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"I have said many times that Intelligence MADE the brain,
and that the brain is not a maker or generator OF intelligence."

Desert Spirit 





May 13 2009
Desert Spirit

The WHAT IS DEATH? lesson I am in is interesting in that it speaks about the ‘reality’ of the body and how we make determinations about life and ourselves based on the perception of ourselves AS a body. And in that perception the spirit gets very little recognition, except where one’s ‘religious’ beliefs play a part in the life of a human being. The body takes precedence over the spirit in a material/physical world, and the spirit is secondary to this. But in a spiritual path, this is reversed; the spirit takes precedence and the body becomes secondary. That means the priority of one’s attention must be redirected.

     In A.A. it is written about how a set of values are placed aside so that a whole new set of values can replace them. In A Course in Miracles, it is called ‘a radical thought reversal.’

     So today in the study of the principle of WHAT IS DEATH? I read:

In this perception of the universe as God created it, it would be impossible to think of Him as loving. For who has decreed that all things pass away, ending in dust and disappointment and despair, can be feared.”

     If I study a scripture from the body level, then I define everything in those terms. But if I look at the scripture from the spirit level, so to speak, then what I read becomes an awareness that Spirit is speaking about THOUGHTS and IDEAS and CONCEPTS and PERCEPTIONS, rather than the physical reality of things.

     In terms of ‘the universe,’ we are speaking of the Mind of God.

     In terms of death, we are speaking of the death of ideas.

     As I study the above passage, I begin to consider my present lessons with the many tests I am in and how the passage pertains to this.

     If it is true that the brain thinks that all things that are born of the world die, and this is the whole of reality, then it does seem rather disappointing to be “as God created me in His Image.” However, ‘His Image’ is defined by man, by ego. And so if man thinks he or she IS physical, then from that limited perception he or she will define everything from that level.

     So ‘God’ becomes a man or a woman and we try to understand something of the Spirit World from this perspective, which is insane.

     If Spirit is Mind and if the Universe is the Mind of God and if in the Mind of God is all of life, then this creative and powerful energy must surpass anything the brain can comprehend. I have said many times that Intelligence MADE the brain, and that the brain is not a maker or generator OF intelligence.

     In viewing the above passage, and based on the fact that I am spirit with a mind that can do anything, then when it says ‘all things must pass away,’ it must be speaking of my perceptions of things or my MISPERCEPTIONS of things.

     If it says, “all things must pass away ending in dust...” then I can see that the walls I build in my mind would come crumbling down when I realize I could say to the perceived mountain within me, “Move over there, and be gone,” and it must obey because I am its maker.

     If it says, “all things must pass away, ending in dust and disappointment and despair,” then I begin to consider the despair and disappointment in my thinking MUST HAVE AN END. And so the lesson becomes richer, because it is not speaking about ‘saving the body’ but saving the mind from its chaotic and insane thinking.

     From there, if the insane thinking manifests as an insane external world I experience, then this reversal of thought, where I begin to see all thoughts that I misperceive must pass away, must be reflected in the world I experience, and this becomes the ‘changes’ many attempt to make externally but never experience the full benefit OF those changes.

     Last night I had a dream. It was one of death. A group of us were led to a house, and there was a man and a woman who were the ‘leaders’ and the group went to this place. Something about this place was not right, but everyone including myself was deceived to think this place had something to offer. But deep down I thought it was a place to die. In the house there were pictures, of each of us. I asked the ‘leader’ where my picture was, and he pointed to a picture of a blond woman and myself. There was also a picture of the leader with a noose around his neck, and in my mind it was intimated to me that after everyone was killed, the leader would take his own life.

     I said, “I am not staying here,” and walked out. I was the ONLY ONE TO WALK OUT. He followed me and said, “If you go I will follow you and find you” and I said “Then come and find me.” I went to my truck and drove away, and knew inside that he could not touch me.

     So this reminds me of Michael Scott in The Office episode where he walks away from the job, and the receptionist went with him and no one else took the chance. And he was able to start a new business after some resistance. But it gave him a freedom to negotiate other terms. And so often I feel this is how it is for those who are interested, truly, in a spiritual path. I went to AA and no one followed, and I overcome the addiction, and my life was redefined.

     “Debt” debt lessons are just another extension of that lesson - the bottoming out of an addiction, the   withdrawal and the rebirth.

     And so the “credit” lesson is being redefined. Credit is something I GIVE TO MYSELF, and NOT what a bank thinks it can give me.