wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"What will be the consequences for a fallen angel,

posing as an archangel?"


Desert Spirit





Monday, September 15, 2014

Desert Spirit



“Nothing real can be threatened.

“Nothing unreal exists.

“Herein lies the peace of God.”


     Thank You for this day at the cabin and the quiet for this study it provides, and for all the lessons You would have me unlearn. Come forth now, from the Lord God of my Being, You Who are my holy Self. Lift my spirit and bring Your peace, a peace not of this world, to my mind now. Thank You.

     Now I come to receive the Thoughts of God and respond accordingly. What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done through me. Decide for God, for me for my life.

     Today my study reads,


You can defend truth as well as error.”


     And would You offer me this if I did not defend error? 

     What is the error I defend within my mind’s thinking? Is it that extending truth is harassment, slander, and a threat? Is it that offering strong words to another, who is absent from the idea of inner healing, a crime? Is it that physical harm or suffering is not appealing to me but should be and is what “honor” promotes? And what are the consequences I would experience for extending the light and shine it upon the dark mind deceived by its own convictions, its own errors that it values and defends? Who in the world defends truth and who in the world defends error?

     He who goes by the name of user name “Michaelarchangel1” comes to share his desire to make war, hatred, violence part of honor. He who claims to be a “disabled Vietnam vet”, who “volunteered to defend his country”, tells me I understand not what honor is. And so in this vein of thought I offer my words that reveal to him the insanity of such an idea. And in my words his mind and blood boil with hatred that he then offers me, writing of the violence he will impose on me; he who impersonates an archangel; he to whom I reveal is nothing more than a fallen angel, disabled in heart, mind and spirit by lies and propaganda fed to him by an insane world to which he clings, error he defends with every breath.

     I understand, Teacher, that every lesson is Given me by You to help me remember what I am, and what is my Origin and what is my function. Offering this light to the archangel, who has been told he is nothing but a fallen angel, has stirred much in the sick mind of this being. He does not fly with honor and freedom. His wings are clipped, and he is imprisoned in a cage, like a parrot, repeating dogma each time someone feeds him a stale cracker.

     And as I write this I recall the great winged beings that visited me yesterday while sitting on the cabin porch, looking west at the White Mountains, as the Eagles soared high above the high desert, leaving me speechless and breathless as I perceived the mirror of my OWN liberated spirit. He, who comes to claim his archangel-ship, who is a disabled fallen angel, was sent to me that I may remember his greatness, that he may remember his greatness also, but who would rather remain disabled, wings clipped, parroting propaganda while dining on a stale Saltine.


True denial is a powerful protective device.

“You can defend truth as well as error.”


     Would a TRUE archangel tell me he would pay me a visit and that I would regret this visit? Why would I regret a visit from a true archangel? To whom do I report threats of physical violence and harm if there IS only God and Archangels and the lessons He would have me learn? And what will be consequences for a fallen angel, posing as an archangel?

     The last being, who imposed violence upon me years ago as I recall, who fractured my jaw as he struck me with his fist, went to the spirit world after having his back broken in an elevator “accident,” paralyzing himself, and later committing suicide in front of his family because he could not live in a wheelchair. What would the fate of the impersonating archangel meet in this desire to threaten God or His Son? What kind of lesson does one call TO himself in the deliberate, malicious, vengeful harm he, or she, imposes on another?

     What will be the consequences for a fallen angel, posing as an archangel?

     Is there a hierarchy of Angels in the Spirit World? Is there a hierarchy of demons? Are there archangels and demons? Who are they? What are they? Who assigns their respective roles?

     Of Archangels, what are Their duties? What is Their answer to him who masquerades as Michael the Archangel? What does a true archangel have to say about the words I have extended to him who claims to BE Michael the Archangel? Will a true Archangel tell me I am to seriously regret a visit from Him? And if He is to visit me, what is He waiting for? Why does He not visit me in dreams? Or HAS He visited me already in the desert, as the great winged Eagles who fly above the cabin so gracefully on the winds?

     And if I am to walk the level of the separated, fallen angels, how am I to extend Your Light and remember MY light and remain protected BY them?

     Now I offer these thoughts to You Who are the Teacher, that the Heavens may receive them, and that the Angel Realm may use them according to Its Services. 

     Now my reading continues,


The means are easier to understand after

 the value of the goal is firmly established.”


     I can understand THIS thought through my A.A. experience. If the goal of A.A. and its value is sobriety, or soundness of mind, then it must be that to which I would give my power, value, time, efforts and willingness, and to extend my recovery and /or experiences with it. But if the goal is predetermined by me to be “to not drink”, then there will BE no value seen in the means. For I would equate the idea of not drinking with sacrifice, that which I must give up and lose for something else, and would dishearten me ABOUT my ideas of A.A., of not drinking and of recovery. How many have imposed their predeterminations upon A.A. and its teachings?

     If I predetermine A.A. to be not drinking and a sacrifice and if I VALUE DRINKING, and that I must sacrifice my drinking in order to be “sober” or “happy”, then I will not value them. And I will deviate and distract myself from the need to look at my drinking, and I will seek outside myself for the “right” book and the “correct and true answer” that will appease my ego.

     So what is the goal of truth? What is the goal of error? If the goal of error is suffering in a world I think is outside myself to which I am a victim of circumstances imposed on me, then I will seek the externals for all the things I THINK will save me: money, sex, special relationships, family, prestige, being liked, and pride. But if the goal is to be free FROM and IN the world I perceive is not outside me but inside me, then I will value Those Who have freed Themselves from it, and seek Their counsel and wisdom and guidance and teachings by applying them to my earth walk.

     For the only way I can truly be free FROM the external world AND free IN the external world is to see that it IS inside me!

     Then, what I will value is the Teachings. And I will exercise my desire and willingness and need to LIVE and EXTEND my experiences WITH Them. In this realization, nothing in and of the world can affect me. Yet they who remain to choose to be prisoners  to the world and therefore to their own minds will see truth, light and him who carries them within himself as threat, and will have to expel them from their world. They must be outraged and condemn what they see to appease their envy. For this envy must be stronger than their humility.

     The envious will never understand the value placed upon it and upon the valuelessness that they themselves have imposed, they who spend lifetimes attempting to escape the very impositions THEY THEMSELVES have made real to them. And he/she will seek outside themselves and the world that appears there for what they will never find.

     Now the Archangels will care for them when they lose all care for themselves, for God is merciful.