wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 5 July, 1995


 “You will behold the beauty the Holy Spirit loves to look upon

 and which He thanks the Father for

 He was created to see this for you,

until you learned to see it for yourself.” *


     Your peace is with me Father. I am safe. I am the Christ. I am come to the time level to awaken by awakening my brothers. From the Christ Mind I Am do I call forth the grace forever present in me. I call forth my ascension now. I claim my awakening and I thank You, my Father, for Your gift of the Holy Spirit to me. 

     Now in this holy instant of my release I welcome and humbly make my request to ascend into the mind I share as the Christ with my Brother and Teacher, Jesus.

     Jesus, why do I feel our relationship is a distant one? Why do I feel that I do not speak to You or of You as I have in the past? Have I dishonored You with my lackadaisical attitude?

      Have I lost my seriousness? Have I fallen victim to the temptations of the ego and the desires of the flesh? Why do I not see Your words appearing before me as they have in the past? Have I not welcomed You or Your words? Were You to speak to me now, what might You say or reveal to me? 

     Be not concerned by the thoughts that seem to make us distant. I assure you it is not so. We have not ceased to communicate, and each instant do I reveal in your mind what it is we come to correct. It appears at times that I may not be directly communicating to you, because the level of trust into which you are entering needs not an affirmation of my presence with you. 

     Tis not the need to make me welcome in you, for never have I left you, nor will I ever. The desire to make invitation to me is only necessary for you to see you have maintained contact with me. Thus should you think you have forgotten me because you direct your prayer to God our Father directly, know that I am one with Him, in Him. Thus your prayer to Him is your prayer to me. 

     You pray to Him for me, and you pray to me for Him. This in turn do you do for your own Self that unites us with Him. Your prayer to Him is your prayer to your Self of which I am a part. I cherish and offer to our Father every letter you scribe, David, and I do not feel at a loss that our communication may at times seem to be broken with you.

      It can never be so.

      You are learning in sureness and comfort. It is not that you dishonor me or your Self. For every breath you take I share with you. We have united our minds with the common purpose of the Holy Spirit within the Atonement, and so our seeming separate identities become one as we join in prayer.

      If you ask of me to come to speak as another to you, never will I deny you this. Forever will I reveal my love for you that you provide to me by allowing me to share your mind and thus your hand that directs every letter you scribe.  As you look now onto your paper, know I hold your hand. I look with you, and you see the opportunity of my utilizing the means of your physicalness to show you I am here.

      You are the student who has sought what I will to teach you as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And because of your will to learn of the glory, the honor, the power, the grace, the love you are, so much does your love caress me with my will to be able to share my mind with you. And it is dear to me what you come to do.

      Each day you spend with me do you blossom and grow with every stroke of your pen. Ask, and I will show you I am always ready to speak with you. And I am within the stillness of the trust that assures you I am present. You need not welcome me back into your life, my brother. For when your request was made to me upon your heart for a teacher, the angels wept, and did I send forth my will that can never leave you now.

      I cannot leave, for your request was of sincerity, and what is sincere is eternally true. I give you all the freedom to call me to allow yourself to be the expression of that which you will come to see. And when you feel I am not in communication with you, I am closer to you than your own breath. For we share it.

      Bless you this day for your sincerity to honor me as you do. And in so doing, know I honor you with the request of honor to all minds. Our relationship is secure. Go now and respond to His thoughts as you do. You do not walk alone. Joy comes to greet you now with the wonders that appear around the corner.

      The freedom festival comes as you have stated. And with it comes all that I will for you. It is a most joyous thing that is for you to enjoy. And all you imagine will come to pass. Bless you in peace, David.

      Bless you in peace, Jesus, and thank you for remaining with me.

 *(A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Text, Chapter 17, Section 1, pg. 328)