wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 "Instant gratification of external pursuits IS NOT a shift into a higher consciousness.

A 'new relationship that you seek externally,

be it with a place, person or thing, is not a shift into new consciousness.

"It is a distraction, a temptation..."

Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit


      The only CONSTANT in anything that occurs in life is how WE PERCEIVE IT AND REACT TO IT. That implies there is no GOOD or BAD.

     Life IS.

     It is we who attach the good and bad, right and wrong, sick and healthy to everything, and so we are never at peace and always volatile.

     So if Life IS, and if Life is impersonal, then the fluctuation of emotions, thoughts, perceptions are merely the seasonings we place on the bland chicken when we cook it. The volatility we imagine and manufacture is only the flavor we wish to use to enhance every experience. If we did not do this, life would just be that...bland.

     Perhaps bland is peace.

     So as I shared with you, life experience is universal, impersonal, bland chicken, and ego is polarities, the flavor or spices we put on food.

     It is WE who decide what is perceived to be a “good” day or a “bad” day. And based ON this premise we “behave” accordingly, or we can say we train ourselves to behave according to the flavor we put on the day.

      So if I train myself what a “good” day is then I act accordingly, and if I tell myself of a “bad” day then I do the same thing. But it is MY MIND in which this madness is contained. No one, nothing external can affect me. It is my thoughts alone that cause me “pain”, or “happiness”.

      So for me to come to sobriety I have to experience what it is to NOT medicate or ingratiate or gratify myself with an “instant success” feel good remedy, be it a drink, buying something, sex, or feeding my pets to keep me distracted.

      So I am Told there are LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have shared this with you previously.

     “I cannot conceive of a life without alcohol” is a level of consciousness. We can say this is the level of drinking. We can call this LEVEL 14.

      Consciousness is "leveled", I am Told.

     Plants represent LEVELS 1-7.

     Animals represent LEVELS 8-14.

     Humans represent LEVELS 15-22.

     Then higher beings, so to speak, avatars, masters, disciples, etc. represent 22-28.

      When a LEVEL group is transcended, it changes form.

     A plant at LEVEL 7 that is going to enter LEVEL 8 will change form. If it chooses to do so, it cannot return TO 7. A flower changes to a worm, but the worm cannot return to the flower level.

     Likewise for the animal that goes from LEVEL 14 TO LEVEL 15. Once it shifts, and changes form, it cannot return to a previous form.

     You cannot ever return to “pleasant drinking” because you have been “contaminated” by the collective consciousness of A.A. and its sober members. A shift in consciousness occurred in you, but you have not embraced it and so you wobble back and forth to drink and non-drink. But you will never again be able to “drink successfully” or drink and enjoy it because of the consciousness shift that had occurred. This shift is established by the Higher Self and by the Guides.

     As it is in the world, we go to school and go from “grade to grade” and often the new year or new grade is awkward for us, as the learning is new, the material is new, the people are new, the teacher is new, even the school may be new.

     It is this way in the Spirit World, in the Schools of Consciousness.

     A consciousness shift will be uncomfortable until the shift is fully accepted and integrated.

     I go into A.A.

     That is a level shift.

     I do not embrace it. I do not feel comfortable in the new level of consciousness. So I feel “tempted to drink”. That is because I am still trying to identify with the “old consciousness” of drinking.

     Until I EMBRACE the new consciousness and give full attention to it, I will deviate, go back and forth, have “good and bad” days.

     As I walk IN a new consciousness, which is the Gift, I am offered the opportunity to give power ONLY TO THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS.

     The “old consciousness” is the “temptations”, the lingering ideas and thoughts and memories that continue to try to call my attention TO them. Then there is a level shift. I can conceive of my life without alcohol, but now I cannot conceive of my life without A.A. And then a level shift will again occur as one transcends the A.A. meetings to a another level of learning, or unlearning.

     Picture yourself walking down a wilderness path, you can call it “the yellow brick road”, and as you do all these creatures, memories, ideas, wants, needs, desires keep jumping onto your new path, keep calling your attention to them. And you want to go that way, but you know you have to stay on the yellow brick road if ever you want to get to the Emerald City.

      Instant gratification of external pursuits IS NOT a shift into a higher consciousness. A "new relationship" that you seek externally, be it with a place, person or thing, is not a shift into new consciousness. It is a distraction, a temptation and the proof of this is how you deal WITH the past relationship, regardless of whatever it is you seek FOR this "change in how I feel".

     So each time you DENY the temptation, the POWER that you invested IN that memory or temptation is restored to you, becomes part of your “new consciousness”. You “collect” your power as you walk and do not give into the temptations. Eventually all your power is collected FROM the old consciousness and deposited into and becomes part of your NEW consciousness. What is left is your memories of those past experiences, but the power that kept them "alive" in you has been Removed.

      When you have adequately demonstrated your desire to shed OLD CONSCIOUSNESS, you meet your Guide IN the New Consciousness, Who is standing on a Bridge. He or she says “WELCOME... I see you have finally made it. I have been waiting here for you to walk across the Bridge with you.” And so you make the journey across the Bridge.

     The NEW CONSCIOUSNESS then becomes SOLIDIFIED and begins to manifest as a effect. Your physical world begins to change externally.

     And so there is a shift in the psyche. In fact Bill Wilson speaks about this shift in the psyche in the Big Book.

     So this new consciousness is new and we are KEPT IN the “old” until we have demonstrated our willingness to rise above it. That is why we do not become “instantly enlightened”. It would be the equivalent of a drink, instant gratification.

     A shift in consciousness occurs ONLY in the embracing OF the new consciousness, and this is accomplished by embracing the perceived difficulties as an ESSENTIAL PART OF this shift. When I no longer RESIST the old consciousness and its memories, temptations and so forth, I can perceive I am moving THROUGH it, or ascending.

     So we begin to EMBRACE the difficulties.

     “You must learn to be still in the midst of turmoil".”

     “One day at a time.”

     “Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety” or achieve higher consciousness.

      Changing externals and looking for escapes IS NOT A SHIFT into a higher level of consciousness. It is merely the part of your mind that wants to keep you IN the identification WITH the old, or lower consciousness but attempts to convince you it IS "new".

      So embrace your life and your sobriety and this Gift of the discover of the SCHOOLS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.