wilderness path

a significant inner journey




Desert Spirit


Hello Venus, 

     After our meeting today, I pondered over the brief disturbance I perceive you displayed in my mention of God as the Uni-Verse. For this I would offer to expand on this for my own reasons. 

     Disturbances do not come FROM others, although others may be a catalyst FOR them. Yet when we are disturbed it is within ourselves that we experience this. Then, if we do not judge the other person for being the cause OF our disturbances, we could begin to investigate why what someone else does or says offends us. This would require a great deal of introspection and self-honesty. It would require a great deal of integrity to see that disturbances are always INTERNAL, meaning coming from within us, and not EXTERNAL, meaning coming from the outside or coming from someone else. 

     So now I will clarify what has been my experience with the word Universe

     In a meditation one day, I was asking Spirit about the idea of Oneness, which He says is the totality of all living things within Creation. I further stated that many speak of “God” as if they have a full knowledge of the Creator. I asked if the word “God” is the ONLY name for the Creator. The reply was,

"The Creator has many names, and no name, “God” being one word that many find comfortable using because that is what they have been taught. But 'God' is only one word used for the Father. God is called many things, such as One Mind, Life, Creator, Love, Higher Power, Director, Guide, Savior, Lord, the Universe, and many, many other things that are used in many cultures and religions on the earth. It is not so much the word one uses to describe the Creator. It is the intent, and from where this intent comes. Spoken from the heart, the word “Allah” is as sacred as the word 'God'.” 

     I then went on to investigate what a UNIVERSE was. I discovered that the word “universe” is actually two words; uni and verse. The prefix uni means ONE and the word verse means song. Hence, universe is one song. Then, for me, God, the Creator OF the universe IS the Uni (One) Verse (Song) the One Song we all sing from our heart, the One Name we all speak from our spirit. 

     This is how “God” became the Uni-Verse, the One Song, for me. My question to you is why does it disturb you how I speak of or to Creator, or what my relationship TO the Uni-Verse is? If you felt disturbed by the words Uni-Verse, I would like to ask you to take the time to ask the God to Whom you pray this question:“Why did I become disturbed by David’s use of the term ‘Uni-Verse’ when he seems to be speaking about You, God?” 

     Whatever answer is given to you please feel free to share it with me. I am anxious to hear what God has to say about my referring to Him as the Uni-Verse. It is also interesting that your name, Venus, is the name of a planet IN the universe. Why is that not offensive to you? 

    After I wrote this letter to you about my discovery of the word UNIVERSE, the message on the next page came to me while visiting the metaphysical/spiritual meaning of the Wasps, as you have many, many nests being built on your house. I found the Wasps on a website. And on this same site, this message from the Universe was Given to me:


          The word UNIVERSE is stated 5 times in the writing above. Anya finds pennies laying on the ground every day, sometimes 5 a day. I call this the Order of the Uni-Verse. You can call it “a message from God”, or whatever you wish.