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 The God Created World of Abundance

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Desert Spirit


     Today my Lesson reads,


Indirect proof of truth is needed in a world

made of denial and without direction.”


     It says the world is made of denial.

     The world is made without direction.

     A world that is “made” is a man-made world.

     A world that is “created” is a God-created world.

     The difference in the two is one’s perception of the world.


     A man-made world is one of man-made rules, what man calls “laws”.

     They are not laws.

     They are rules set up to control man.

     Man designs rules to exploit his brother.

     They are designed to separate mankind, and not join mankind.


     One Nation Under God means one Universe. It is one World.

     It is not one country against another country, not one state against another state, not one city against another city, not one government against another government, not one family against another family, not one religion against another religion


     A God created-world is one of God Laws, what man calls “nature”.

     What is of nature is natural.

     What is natural is effortless.

     What is effortless is boundless.

     What is boundless is abundant.

     What is abundant serves all of life.


     Laws cannot be broken.

     Air is a law. It is for all things for all time. It cannot be broken.

     Light is a law. It is for all things for all time. It cannot be broken.

     Water is a law. It is for all things for all time. It cannot be broken.

     Love is a law. It is for all things for all time. It cannot be broken.


     What cannot be broken is safe. What is safe is dependable.

     What is dependable does not change. What does not change is stable. What is stable is sure.

     The God-created World is safe, dependable, changeless and stable and sure.

    The man-made world is not safe, or dependable, forever changes and therefore unstable and not sure.


Indirect proof of truth is needed in a world

made of denial and without direction.”


     The man-made world is a world of denial and it is a world without direction.

     What is in denial has decided what it does not know.

     What does not know has decided what it thinks it does know.

     What it thinks it does know is its own direction.

     Its direction is chaotic.

     What is chaotic is without Direction.

     What is without Direction denies Natural Laws.

     What denies Natural Laws denies the God-created World.

     What denies the God-created World is without Direction.

     What is without Direction is unnatural and lost.

     Therefore, the man-made world is unnatural and lost, without direction, chaotic, in denial of the God-created World and Its Natural Laws.


     Into the man-made world the Wise say lie Truth, a Truth unseen.

     One does not see the Truth in a man-made world because the man-made world and its rules is one’s “truth”.

     One does not see Abundance in the world made by man.

     What is Abundant is for all, not for just some.


     A seed produces a fruit tree.

     A fruit tree produces an orange.

     The orange contains hundreds of seeds.

     One seed will produce hundreds of orange trees.

     Each of the hundreds of trees contains hundreds of oranges.

     Each of the hundreds of oranges contains hundreds of seeds that can produce endless orange trees.

     This reveals the God-created World of Abundance.


     This is “indirect proof” of the truth of the God-created World of Abundance.

     Why is it indirect?

     It is indirect because one is not directly experiencing it.

     One is not directly experiencing it because one is manifesting lack in one’s life.


     The lack in one’s life is abundant.

     Abundant lack makes man greedy, and he wants more and more leads to never enough.

     Therefore one can see, indirectly, there is a God-created World of Abundance manifesting IN a world of denial and without Direction.


     When the world is in denial and without Direction, it does not know of the Abundance in the world.

     What does not know of Abundance in the world knows lack in the world.


     What knows lack in the world seeks to get more for itself from the world and uses his brother for this purpose. And so greed is born where the CEO of Fox News is “worth” 16.3 billion dollars, while people are sleeping on the streets in tents and abandoned cars who are starving.


     Each being who comes to the world comes WITH the God-created Laws within himself.

     Yet he may not know it.

     And it will remain unknown until he decides to follow Its Direction.

     He cannot, however, follow Its Direction until he first discovers there IS something Greater than himself WITHIN himself.


     This Greater Knowledge can be seen, indirectly, as an indirect proof of this truth.


     By burning to know It.


     I was introduced to A.A. in 1985. There before me stood indirect proof OF a life that others were living beyond the addiction to alcohol and drugs to which I was a prisoner. There before my eyes lived direct proof of “a Power greater than themselves that could restore them to sanity”. They were indirect proof OF Sanity and Sobriety because I was not at that time living that truth.

     How would I come to live, directly, the truth of sobriety and sanity that I saw others experiencing?

     By not denying it could happen to me also.

     That the Teacher’s worlds, “These things I do so will you do also, and even greater things will you do” could become a truth for me also. These things they did I too could do.

     In order to do these great things I would have to stop DENYING the indirect proof others revealed to me.

     In order to do these great things I would have to stop living by NO DIRECTION and follow the Direction that was offered to them that was now offered to me.


     You did not come to the world to serve your personal self-interests.

     You came to the world to fulfill your Part of giving yourself and your services to others.

     In order to accomplish the first, you would have to deny your Self and have no Clear Direction.

     In order to accomplish the second, you would have to see, if only indirectly, the proof by which others follow Sane Direction, by not denying they are part of a God-created World of Abundance.


     Now you spend time honing your talents to serve a corporation.

     The corporation needs employees.


     The corporation needs employees because the corporation has customers.

     Then, the corporation that has customers has a service to provide TO the customers.


     The service the corporation provides to the customers is a service that the EMPLOYEES PROVIDE to the corporation.


     Then, there are others who require the services of the employees.

     Yet the employees do not NEED the corporation to apply their services TO the customer.

     And so one can fulfill the customer’s needs by becoming “self-employed” or a “subcontractor”.


     The self-employed subcontractor meets the needs that others require.

     Others require the services of the self-employed and the subcontractor because there is Abundance.


     How do I find the others who require my services if there is “competition”?

     I find others who require my services by asking for and by following Sane Direction.

     How do I follow Sane Direction?

     I follow Sane Direction by not denying Its Reality.

     Sane Direction will provide to me those who require my services, just as It provides to the corporation those who require THEIR services.


     Then, the acknowledgement OF and trust IN a God-created World of Abundance is my first hurdle to overcome.

     And yet, if the seed of an orange tree can be part of the God-created World of Abundance, why cannot you, if you and the orange tree are created by the Same Creator?