wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit


 To: Chris Cuomo

      Greetings to you Chris.

     I trust you are well.

     In an out-of-body experience several evenings ago, I was Sent to an Elder Who appeared in a lotus position in front of whom I stood. He was with a grey beard, and long grey hair. His eyes were closed. He only said to me as I stood before him:

 "Those who follow the Guidelines will be protected."

     The Guidelines, it was intimated to me, are not necessarily that which the CDC offers humankind, however, they are part OF the Guidelines. From your own Inner Guidance you can glean what the Message is for you with whom I wish to share it.

     Further, I am Guided to offer you this that follows that I Received today. Look upon it with an open mind, with New Eyes and Ears.


 Full SUN-Moon Virgo tomorrow at 5.23 a.m. GMT -

Outflow September 2, 3, 4…

Errol and Imogen

Thursday, September 03, 2020

      Hi to You All,

     From 'information' we are both receiving now, September, there is going to be a huge spike in the pandemic and many people are going to be infected and 'pass on' (very quickly). It is going to shock humanity (etc, etc.), awake and create a good degree of chaos. This is because the deep lessons that are supposed to be learnt via the medium of the pandemic/lockdowns are not being learnt by MANY, and even being avoided. Thus all the naive demonstrations against the lockdowns, etc., and people refusing to wear masks or distance themselves ( me, me, me and fuck the rest of you - the exact opposite lesson the pandemic/lockdowns are meant to teach people). Thus the coming huge spike (Dana Coverstone saw hospitals overflowing and healthcare systems unable to cope). I (Errol) was informed re this issue - simply 'The grim reaper' and I (Imogen) was informed the same.

     The human ego always cannot believe that it can be taken by shock and surprise, this despite the fact of the first 6 months of this year. Then the ego goes back to before and into the same ignorant, naïve, childish situation (with all its projections). Then the next shock comes (2nd huge Wave) and then it will go back to before. And then the 3rd huge++ shock (November), and then it will be 'down on its knees'. Thus all humans are responsible for the dire +++ situation of this Planet and human race and not just governments, etc.

     And then - after all three Shocks/Shocking Awake's - and only then, will Revelation come.

     Civil war is coming to the USA (this + the devastating wildfires, political and economic and social chaos and the huge spread of the virus and many people dying). Floods are now occurring in many countries too. This is all related to 'purging and purification'.

    The Virgo 'Quickening' is Happening in all these areas. The normal train has become the Express train and soon the Super-Express train, which will go off the rails.

     Best to Raise Oneself Up and Surf the Waves rather than play ego-games of 'all is well and let's go back to normal'. Normal is over. Thank God. Flow with the Abnormal or be swept away by the breaking Waves.

     Last but not least be very careful about Trump. He is being used by the dark Lodge (just like Hitler). When you lie all the time people start thinking (not Thinking) that you must be telling the truth. Fascinating psychology. The dark Lodge is brilliant at this deceptive game.

      Humanity is 'entering the Burning Ground' (of the ego). Be very Careful. Do not follow the blind crowd. 


     Carry on, my brother, with the Good Works that you do.

     I beg to remain anonymous,

     Desert Spirit