wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"The world is full of those who know-it-all.

They are experts in their own realm of ignorance.

They know everything and question nothing within themselves.

A know-it-all cannot learn BECAUSE he thinks he knows it all."


Desert Spirit


Friday, July 03, 2020

 Desert Spirit


      They disturb me, those whom I say think they “know-it-all”.

      I am a know-it-all. But I do not think so.

      Today my Lesson reads,


Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids,

for by them you learn what to avoid and what to seek.


When you have learned this, you will find the answer

that makes the need for any differences disappear.”


     Contrast and differences are not part of Order.

     Contrast and differences are part of what changes.

     The world of physical reality, of time and space, changes.

     What changes is not stable.

     Then, the world is not stable.

     What is not stable is not real.

     Then, the world is not real.

     What is not real is not eternal.

     Then, the world is not eternal.

     What is not eternal thinks it can change and die.

     Then, the world will change and die.


     Order cannot change and die.

     Contrast and differences are part of death.

     Thus, to die, truly, means TO END CONTRAST AND DIFFERENCES in one’s mind and life.


     If differences are necessary teaching aids, then what do they teach? They can teach that there is reality IN differences, OR they can teach that THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES in reality and in what is equal.

     What differences offer, then, must be part of Order.

     Then, there must be Order IN the world in which I see only disorder and chaos, contrast and differences.

     Order reveals to me that “I am no different than anyone else”.

     Differences reveal “I am different from everyone else.”

     Differences teach me, “I am different. I am special. I know it all. No one will tell me what to do, think, say or not do, think or say.” I would have a difficult time in recovery, in self-discovery.

     If I think, “This person disturbs me. He/she is a ‘know it all’”, then I will avoid this person. I do not need to listen to them. I will find my own way. I am “disciplined”. I know-it-all.

     What I think leads to freedom and peace is to AVOID DIFFERENCES and DISTURBANCES.

     I am convinced I am different than they. And yet in thinking I am different than they who think they know-it-all, I discover I MUST BE A KNOW IT ALL also, which THEY mirror for me.

     If I think moving to another place will bring me peace, then I make “peace” outside myself, rather than inside myself. The use of disownership, of anything, produces projection, what I PERCEIVE IN others, that I THINK is not in me. This implies that the peace I seek is NOT INSIDE ME.

     If peace is not inside me and I am motivated TO seek peace, then it is disturbances and differences and contrast that are my guide that are motivating me.

     To be motivated by differences makes me unique and different from others.To be unique and different from others makes me special. What is special is a know-it-all. He has his own recipes, his own book of know-it all tricks.

     The world is full of those who know-it-all. They are experts in their own realm of ignorance. They know everything and question nothing within themselves. A know-it-all cannot learn BECAUSE he thinks he knows it all.

     To avoid the know-it-all is to avoid myself, who does not think he knows it all, but refuses to listen TO those in the world, the experts, who think they know-it-all.

     Those whom I perceive they think they know-it-all are those who disturb me. And yet they are merely a mirror of my own internal condition that I refuse to see. If I can avoid those who think they know-it-all, then I can be at peace in my own realm of expertise.They do not understand me.

     I am a know-it-all.

     What disturbs me, what is different from me I attempt to avoid, thinking that by avoiding disturbances and differences I will be free. I avoid the disturbances because I know-it-all. Yet this avoidance leads me to isolation FROM those who I perceive KNOW-IT-ALL. I therefore avoid those from whom I think my disturbances and differences come. Then I am alone, avoiding those who disturb me, who I think are different than me while MAINTAING DIFFERENCES AND DISTURBANCES IN ME.

     And so I seek to find “peace” IN a relationship with another, or in another job, or in another place. And yet in the attainment OF these “others”, these “differences”, I find MYSELF IN these differences with the SAME DISTURBANCES and DIFFERENCES within them.

     I will always find myself there waiting for me IN THAT WHICH I find myself.

     And so I become my own teacher who attempts to resolve the very conditions into which my disturbances and differences placed me.

     Now if I am to be free of disturbances and differences and choosing between what to seek and what to avoid, then I might discover that what I avoid is WHAT I SEEK.

     I avoid seeking MY SELF.

     That which seeks is That Which I seek.

     I avoid seeking myself within the others who are equally myself.

     And so I can seek myself in others, or I seek my Self in others.

     The myself in others is the know-it-all whom I seek and therefore find, all the while thinking, “They think they know-it-all”. And yet it is merely a mirror, a reflection of MY “know-it-all” ism.

     In this, Mr. Know-It-All cannot learn because he THINKS he knows it all. He cannot be told anything. He wants to find out for himself. He does not see that his desire to be “different” had caused this condition WITHIN himself.And he thinks that by avoiding those who “know-it-all he will find peace.

     Now the Self in others is also the Know It All.

     I could see in others That Which Knows All and therefore could find It.

     To SEE is not to SEEK.


     The true Know-It-All does not seek.

     It does not seek because It IS All Knowing.

     What is All Knowing is without wanting.

     What is without wanting is not bound.

     What is not bound is free.

     What is free is at peace.

     What is at peace needs not anything.

     What needs not anything lacks nothing.

     What lacks nothing is all knowing that I think I am.


     And if I am ALL KNOWING then so must THEY BE ALSO.

     I call them “They who think they know-it-all.”