and one you might consider.


      First, it would be wise to avoid any hospital or doctor if you wish to be sane and healthy.

      Second, if you empower yourself to understand why you are disturbed, you can rise above it by reversing how you use the power of your thoughts. That means that you first have to see HOW your thoughts are being used to manufacture disturbances, and second, that you are the sole source of your disturbances.

      It is insane and irresponsible to try and make OTHERS responsible for your disturbances.

     It is equally irresponsible and insane to think it is your role to make OTHERS happy.

     It is also insane and irresponsible to think OTHERS must make you happy.

      Disturbances and fear do not HAPPEN TO us, but rather they are those things to which we give our power of thought that makes them what they are. It is our thinking that manufactures the disturbances, and not events outside ourselves, and therefore it is our thinking that can reverse this process.

      Yet to reverse the process of misuse of the power of thought, you must first be willing to SEE HOW you use the power of thought. And most are reluctant to do that because they are convinced THEY ARE NOT the source of their own disturbances, but rather agents outside themselves are the culprit. And this is what the Wise call “self-deception”.

      This too is in your Bible in which Yeshua instructed, “Take up you bed and walk”, meaning it is the individual who placed HIM or HERSELF in the bed of sickness, and it is he or she alone who can release him or herself. He also taught, “Let the dead bury the dead” meaning those who are dead in spirit should be left to those who wish to remain so.

      The dead in spirit are those who do not know they ARE spirit who think they are a body, or who think God created the body.

      The problem is not with the Bible or its teachings but rather those who become dependent on organized religion to explain it to them. Yet if God Himself inspired the writers of the books in the Bible, it must mean that ANY PERSON can make contact with Creator, AS WELL AS the writers of the books in the Bible to ask for a direct explanation of what is written.

      So we have the power to heal ourselves, our thoughts and therefore our bodies, through the power the Creator gave TO our minds. And if the mind is not healed of its crooked ways of thinking, then inevitably this crooked thinking will manifest a crooked body.

      It is our thinking that affects our body and not the other way around.

      So I suggested that clothing is a cover over the body. We use many things to clothe ourselves, to hide ourselves from others. We clothe our thinking in various ways so as to not ever UNCOVER what lies deep within us. And so much of our thinking has never been investigated and consequently has led us to not know HOW to heal ourselves, much less our thinking processes.

      Now to remove the clothing from the body is to make oneself vulnerable. This was my first lesson in therapy back in the 80's suggested to me by a therapist. I was instructed to remove my clothing and look at myself in the mirror, into my eyes, and say to myself, “I love you. I love everything about you”.

     The exercise was difficult at first, for I was very introverted and I did not realize how much I did not like or even love myself, nor did I understand how such a condition was adopted within me.

      But as I became more interested IN myself the exercise became easier, as I came to fully accept myself AS I SAW MYSELF. Later, as I entered deeper into psychotherapy I discovered that my purpose was to KNOW MYSELF. In fact it is a teaching of the Wise: “Know thyself and love yea one another”.

      We cannot love another until we first come to know and love our Self.

      You can do this exercise first fully clothed. Go into your bathroom, press your nose against the mirror, and look at yourself deeply into your eyes. And then say “I love you”. Once you can do this you can move to remove your clothing and repeat the exercise. The object of the exercise is to come to complete acceptance and love for you, and not judge or condemn what you see or think of yourself.

      For what is looking at you from behind your eyes is what God created you to be. The spirit within, behind those eyes, is formless, and comes from God, from pure Love.

      This pure and lovely spirit that you are, that is within you, is what God loves and what Creator gave to you. It is using the body to learn whatever lessons it has come to learn on the earth.

      That formless spirit that lives behind your eyes is your True Self. It is part of God, as it is Written, “God created man (and woman) in His Image”. This means the Spirit of God is what He gave you as a Part of Himself. You are spirit, not a body.

      “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

     Say this 10 times every day. It will straighten your mind of how you see and think of yourself. And this will eventually straighten your spine.

     A pill or an injection will never offer this and in fact is a waste of time.

      At Halloween, we dressed up as ghosts and goblins. We placed a costume over our body. We knew we were IN the costume. We knew we were not the ghost or goblin.

       And so it is with spirit. It uses the body as its Halloween costume. The spirit is “in” the body, so to speak. The spirit that knows itself is aware that it is not the body but is using the body. And when it has no more use FOR the body it will cast it off, like an old pair of shoes for which one has no more use.

      That Spirit that you are is what uses a mind that Creator gave to carry His Message of Love to the world. This mind has all the power of the Creator’s Mind. For He can only create like Himself. Yet to do this one must first KNOW THY SELF or know they are Spirit.

      This Spirit and Its mind can do anything, and it can heal your thinking of yourself as well as the body. It can correct your crooked thinking that will in turn straighten your spine. The doctors cannot help you. Nor will you ever hear this IN a hospital class or a doctor office. Nor will a pill or some fluid pushed into you veins through a sharpened needle heal you.

      When you have been able to make contact with the Spirit you are, as God created you, then you will not think that saying to yourself, “I love you” is so foolish. You will discover that you are actually demonstrating for God your love for His Creation, that which you are, and your love for Him.

      Is it so difficult for you to share with your Creator you love your Self, His Creation, and the body It is using? And if you cannot love the creation that you are that God gave to you as His Offspring, a Spirit of pure light and love, then who will?

      And what have you to lose by considering all this? For it will lead to what has disturbed you  -  that you are actually not afraid of the shower. You are afraid of your Self.

      To be afraid of your Spirit Self, then, is to be afraid of God Who created you this way.

      And so your physical illnesses then stem from the sickness of the mind that is afraid of God.