wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"To feed others your interpretations

while not encouraging an interpretation FROM others,

is not a true and honest service to the Elders."


Desert Spirit






Desert Spirit

     Thank you for the reading, Michael, and I trust you will accept this constructive feedback.

      I do not feel the reading, as you offered it, is either accurate nor is it in accordance with what I feel or how I feel or think. Nor do I have any faith in the idea of the “reversal” of the Cards. The Cards, for me, can only be read one way, upright, just as they were created, or painted. They were not painted upside down. They were painted and brought into fruition upright, and it is this way they should be read and understood.

      The idea of reversal of the Cards is sort of like what mankind had done with sacred scripture whereby man decides to make it what HE wishes for it to be, rather than what it is. Man deviates, then, from the original message by introducing his own prejudices and assumptions into the readings. It is this I feel man has also done with the Tarot in introducing the idea of a “reversal” of the Cards. It was, perhaps,  introduced by someone along the way to fragment the otherwise clear meaning of the Cards. The Cards do not have to be “reversed” to bring their message.

      So I reject any notion that the Cards have a reversal meaning. I have studied the Tarot on my own for several years and give readings to others, have my own Rider Waite deck, as well as Juliet Sharman-Burkes’ guide to reading the Tarot. In here she suggests,

 “Another relatively modern innovation is reading a significance into reversed cards, which I personally do not do. Reversals can be more confusing and baffling than informative, for each Tarot card carries within its upright position both positive and negative possibilities.”

      I tend to agree with her. So I will review the Cards as you drew them, with this one difference, and I will interject my perceptions of these Cards as they relate to my inner world and experiences.

      I came upon Biddy’s site and thought it would be helpful to have an objective party offer me a reading. However, it is not clear to me how someone can offer a reading by the reader deciding what Cards would be DRAWN. In the absence of those for whom I do readings, I shuffle the deck, and then I ask the recipient to meditate on five numbers between 1-78 and give those numbers to me.

      I then pull those Cards from the top of the deck by counting them out. This then becomes the Cards the recipient requests to see. If the recipient is present with me, then I shuffle and she or he asks for the individual cards from the top of the deck. In this way the recipient is calling out the Cards he or she requests, rather than my drawing them for the recipient.

      If you are a medium for the Cards, then it should be the Cards I REQUEST, rather than those YOU decide to draw FOR me.

      Now I will proceed to the Cards you drew, that suggest my reading. Incidentally, this reading may be more applicable to YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES then mine. And I feel THIS is why we were brought together. In other words, I am offering you my perceptions of the reading you are doing for yourself. Perhaps you feel that to be a bit arrogant, but I do not feel this way. You may consider the Cards drawn were to reveal something for you, rather than for me. Nevertheless I will reveal what they say to me.

      So here is my perception of the Cards that I look at in their UPRIGHT position. The first thing to pay attention to is that the seeker’s reading contains ALL THE SUITS OF THE TAROT:

Ten of Swords

Six of Pentacles

Page of Swords

Nine of Wands

Knight of Cups

Five of Pentacles

The Alchemist



Ten of Swords  - Those factors in the past which are having an ongoing effect on the situation in question.

      What I look at first in a reading is the NUMBER attached to the Card. For the first Card, we see the number 10.

      The meaning of 10 is perfection through completion, meaning it is a cycle completed, a lesson completed. So a 10 of Swords represents a completion of something, something ended, a finality. As you suggest Card 1 represents an ongoing effect, it represents to me the remnants of what has ended, just as smoke still rises from a forest fire. The smoke is there, the ash is there, but the fire is out. And now the forest will begin its renewal process.

      If you paid attention to my email, I said that on July 31 my bankruptcy was discharged. It too, then, represents the ending of a cycle that was a deep karmic lesson that has been ongoing for about 3 years, with the loss of personal assets, a relationship and my home. Now this cycle is complete. It is over. 10 of Swords shows the death and completion of something and the birth of the new on the horizon.

Six of Pentacles  - Current factors which are known and obvious.

      This Card reveals the number 6.

      6 is the number of equilibrium, harmony and balance. It is the balance between spirit and heaven, and the body and earth. It shows a being full of health, wealth and success, which represent his inner convictions, although this may also signify these at a material level. It represents he who is generous; spiritually, physically as well as mentally.

      It also suggests that money owed will be paid, that there may be financial help from a friend, employer or business associate, that will allow money affairs to be put on stable ground. This is an actual event that has recently occurred in my life where I needed to meet financial needs and I was Provided with an opportunity to utilize businesses resources to meet those needs, as well as the ability to repay this assistance.


Page of Swords  - Those factors currently affecting the situation of which the subject may not be aware, at least on a conscious level.

      Pages represent newness, vitality and youth, or an aspect of personality beginning to develop. As an event they represent something new and undeveloped, a beginning. The Page of Swords stands as the wind blows about him, clouds forming and rough seas about him. He is poised for action, a need to defend himself if he must. If this represents factors the subject may not be aware of on a conscious level, then this is a stirring of the subconscious mind of a need to be aware of his surroundings and which is causing unconscious and undue turbulence. It also reveals a continual internal readiness.


Nine of Wands - Impediments, both obvious and hidden, that may get in the subject's way.

      The number 9 is the sum of all other numbers and forces before 10, or before completion and represents the foundation upon which completion can be based. It is a number that speaks of readiness and willingness.

      The individual in the Card has a bandaged head, indicating he has fought many battles and is still standing. This is synonymous with the 10 of Swords card. It is a Card that shows strength and determination. If these are impediments that may get in the subject’s way, then the Card suggests to come to terms that the battle IS won, and the fight IS over and defenses can be lowered.

      The Card puts the seeker in a very strong position as the Card suggests strength in reserve. It suggests victory through courage and endurance, indicative of my need to extend these perceptions of the reading TO you that you sent to me.

Knight of Cups - The influence of close friends, family and others of importance to the subject.

      As you suggest this Card represents “influence of close friends, family and others of importance to the subject”, the presence of the Knight is the affirmation that through past difficulties as well as the inner Wealth that is eternally available to him, he journeys onward for clarity and Knights are seekers of truth. Nothing can deter the Knight from finding what he seeks. And those close to him will support him.

      As the suit of Cups represents water and feelings, it is revealed in the Card he proceeds on his journey in a calm and determined fashion, that he is no longer ruled by the perceived external world and events that seemed to be happening TO him. His emotions and feelings are in check, secure, stable. He cannot be externally swayed by events. The Card reveals a persistent determination to fulfill his destiny. If the Card represents a friend, it is these qualities in others the seeker draws to himself.

      The symbol of the horse, in Native American cultures, represents safe, swift passage to the new world.


Five of Pentacles - The best path to take in order to further the subject's best interests in the matter.

      The number 5 represents uncertainty and carries no constant vibration and may shift or change. 5 is the number that signifies doubt, or the need to question everything and assume nothing. This suggests that the 5 of Pentacles carries the message that things perceived to be unstable are subject to change and that there is always potential IN change.

      As you suggest this Card represents “best path to take in order to further the subject's best interests in the matter”, it is obvious the world of religious pursuits that are tied to monetary gain, as symbolized by the Pentacles on a church window, would lead one and has led many to poverty and destitute and is how I perceive the 5 of Pentacles.

      There are many who are “selling” spirituality, and those who take money for their services are INDEED poor. It suggests that even in the absence OF financial security, there is a wealth of inner wisdom, light and truth always available, and one only need to look to IT rather than the world for one’s answers. It is a Card that suggests Higher Guidance is the only way to maneuver through an uncertain external world. It suggests the seeker NOT CONTINUE TO VIEW THE WORLD AS his saving grace, and not see HIMSELF as destitute.


The Alchemist  - This is the most important card in the layout. It indicates the final result if the path shown above is followed - "the future".

      In the Rider Waiter deck, this card is called THE MAGICIAN, and as you say it is the most important of the Cards in the layout, it must be the OBVIOUS RESULT OF all the other Cards in this reading. It is the seeker’s future, as you suggest, the final path, the result, the end. It then suggests that the seeker HAS REACHED THIS LEVEL in his inner journey through all the previous steps and tests and experiences he has endured.

      The Alchemist, or the Magician, in a reading, represents an important beginning, suggesting a time of action, creative initiative, skill and potential in abundance.

      Observe that this reading contains EVERY SUIT, leading to the ending of the reading where the Magician holds in his care ALL THE TOOLS OF THE Tarot. The seeker holds dominion over the CUPS, WANDS, SWORDS and PENTACLES.




Ten of Swords is and ending of karmic debts and leads the aspirant to his true nature as the Alchemist. And what do we call the being who can turn base metal into pure gold, or one who can turn every perceived negativity into a positive blessing but THE ALCHEMIST?

Six of Pentacles is the generosity of the seeker who extends his balance and harmony in thinking to all minds, to all beings, through his years of training that has prepared him to accept his role as THE ALCHEMIST.

Page of Swords is that youthful courage and endurance that he carries with him all the time, utilizing the sharp skills to meet every challenge without imposing or inflicting injury upon himself. For the sword is the double edge of the truth, that can be used to harm himself, or harm others in the inappropriate use of his wisdom. Yet his training and youthfulness, although outgrown and matured, remain with him. For it is these qualities that make it possible for him to receive his roles as THE ALCHEMIST.

Nine of Wands leads him to the understanding that although his battles have been fought courageously, that his life lessons have been sometimes harsh in a physical world, that the world cannot defeat him because it is an effect of his inner world, that he has endured through all of them that allows him now to accept his role as THE ALCHEMIST.

Knight of Cups is he who carries the Holy Grail with him, offering it to all who are willing to drink from the Cup that would transform their thinking and their world forever, as he accepts his role as THE ALCHEMIST.

Five of Pentacles helps the seeker recognize that every misperceived suffering the world endures can be healed in his role as THE ALCHEMIST as the Great Healing Ray is always with him.

The Alchemist has led him to discover his True Self and his function in time and space as THE ALCHEMIST.

     As my original email shared with you many small accidents I was having, you never made mention of these. Now it is obvious that the undercurrent of unsettled feelings and thoughts deep within me were attempts to deter me from the end, from the final outcome which is THE ALCHEMIST.

      It is that moment in a being’s life when he examines himself honestly and is not afraid to impose criticisms on himself, but must also forgive himself of his misperceptions. These small accidents, then, became “temptations” that attempted to derail and delay my heart-felt release from a long endured karmic debt, and deter me from making these discoveries today. Interestingly enough, they were only possible THROUGH the EXTENDING MY UNDERSTANDING OF THIS READING to YOU.

      It would be good, for you, Michael, to begin offering the opportunity to the seeker to draw from the Cards THEIR interpretations of what the Cards mean, TO THEM, rather than you thinking your perceptions of the Cards, for them, could be more accurate than their own. For this is indicative of a man attempting to tell another how the other thinks, or a priest attempting to tell others what he thinks the Bible says. For Understanding of Greater Things is available to ALL BEINGS.

      To feed others your interpretations while not encouraging interpretation FROM others, is not a true and honest service to the Elders.

      As a medium, your task is to extend your experiences to others, but the others must be given an opportunity to draw FROM the Cards THEIR interpretations, rather than your coloring for the aspirant the shade you perceive it is to be for them.