wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Desert Spirit

     Welcome back.

     Today my Lesson reads,

The joy of learning that darkness has no power

over the Son of God is the happy lesson

the Holy Spirit teaches, and would have you teach it with Him.

It is His joy to teach it, as it will be yours.”

     And so I extend the joy of past memories that they may be helpful to her, Anne Marie Cotter, to and for whom this Lesson is shared and provided.

     As Anya and I prepare to depart to the sacred cabin to reunite with our Elders and Ancestors, and as the Teacher offers in study THE DECISION OF GUILTLESSNESS, I remember the lesson, “All minds are joined”, as well as “All things come from the Creator”.


     And so the past with the sacred cabin brings to mind the past with my first visit to the southwest, and consequently to Gallup, New Mexico to which we, Anne Marie Cotter and I, relocated and where we shared a sacred dwelling.

     The past cannot be forgotten in the suppression of darkness. If one is to live in the truth of light and peace all doors must be opened. Nor CAN anything be forgotten. For to forget requires effort and is the active suppression of what one does not wish to see, or hear.

     And so that which one attempts to forget, for fear of the pain within what one wishes TO forget, is pressed down in the subconscious mind, there to stir and brew, like volcanic bile liquid in the stomach, manifesting many physical ailments that the laws of medicine will never correct.

     I have sought to offer many times an open dialogue with my past with this being, Anne Marie Cotter, who upon my last attempt marked REFUSED on the envelope sent to her. My appeal for open dialogue was returned to me, an indication that she did not wish to communicate with me convincing herself that denial of contact was her doorway to freedom and peace.

     The reasons are obvious; her “regrettable” past actions that brought forth guilt that she sought to silence by projecting upon me her own guilt, was her attempt to make me responsible for this guilt.

     Would he who would not teach guilt or blame attempt to keep a dialogue open with they who FEEL guilt? And for what purpose other than to give what is only true?

     And so in refusing to hear my words or look upon them is the continuation of a useless effort and painful journey to keep hidden one’s own guilt. Yet the DECISION OF GUILTLESSNESS guides me to extend this message today, that all minds may receive it, that those who suppress and deny their guilt may find relief here through an amending of that guilt, and reopen the channels to one’s past that are held in bitter, hidden memories.

     All things are Given by Creator. If this is true then all things we receive in the world are sacred. And so the sacred cabin remains so, a manifest expression of a higher consciousness to which we continue to enter into as we revisit the Elders and Ancestors Who offer us Their Teachings.

     Yet it must be true for those gifts entrusted to Anne Marie Cotter also; the Gift of the Manila Lane home in Florida that Lorraine Salas provided to Anne Marie and me to share, as well as the Gift of the Maya Drive house in New Mexico that Don Carter provided to Anne Marie and me to share. Yet how can these Gifts, Given by Spirit, be taken as personal accomplishments for one’s personal use, and therefore not seen AS sacred that must be shared?

     Now the door to Manila Lane, as stated by Anne Marie, was closed to me. Yet it was only in the pain of guilt that manifested in such actions with this Gift, denying another return to enjoy the gift also.

     Yet the door to Maya Drive remains open, and so can be extended as the Gift it was to both of us that can now be shared, and that can bring an end to the dark, bitter past of guilt that remains hidden in the mind that refuses to remember this past.

     So I extend this light and truth to all minds now. Look upon this my Gift of invulnerability, the invulnerability of joy and happiness to which all are entitled.

     As we prepare to unite with our Ancestors at the sacred cabin, to rejoin with the Elders in our continual lesson of the receiving and extending Higher Consciousness, I extend these thoughts also to Anne Marie Cotter, that she too may hear and see and receive the Message of joy and happiness You give to me TO give, Teacher, that darkness, ignorance, vulnerability and guilt, anger and bitterness may have no power over any mind, that she who has attempted to disown and project that from which she has attempted to hide may be no more.

     And so the question becomes; how CAN one hide FROM that which has been hidden WITHIN ONESELF?

     The offering of the lesson of light and truth is GIVEN FREELY to all minds now, that all we received and receive together within the Sonship was and is Given by Higher Power, to share, to use, to enjoy, and to not cling to as a personal “investment”. In this knowledge IS a sacred Gift and not that which the world defines it to be; “a piece of real estate” from which one thinks one can profit.

     How does a meager monthly income received from the Land of Enchantment serve to cherish a sacred Gift that was part of a Greater Plan? How is a small amount of currency compared to the Sacredness of a Gift that Creator has offered us both?

      For each dollar collected contains a memory of a past with haunting whispers. A dirge of sorrow is unforgiving. Never will there be a sufficient amount collected to cure this bitter dispute with unjustified unhappiness. Can a child's smile release it?

     And so today the joy of release from the darkness of guilt can be received by any mind that truly wishes to receive it. For Light is that from which one cannot hide. The Sacred Gifts of the Past are revealed, extending to her gratefulness in exchange for her bitterness. And by opening the door to the dark past which has not offered relief or reward, peace or happiness, the Gift can be realized and embraced. And one is grateful.

     What memory cannot be revisited because it contains symbols of guilt, regret, sadness, vengeance, greed, profit and malice? Yet why would Invulnerability not offer release FROM these?

     How can anyone be happy when one decides that what Creator gave to share is kept by one to personally do with as one pleases, thinking the world’s “laws” provide this “entitlement”?

     How can one give away a gift to another for whom it was not intended, and say to the one who shared in the gift, “That door is closed to you”, while not closing the door to Spirit Who now sheds His Light ON this dark past?


     So now we return TO the past, which is still a sacred journey, to rejoin with the Elders, and in that revisit the place OF a shared past, Manila Lane in Lecanto, Florida, a door which has been closed, and the Maya Drive home in Gallup, New Mexico, a door that remains open but to the ENDLESS wanderers who seek to find temporary respite there.

     Yet the question remains...why has this Maya door, a door that remains an open door, not been offered to its intended recipients?

     The sacred Gifts of the Past are revisited today.

     The Spirit of Lorraine Salas extended her love so that we could share IN the Gift the Creator Arranged for us TO share. The Spirit of Don Carter extended his love so that we could share IN the Gift the Creator Arranged for us TO share.

     These Sacred Gifts of the Past were never meant to be used for personal gain or as a weapon of harm upon another.

     Today all minds are joined, as the Lesson reveals,

The way to teach this simple lesson is merely this:

Guiltlessness is invulnerability.

Therefore, make your invulnerability manifest to everyone.

Teach him that whatever he may try to do to you,

your perfect freedom from the belief

that you can be harmed shows him that he is guiltless.”

     I make manifest  this invulnerability through the written word here today. I have no bitter memories of a past with Anne Marie Cotter, as I see the Gifts Spirit gave were that which were to be shared. And although within her bitterness she attempted to close the door TO a sacred Gift to which we both were entitled, there remains a part OF the past that remains open to both.

     Let it therefore be shared as it was originally intended.

     Do not use His Gifts as a weapon to be used against another because of the deceit you hold so dearly close to your heart, and perceive it has been imposed upon you. For no one has ever left you.


     This door IS open me, to us, Anya and David, into which we can and will enter Now. And it is open to Anne Marie also, should she choose to enter and share the Sacred Gifts of the Past.

     The invulnerable do not hide. They do not need to, for they have no darkness to keep hidden. The past that is kept in the darkness of guilt cannot be joyous.

     Yet to see the Sacred Gifts of the Past as those which CAN be shared will release anyone FROM the darkness, if this they truly desire, and free the heart into the Light of the Present, where a true joining can be part of the New.

     For this is the New Path upon which the Fool’s feet have been Placed.

 "Out of nothing, All That Is was made.

The same Creative Power dwells in me also."