wilderness path

a significant inner journey



(19 = 10 = 1)

 Desert Spirit


     Please ask for Eyes to See and Ears to hear before giving serious attention to what has been Prepared for you.

     There IS no tomorrow. Unless you have a crystal ball that has shown you these things, leave to Nostradamus his role. The principle of “one day at a time” is an ancient, timeless truth. It is not a format designed for alcoholics by alcoholics. It is how the timeless live. For you there is no tomorrow. Embrace this fact, this truth now.

      Your existence in time and space begins as the sun rises and ends as the sun sets. What you do in the span of time distinction of a 24 hour period is two-fold; that which you give to yourself, or that which you give to Creator.

     You are here by Invitation. You are a GUEST to earth. You are not here to take what you want, to do what you think is of interest to you, to do as you please, or seek what you think you want or need. You have been Given a Specific Role, of which you are unaware. That you do not know what is this Role Assigned TO you is demonstrated by your pursuits, your thoughts, actions and words.

     Begin, then, each new birth, each new day with only three mantras:


What will Youu have me do?

Where will You have me go?

What will You have me say and to whom?


     And then,

Your Will be done. Decide for me for my life.

      Now can you TAKE the Next Step. For the Steps must be Received. Here there is nothing to get.

     Make the time to Receive what has been Given the time to prepare this Lesson for you. Surround yourself with the Light, for otherwise malignant energies will infiltrate your receptivity and contaminate the Message.


      From the new movie, CHAOS WALKING:


The noise is a man's thoughts unfiltered,

and without a filter a man is just chaos walking.”

(Author  -  unknown New World settler)

       He comes with much noise. The noise is his costume, his cover, his “protection”. It is the enormous chaos and activity with which he has immersed and surrounded himself. It is a practice that is carried over from his days of worldly pursuits. And it is exhausting just to look upon, much more exhausting to come into contact with such cluttered energy, to read about the endless endeavors, formulas, equations, calculations, situations, and their respective “solutions” with which he intends to pass on to others, including those whom he calls his “children”. 

     The mind is a library of endless shelves, stacked as high as the eyes can see, and eternal rows with no end in sight of information/misinformation and collected data stored and catalogued into endless elaborate compartments, spaces, sections, cross sections, labeled accordingly for quick reference. The endless massive storage space into which this library is concocted has expanding walls; as the material is collected, the perceived boundaries of its borders stretch and contort to make room for the incoming data. As the data is removed, the walls shrink back to a formidable size to accommodate for the absence of material in this space. The Akashic Records Knowledge Base pales in size and comparison to this labyrinth of mania.

      Yet it raises the eternal, timeless question from which all minds suffer; “What exactly is one seeking?” Who has ever pondered such a premise?

      I am Told,

That which seeks is That Which one seeks”.

     From this single Discovery, there IS nothing else to understand.

     What does one want? What is the motivation behind one’s wanting? What does one hope to get, or achieve, obtain or attain? What provokes one to assume, presume that someone else possesses anything of value, some magical “answer” to the mosaic of one’s thinking in which several pieces of the puzzle seem to be missing? For such an expedition HAS one possessed.

     My own world is sparsely populated with those who may be remotely interested in a true, honest interaction. In a biological family of the oldest sister, the next oldest sister, an older brother, myself, a younger sister, a younger brother, a younger sister and a younger brother only the youngest sister THINKS there is something of value in her lackadaisical attempt to retain contact with me. 

     This, however, reflects the Words of the Carpenter; “Those who do not live by the Will of God are not by brothers”, and Words of the reclusive Poet Who claims, “Your children are not your children”.

     Who would aspire to live by such Truths? For it is also Written, The Path is narrow, and few ever find it”, indicating the interests and distractions of the so-called “wide path” are many. And yet the endless pursuits go on and on with barely a moment to ask, “What am I DOING here?

     We are steeped in Timeless Wisdom and yet the pursuits go on unabated. What else will do it? How many more books, recipes, meetings, therapy sessions, counseling services, dating service, social platforms, conferences, professionals, experts, do-gooders will be sufficient to “achieve” the predefined, self-satisfying end result?

     I visited him once, Tara Singh, whose words made such a profound impact on me I almost fell of the ladder on which I was working to strip paint from an old three story house. In my subsequent desire to make contact with him, the Opportunity was Provided whereby he was going to give a talk in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

       In one message I heard him speak to an audience he stated, “When you go to a place that you feel is sacred, or to meet a person whom you feel is wise, show respect and do not present yourself in a pair of shorts. Dress appropriately”. And so on the appointed, long awaited day to be in his presence, two chairs at the end of the first front row were available, and sitting in my freshly purchased dark blue three piece suit and tie, I observed I was the only one “formally” dressed. Who would define what is appropriate or not appropriate?

     When he took his seat in the front of the group, the room fell silent. He sat, as I observed Mr. Krishnamurti do before giving his talks, scanning the group. Taraji scanned from right to left. As his view came into contact with me sitting on the left, our eyes met. He paused, scanned to the right again, but quickly scanned back to the left to see me sitting in my suit. Why would I want to impress upon him my perceived sincerity?

     When his talk ended, I approached him, for by now he had entered into the audience, taking a seat in the front row. I sat in a seat directly to the right of him. I remember saying to him, “I wish to be a disciple as you were a disciple to Mr. Krishnamurti”. With a stern face but a reserved tone he replied to me, Please, sir, cannot we just be friends? Devastated, my heart sank, the trap of false enthusiasm once again snared me.

     It was not until much later when I Asked Spirit, “Why would so many be granted a study in his personal presence and I would be denied it?” And the Answer came, “Because you do not need it. He reached to your mind, through a recorded message, as you stood on a ladder scraping old paint from a dilapidated building, prior to you even knowing his presence was on the earth. Why would you need his physical presence therefore?

     The desire and wanting FOR and OF pursuits is highly deceptive and misleading, as desirable as it may seem to the hungry mind. And here we glean the first clue; that of the hungry mind. Based on the amount of clutter I perceive has been accumulated within him who has  reached out to me, I find not much time for rest, for divine leisure in his own kingdom. He explains, “I have practiced meditation (inconsistently) for ~15 years, mainly as a stress reliever.” And I am shocked. How can meditation be practiced inconsistently? Who would abuse such a sacred tool for relieving stress? Who would see stress to be the seeker OF and FOR meditation? And would the mind, full of stress, even KNOW WHAT IS meditation? For the anxious, it is a mere idea, another thing to grab, purchase, package and collect to add to the arsenal of misinformation that has become one’s garage full of clutter.

     His presence into my life was prophesized, and yet my own dull capacity to see truly and clearly missed the clues. Thank God for hindsight, as I remember her telling me several weeks ago, with weary eyes, “I have not seen the garage floor for twenty years.”

     She is intelligent, Ms. L., soft spoken, a Canadian who migrated to the U.S. from Nova Scotia as she traversed the world based on her husband, Mr. D.’s military experiences where his responsibilities placed them in various geographical location. He is, at least these days, mild energy, however God only knows of his past, as his present “hobby” of collecting junk he might one day repair has inundated her life and world to the point the vehicles have to be parked outside the garage, and the land behind the home is impassible.

     She was speaking of her husband, Mr. D., who now cannot do much due to lapses in memory, Alzheimer’s maybe, dementia perhaps, as she attempts to diagnose his mental condition, and obvious effect of internal clutter. And yet I am Called upon to cleanup HER clutter, the gardens of her property that have been so neglected for more than 10 years one can barely maneuver about the yard. She calls herself “a master gardener” who gives “classes” on this practice. Has no one told her Nature is the only Master Gardener and Life need not be designed by an “expert”?

      And so now it has become the daunting task of some unfortunate entity that must be responsible for cleaning up their messes. And so we do so with unspoken resistance. Could it be Gratefulness that impels us to such a task?

     How it resonates with me this thought of how “the sins of the father are passed on to the third and fourth generations”.

     So now I am greeted with more clutter through which we must wander with the entry of this entity who calls himself “P.”. Not much space is available where Love, Truth or Wisdom may be discovered hidden there.

      He is an aspect of many, a manifestation of Mr. D., the collector of things, who now has so much collected mania, intellectual mischief and information he is overwhelmed, and now the task of removing it will be someone else’s responsibility.

      What is BEHIND this cursed thing?

     And so the accumulation process continues with MORE learning. I hear the voices of the wise say, “This boasted learning must have an end!?” For unless the process is reversed, I become just another source of the hideous “knowledge” that is sought, to be included into his arsenal of weaponry.

     The trains I observed entering and leaving Gallup, New Mexico seemed to have no end. With four locomotives pulling and two pushing the combined supplies loaded, in excess of three hundred rail cars, the supply chain remains constant, unbroken. This train no one can stop. The momentum of its forward motion is so intense it would take the entire Arizona desert in space to slow the movement to as stop, before the direction could be reversed.

     Now I will offer such an understanding to him. And beyond this You offer me TO offer him I leave to you to decide the outcome for us both, and for all minds. For as You have Revealed, “One mind is all minds. One mind affects all minds”, all minds of the seen AND the unseen.

     I am uncertain of what is my role, what You request of me.

     You asked me to extend to another with whom I shared the concept of “selflessness” who now has already decided, after hearing OF selflessness, what it shall be. He who has contoured the principle into his own definition of selflessness uses it according to the specifications for which it is useful to him. It appears to be exactly what he needed to fit into the conflicted, unfinished mosaic of his life. This piece fits the mysterious unfinished jigsaw puzzles that has troubled him, some missing piece that was not making the picture clear to him, something that was missing. And in a moment of clarity, perhaps it occurred for him;  “AAAHHHHH, OF COURSE, it is SELFLESSNESS, the secret herb, the hidden formula, the missing link that finally fits my puzzle so completely!!!

      It is perceived to BE the piece that completes the mosaic he is constructing for himself of what he thinks he wants and/or needs that delays his misery, for a month, a year, a lifetime, many lifetimes perhaps. Yet who can determine the thorny byways that are designed just for them? And so to attempt to explain the mosaic is not a clear depiction of what he is attempting to define for himself remains unheard, or IS heard that is sung in a language that is pleasing to the ear.

     Now to discover the goal is not to learn more, but to unlearn, hardly anyone has discovered.

     For ego, “unlearning” becomes another idea to accumulate, something ELSE to grasp and manipulate, more to “learn”. Yet behind all this elaborate stage performances, with all the bells and whistles, enthusiasm, excitement, surprise, mystery and intrigue as to what lies behind the curtain, while hiding behind the curtain, there he remains, a small, insecure child, sucking his thumb, who has wet pants, who trembles in fear of the perceived “tragedy” that awaits him, and in his own words explains, “I understand that working with you will be challenging, uncomfortable, demanding and probably intimidating” Must it be so? Yet only for him who has predetermined the pitfalls of the Wilderness Path can his own Being wait patiently to be discovered.

     P., I wish to hear about what precipitated your journey to traverse the external world for “success” and “security”. I wish to hear of your biological family; he who was assigned to be your father, she who was assigned to be your mother, and the siblings, if any, as a result of that family system.

     We cannot add to the already huge volume of contamination you presently carry. For none of it has helped. In fact, it has brought you to this day and this place.

      If you are reaching out, again, to another, then clearly it must be asked what have you received that you have not applied that has not ended this worthless pursuit?

      It is Written,

Seek not outside yourself. For you will fail.

And you will weep each time an idol falls.”

          We can only begin from This Premise.