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      Man-made rules are an abomination to Cosmic Law, 
and those who practice “law” are part of the problem rather than the Solution. 

Desert Spirit


Desert Spirit


         I offer my experience to you, not as something I would “teach” you. However, by extending it, I acknowledge its truth within me.

     You offer the words, “I’m sorry that you’ve refused to provide him the refund he is due and instead withhold the refund in order to impart a cosmic lesson.” Be fully aware that this IS your perception as the situation stands presently and that your actions are motivated BY your inaccurate assessment.

 As they are your words, I will ask you, “What IS a “cosmic lesson”?

cosmic – (Gr, kosmos, universe) – of the universe, of the cosmos, vast

     That you acknowledge there is a “cosmic lesson” to be imparted to ANOTHER, your brother, conveniently removes YOURSELF from the cosmic lesson.

     However, as previously stated, the lesson is a shared lesson, and became a shared lesson when you decided to intervene on behalf of another who could not find applicable resolution to his own situation.

     As you state that, according to your perception, the lesson is of a cosmic nature, it makes the lesson, by definition, universal. You then are indirectly admitting that you are part OF the cosmic lesson.

     If, by definition, the lesson is vast, being of a cosmic nature, how can you appropriate such myopic conclusions TO the lesson?

     The lesson, as previously stated, has been arranged BY the Universe FOR those who partake in the lesson. You cannot therefore exclude yourself FROM the lesson. That you attempt to remove yourself FROM the lesson by suggesting someone is attempting to teach someone else a “cosmic lesson” suggests you fear the Universe as well as the Cosmos, and your fear of Cosmic Law is your unconscious refusal to see that you too are part OF this Cosmic Lesson.

     By your own words you have made this a Cosmic Lesson.

     That you acknowledge there is a Cosmic Lesson that is present in this situation implies that what has been previously stated to you and your brother is true. Why, then, would you complain ABOUT the Cosmic Lesson? Shall we discover this together?

     To whom will your complaint be directed? Will it be directed to the Cosmos? If not, why not? Do you think complaining to those who practice man-made rules, as you do, will not reach the Ears of the Cosmos or the Heart of Divine Intelligence, and you collectively will find the “right” solution?

     Why would you complain about a Cosmic Lesson?

     If the lesson is universal, as you say it is, then the Universe will decide the outcome, and justice will be given to all who have entered the lesson.

     We see how man-made laws are not laws, but merely rules. True Laws cannot BE “broken”.  A law cannot BE broken BECAUSE it is a Law. The blue of the sky is a law. Wind is a law. The wet of water is a law. The strength of a tree is a law. Man-made rules have been manufactured because man has decided to play God, thereby violating Cosmic Law, and thinks by cutting down trees to build flimsy houses and shelters will protect him from Natural Laws.

      Man-made rules are an abomination to Cosmic Law, and those who practice “law” are part of the problem rather than the Solution. Look what man-made rules have accomplished. A man is falsely accused, and spends 20 years in prison. He is then exonerated by Universal Laws that reveal his innocence.

     Nothing is ever as it appears, and it is man’s fear OF Universal Laws that provokes him to “practice law” and become a “lawyer”, he who defends man-made rules that Cosmic Laws do not recognize as a sane or just solution to anything.

     If man were related TO Universal Laws, would he need a lawyer? Would he BE a lawyer?

      You suggest a theft has occurred, thereby making you and your brother a victim of the unscrupulous actions of another. You then proceed, based ON this misperception, to file a complaint ABOUT this purported theft, thereby justifying your victimization. Any wise person would see the foolishness of such actions.

     No one forced your brother’s hand to engage in a financial transaction from the site in question. He did this by and through his own volition, and then proceeded to attempt to manipulate the situation to his self-satisfaction. When this did not materialize as he had planned, it became what “they” did to “him”, thereby imposing upon himself the role of victim.

     What will be the rewards a victim seeks? What rewards will Cosmic Law offer victims? Who complains ABOUT Universal Laws and why? Who refuses to acknowledge These Laws? The second and third questions answer the first.

     It is man’s “laws” and his endless “law books” that derived out of man’s refusal to acknowledge Universal Law, or to use your words, the “cosmic lesson”. Man manufactured rules to deny Cosmic Lessons so that when man was not satisfied with a particular outcome in his life, he could use these false laws to manipulate situations and circumstances to appease his discontent that would convince him he has found a way to satisfy his inner turmoil of victimization, which by the way only exacerbates the situation. And yet in spite of that, there is NEVER true Justice.

     Man may get his way, yet this gratification is a “victory” only for his ego, short lived and shallow . He never comes to a true contentment and peace through his imposition OF man-made rules on others, and so spends his life “protecting” himself and others, for a fee, with a cloak of self-satisfaction.

     Without man-made rules, he is nothing. With man-made rules, he is more than nothing. And who among men that support man-made rules and deny Universal Law think his pockets lined with gold will make him secure against the Cosmic Lesson?

     Man and his man-made rules are not in alignment or agreement with Universal Laws, Cosmic Lessons, and proceeds to design his own “laws” to satisfy his own insecurities. Where in nature are lawyers seen?  Does a hummingbird need an attorney to file the appropriate documents in its complaint against the flower that is not providing the pollen it requests?

     To whom do you think you are speaking? From whom do you think these words come? For your perceptions have taught you these things, and either you are related to the Cosmic Lesson that placed your eyes onto these words today, or your own actions led you here. Either way, you are here to discover one or the other. And only you can choose the perception that is most appropriate for you.

     In man’s refusal to acknowledge the Cosmic Lesson or Universal Law that is present, and as he perceives “things” are not going his way, his complaint against Universal Law is an attempt to convince himself of the rightness OF his pseudo-laws, and proceeds to impose his rules on the Universe. “I do not like the way things are, so I will make laws to change them to satisfy my own insecurities and fears and confusion.”

     He then thinks he will receive that to which he feels he is entitled, and is justified in his actions. He does not realize he is moving AGAINST the Cosmic Lesson. The Universal Law then reveals that man’s attempt to override Universal Law through his own rules is an attempt to not acknowledge his insecurities ABOUT his relationship WITH the Cosmic Lesson. He thinks it is someone else’s lesson.

     Man covers himself in man-made rules and false titles BECAUSE he is insecure and not related TO the “cosmic lesson” or Universal Law. If he was related to Rightness, he would have respect for Those Who have led him INTO the Cosmic Lesson and realize an Order that is not of this world has brought him to this point.

     Did you plan on being here? And if not, how did you arrive here? You can say that someone asked you to intervene. Nevertheless it was your decision to enter the Doorway. Yet any justification you find to appease your questionability as to why you are here is only a refusal to recognize you were Brought here by Cosmic Laws. If then you decided TO enter this Doorway, you must be asking FOR the cosmic lesson. Is that not so?

     A Cosmic Lesson is part of Order. The Universe is always in Order. That you and your brother perceive there is a disorder reveals neither of you are related TO that Order. Then, from there, you attempt to bring order TO this perceived disorder. And that is insane.

     To bring order to disorder or to bring law to the lawless is backward, upside down thinking. Man manufactured rules he calls “laws” only BECAUSE he thinks there is lawlessness. His fear and hatred for others provoked this madness. The motivation for imposing “laws” on the lawless is man’s attempt to define what the “law” is supposed to be, according to him, and according to his perception of the lawlessness he perceives all around him. He then defines himself as the upholder OF the “law” that he thinks protects him. Yet in spite OF this so-called protection, he is not related to or identified with the Universal Law he fears that reveals these things to him today, thereby retaining his victimization role.

     As it has been stated, to attempt to bring order to disorder is an illusion. To file a complaint to find solvency in a situation imply there is something ABOUT WHICH to complain. This too is illusion. It is a temptation, stimulated by anger, to motivate the perceiver into an action that ultimately will lead to counter-productivity, because it is stimulated BY discontent and disharmony.

     The Cosmic Lesson teaches that man’s rules are only for those who think there is lawlessness in the world. A lawyer, then, is he who is not related to True Law, Universal Law, Cosmic Law, or what is termed the “cosmic lesson”.

     Divine Intelligence, friend, is the only true Legal Counsel. Your attempt to ingratiate yourself with false titles is unbecoming of you. It is not a measure of your true worthiness.

      Share this with your brother in gratitude for him who made this cosmic lesson for you possible. Certainly it must be worth more than a pile of worthless currency?

     As this is a Cosmic Lesson, it will be posted on the Wilderness Path universal website. As it is universal in nature, many will glean the meaning it has for them.  Of course, your identity will remain anonymous, as it should be, unless of course you wish for us to reveal you and your brother’s identity within the context of the lesson.