wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 "If God is Spirit, then He must hae created you as a spirit also,

in the Image of His Spirit;

what many term ‘the Higher Self’."




The Water Wizard




     In our earthly journey, as spirit, we are given certain tests  that allows us to exercise the true nature of our being, as spirit. This provides a way to put aside our ego, our personal preferences, and allow us to extend another part of ourselves. This is provided by the Great Designer Who orchestrates our meetings with others, and we are Instructed to see the needs another has as our own. Then, when we meet THEIR need we are meeting our own need. This is what it means when it says, "What you give you receive."


     If others are really part of ourselves, then what we give TO them we are giving to ourselves. How we treat them is how we treat ourselves. But that does not mean we are suppose to be slaves to the needs of others, or accept abuse from others. It just means that what we offer is for them as well as us.


     At the material plane, the earth plane, we see metaphorically what we are living on a spiritual plane simultaneously. We are really living the lessons in our minds, as spirit, but we 'see' the mind's lesson as a physical reality. This means that what we see with the body's eyes is an effect of the mind and its thoughts. Therefore, if we try to correct the external, the physical, without correcting the mind and our thoughts, the physical will continue to materialize the same lesson again and again.


     A simple way to see this is in my experience with alcohol. At the physical level, the alcohol was a 'medicine' I used to cure certain ailments. These ailments were, however, in my mind. Because I did not know the ailments were in how I thought and therefore lived, I had to find a 'cure' in a physical way, because I thought that my physical world, and not my mind, was causing me the discomfort.


     It was not until I STOPPED DRINKING that I discovered I was still sick, and until I sought the sickness in my mind and attempted a cure there, I would continue to look outside myself for a cure.


     But this sickness in our mind is something we all share. The sickness we share together is the idea that we are a body, and that the body is our reality. Even sicker than this is the idea that God made the body.


     And so in order to rise to the spirit level of our true reality, we have to see that our minds made the idea of being a body into a reality, and we do not know how to undo this kind of thinking. Physically dying ends the body, but it does NOT end the idea in the mind where we think we are a body.


     Religion then came along to 'prove' the 'reality' OF the body by assigning the 'creation' of the body to God. When it says "God made man in His Image," it was translated to mean, "God made man, a body, and therefore God is a body."


     If you change the word MAN to be SPIRIT, it would make more sense. What it simply means is, “God made man’s spirit in the image of His Spirit.” If this were truly understood, it would END all need for ALL religions of the world.


     What then happened in the establishing of religion is that it became, "Man and his body made God in man's image." Mankind has made God physical. And this is very convenient, because we then can say, "Well, God gave me this body." But God did not give the body.


     If God is Spirit, then He must have created you as a spirit also, in the Image of His Spirit; what many term ‘the Higher Self’.


     God gave the spirit. WE gave our mind the IDEA of a body. We gave that to ourselves. And your mind an d your ego will find this very threatening.


     The story of Adam and Eve is a way of attempting to show us that our spirit has both masculine and feminine genders with it. The spirit is asexual, but can manifest as either one or the other. But the spirit is not either male or female. It is both.


     Our job is to unify this dichotomy that exists in our mind, to unify our ideas of what and who we are. The story of temptation is the story of how we taught ourselves to separate ourselves, to fragment our minds, to make our genders different, but also to make ourselves different from our own spirit and from other spirits.


     Temptation is convincing yourself you are a body and that God gave it to you. It is the great lie we have believed.


     My lessons for months now have been with regard to a well in the desert and the pump that would draw up the water. For a year I could not access the water in the desert. Then I received a pump and put it in and was able to finally draw up the water from the well. Then a few months later, the pump failed, and now I am without a pump and waiting for the pump to be repaired. Then I will have to go back out again, maybe in November, to the cabin to reinstall the pump again and hope to draw the water from the well.


     I am the Wizard of the Water World.


     It is my job on this plane to draw up the pure water from deep down in the well, and offer this drink. The pure water I then provide to others is the pure water I provide to myself.


     So when you are dealing with others, remember that what you give to them you give to yourself. How you think of them you think of yourself. Look at your job not as a personality working for a corporation. Look at it as a duty Spirit has Assigned TO you, and that it is more for your spirit than it is for your body and your worldly needs.


     Whatever you do at the job is what you must see you are doing for Spirit, for God. That does not mean be nice or loving all the time.


     Sometimes you will have to go beyond what they tell you to do or not do at the job. Your service to God may sometimes conflict with others. We tend to not stir the pot because we are afraid of the consequences of our words and actions. But if you are Guided, and if Spirit wants you someplace, doing a job, then if you are to ever leave that job Spirit will arrange it. You do not have to fear.


     So now consider if you want to work for a corporation, or the Corporation of the Universe, and consider what the worldly corporation benefits will be you receive. Then consider what the Universe Corporation will offer you in benefits, and then decide to which one you will give your time and energy.


     The Water Wizard