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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Desert Spirit


     Thank you (for the Lesson THE GOD-CREATED WORLD OF ABUNDANCE).

 “The lack in one’s life is abundant.

Abundant lack makes man greedy,

and he wants more and more leads to never enough.”

       I really like the contrast of these two concepts: lack and abundant. Abundant lack. There is a lot of nothing. 

     And, the idea of greed is also fascinating. Why do we always want more? Why am I never satisfied with what I have? I believe it’s because I am constantly exposed to new ideas. 

     I would like to share a quote with you that I shared with someone else last night. Please see pasted/attached image:                         

A mind that is stretched by a new experience

can never go back to its old dimensions.”


     Thank you for sharing that.

      So I must ask how does this apply to your life? What new experience has stretched your mind that it has made a dramatic change to your thinking?

      What particular area of your life has been so radically altered that it has caused a great deal of uncertainty in your life, that it had completely changed the way you eat, drink, see, hear, sleep and breathe, live and be?

      How has it impacted your living arrangements, your working relationships, your interaction with your husband or wife, your friends, your pet, your acquaintances, your relatives, your belief systems, your religious, social, educational and societal convictions?

      Because that is how one would experience what is new. If it just sounds or feels or looks “interesting” then there has been no change within, no alteration in thinking and subsequently living or being.

      The experience of “discovering” this quote could be construed to be a “new” experience, but actually not BE a new experience. But you may convince yourself discovering this quote is a new experience. 


     You said “Why do we always want more? Why am I never satisfied with what I have? I believe it’s because I am constantly exposed to new ideas.“

     Do you really think it matters at all what you believe?


     Beliefs are the pros and cons of agreements and disagreements. They mean nothing. They are based on supposition and assumptions and lead only to separation, isolation, specialness, selective remembering, and moreness.

      Perhaps it is because one is empty inside and has not discovered the New within himself. Is that possible?

      “Perhaps” means “entertain the possibilities“.

     “Perhaps” introduces consideration.

     Perhaps you only THINK you are exposed to new ideas because it serves as a way for you to distract yourself from looking within, looking at yourself.

      It is a pacifier that coerces you to remain placid and indifferent where you are content with shallow gratification but never burn to truly know what and who you are in reality.

      So you go around seeking outside yourself and think you are discovering “new ideas” but really it is not new. It is mere passivity.


     The New would be to discover this is what you do to keep yourself preoccupied with unessential busy-ness, and then you need to post “to-do” reminders on a computer so you will not forget this useless information.

     Then you become dependent on everything that you think will provide you with something “new”. Yet there is nothing new IN that because that is how mankind has lulled himself to sleep and how it KEEPS him asleep.


     Look at your life and the world with open-mindedness and tell me where the effects of The New is. Open-mindedness means rigorous self-honesty.

      Collecting things because you find it interesting is not discovering what is new, It is not The New because someone else is providing it.

      What would be The New is what YOU discover within and about yourself.

      It would be a pure untarnished birth.

     It could not contain yesterdays or tomorrows.

     It erases time within you.

     It is the experience of no self.

     It would leave you speechless and weeping uncontrollably.

     It would cleanse your mind wholly and completely.

     It would return you to the Source of your Reality if for only an instant.

     You would not even be able to describe it in words because The New is BEYOND words.

     You would have such a deep respect for the sacredness of it that you would be reluctant to even share it unless you were specifically Told to do so.

      It would revolutionize your life and your thinking of the world.

     Its impact would change the consciousness and face of the human race.

     It would be that profound.


      And you are telling me this quote you sent me has made an impact in your mind and on your life to that degree?

      I do not see it. I just see you collecting more information to add to the massive arsenal you have already amassed and collected and continue to do so because you are not remotely  interested in discovering the truth of your Self or the Origin, Its Source.

     You are moving in the wrong direction.

     The new is INSIDE you, not outside you.

     You are looking in the wrong place.

     Your attention is pointed in the wrong direction.

     You are going further into the mania of “learning” meandering aimlessly.

      Rather, you need to be moving in the opposite direction, towards the inner journey of UNLEARNING and UNDOING of everything you think you know and everything you have taught yourself, everything with which the world has seduced you and everything others have imposed on you.

     Only then may you come upon what constitutes The New.

      Only then can you know and experience directly the truth of “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

      Otherwise it is just an idea, a cliché you pontificate to others and claim it as your own to be a truth for you. But that is what thieves and plagiarizers do.


     Have you new eyes to see this and new ears to hear what I am saying?

     If you did it would transform you life forever.