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"To be in the spirit is to know that everything

is designed to help you remember this fact."


Desert Spirit

  The Truth of Independence

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Desert Spirit

     Today they “celebrate” what they have been taught to be “Independence Day”, yet hardly anyone knows what it is in truth. Mostly, it is a day when people think it is a day to go to the beach and drink beer because it is “a holiday” and then, after it gets dark, they will either go look at “fireworks” or purchase them from some vendor who sells them, and then have their own celebration, while they drink more beer. Some will drink a lot of liquor and then go out after dark and shoot their automatic weapons, or other weapons, into the air, not thinking of the consequences of this stupidity, since what goes up must come down, and usually comes down upon someone’s head a mile away from where this stupid person is shooting his, or her, weapon.

      True Independence has nothing to do with a past war that is continually “celebrated” as some historic event. For even though they feel they have “gained independence”, they do not understand the concept of independence; that it does not come from war, from defeating the enemy, from separating one country from another in the country’s desire to be “free” of “foreign rule”.

     So what IS True Independence? Who has ever even bothered to ask the question? True Independence can only be of the spirit.The body will never know True Independence.

     You are spirit, created in the Image and by the energy/power OF the Great Spirit. How do I know this? I know it because I BURNED to know the truth of something. To burn to know is not to be mildly curious. You would give your last breath for a truth.

          When you will burn to know something, directly, you will experience directly. I experienced the spirit directly; the spirit leaving the body in full consciousness, many times. That is to say to be fully awake and conscious outside the body, and to SEE the body when you are outside of it.

      It is said that if one’s spirit leaves the body, then one is dead. Yet this is not exactly true. The spirit is “tethered” to the body by a “cord” that is attached to the spirit between the shoulder blades. If you were to experience in full consciousness yourself, your true spirit, outside the body and you reached back behind you, then you would be able locate and feel this cord attached to you.

      When you leave the body in physical death, this cord is severed, and you cannot return to the same body. This is why spirits cannot incarnate into a dead corpse. They can, however, co-mingle WITH YOU in your body while you are alive IN the body. This condition is termed “spirit possession”; that is, being possessed by another’s or inhabited by the spirit of another being while inhabiting your own body.

          The Source Spirit has extended Itself to you, and has imbued you with all of Its Power to be used in accordance with Its Laws. In order to understand Its Laws, and how you are to fulfill your function and role in the time level under Its Laws, you must move in the direction of attention of the spirit, and put aside your infatuations and troubles and ideas with the body.

      You are spirit. Spirit is energy. Energy is power. When energy is compressed, we call this compressed energy “concentrated”. Concentrated energy produces physical form, what we term “matter”. Matter is form. Form is physical reality.

          Thus, the spirit, concentrating its power on an idea has produced for itself matter in the physical form of a body.  Compressed energy becomes matter in the solidification process of concentrating energy on an idea and holding this pattern. If you were to direct your energy, through what is termed “concentration” on an object, you would be able to produce this object out of thin air.

      The spirit has used the power with which it is endowed to think of itself in physical terms, thereby manifesting itself as physical matter. This is not a mysterious phenomenon. It is a scientific fact.   

      But what does any of this mean, unless you know it factually? To say it, to believe it, to think about it, to want to be it, makes no difference whatsoever. To know you are spirit you must BE spirit.

     To be spirit is to be inspired; inspire meaning to be “in the spirit of”; to be in joy, to be in happiness at the core of your being. To be in the spirit is to be in peace, a peace not of this world. It is to be happy, joyous and free. It is to be who and what you are as Spirit created you. It is to fulfill your function in a world that does not recognize spirit.

      To be in the spirit is to know that everything is designed to help you remember this fact. How? By revealing this truth to you in everything, especially those things that disturb you.

      To be disturbed is to be dispirited; dis, meaning not. To be dispirited is to not be spirit, or to not be aware of the spirit. It is to be not inspired.

      Then, a disturbance is designed to help you remember you are spirit. How? By asking you to not evade disturbances, but to investigate them, to dig into them, to find out why your spirit that is forever within Inspiration has become dispirited.

      A disturbance is a blessing in disguise. It has the potential to bring you to that which is hidden WITHIN the disturbance.  To be a slave to a disturbance is to react and evade the disturbance, and this makes one dependent ON the disturbance by directing one to give one’s power TO the disturbance by resisting it, by attacking it, by evading it, by ignoring it, by calling it by a different name, by painting it a different color than what it is.

      How then can one say one is inspired BY a disturbance if the disturbance and its corresponding conflict makes one a slave TO it? How does one come to be free of the disturbance, and retain one’s independence of the disturbance?

      There is only one way. It is to embrace the disturbance. It is to BE the disturbance, or the object of the disturbance.

      The world you experience, individually, is confined to your specific perceptions. It is your own self-made design. Anyone who would come into your world would understand similarities regarding your world, yet their perceptions of your world would be confined to what they perceive and how they perceive. In this regard, every single individual has his or her own individual kingdom.

      In your world, in your kingdom, there are things that disturb you. To understand these things you must see them as the spirit that is representing these things. A tree is a spirit that is manifesting itself in that form. In your world this tree is an aspect of yourself. If the tree is dying, then this suggests a part of you is dying. If it is splitting, then a part of you is splitting. If this splitting of the tree disturbs you, then to understand what this is in your world you must be the tree.

      Become this tree now. The tree is part of Life. You are part of Life. You, then, are part of the tree. And the tree is part of you.

      Sit down and write about this tree, as yourself. Write about all you perceive about the tree, of what you perceive is happening to it. If the tree is producing fruit, then see if this is true for you. You may say for example,

 I am a cherry tree. My tree produces fruit for others to enjoy. Yet hardly anyone comes to enjoy the fruit of my tree. I have been here in this place for a long, long time, producing fruit that no one has enjoyed. And now I am being torn apart. What will happen to me when a part of myself splits off, and goes another way? Will I be only a part of a tree, or will I still be a whole tree? Will I cease to exist or will I continue in this way?

      The tree is spirit. It exists in a state of inspiration forever, regardless of what you perceive is happening to the tree.

      With every disturbance you have, BECOME the thing that disturbs you, and BE IT until the inspiration of the spirit reveals within it the inspiration that it has saved for you.

      When you can do this with everything, then you will cease to be dependent and at the mercy of your feelings and perceptions. You will cease to be dependent on anything or anyone.

      In this way you will discover what is True Independence.

     For True Independence is to be IN the SPIRIT, or inspired.