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"I am not here to tell you how to use your power.

 I am here to show you how you use your power

by demonstrating how I use my power."

Desert Spirit



One Step Beyond


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Monday, October 08, 2007

Desert Spirit 


     This is my holy instant of release from time, space and the ego-thought system. Thank You for Your Greater Experiences and Guidance in the right use of my power.


     Now this day I ask You, Father Creator, within the Wise Elders You send me, what will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Decisions for me be done, not mine. I cast my cares on You Who care for me. And Guide me not in to the temptations of my mind’s thoughts, but Guide me to Remember it is an Opportunity to rightly use my power.


     Now "The Peaceful Warrior" seems to be he who conquers all obstacles within himself. It is he who has the wisdom to use in a physical world that is his training ground. And it is also he who Guides through experience.


     Now the aspirant insults the Teacher, but the Teacher says, “You chose me,” and attempts to Guide him to right action. Yet there is no respect for the Wise Teacher. And the aspirant has no self-respect. And because of this lack of self-respect he winds up harming himself. And so the Teacher, either directly or indirectly, pushes him away to fulfill his own ambitions until he can humble himself before the Teacher who then provides to him the lowest level of service duties, testing his willingness.


     Now I recall Tara Singh saying, “I will push you away,” and Krishnamurti saying to Tara Singh, “Go get a job and make money or I will never see you again”. And my own AA sponsor stating to me, “I cannot help you any more. It is time to go our separate ways.”


     So it is this that becomes the Test for the aspirant – can he/she follow directions, suggestions made BY the greater experience? Can he/she follow Guidance?


     Forgive me for pushing away the ones You send to me,  but my experiences have taught me respect for those who HAVE a greater experience to share with me, who extend their wisdom, beyond the personal, intellectual world. And so I also thank You for the discrimination to understand when the willingness is applied to resistance.


     Now I will not tolerate the inconsiderate, the insulters, the arrogant who know no humility. I will not tolerate the unwilling. And there is nothing bold about being a big mouth.



insult – (L, in, out + salire – to leap) – to leap on; to subject to an act, remark, etc. meant to hurt the feelings or pride



leap – (OE, hieapan) – to jump, spring, bond; to accept eagerly something offered; to pass by a jump; a sudden transition



     So an insult is a transition. An offering of an insult is an offering of a sudden transition. And You say “What you give you give to yourself.” So to give an insult is to give oneself a sudden transition.


     And what is a transition?


     It is a shift, a sudden change. Does the one who wishes to offer insult also wish to receive sudden transition/shift?


     Now the offerer of the insult is offering a sudden transition thereby requesting the same. And so to not go the way of the insult would be a transition? To not accept disrespect is to welcome a sudden change.


     If I do not allow the insult, then the being must remain with whatever preceded the offering of it, thereby placing a being back INTO the place that initiated the insult. And so if I am not to allow for the distraction and deviation, then there must remain the source of the insult. And so if it, the insult, is a transition, then offering it is asking FOR transition.


     Then, it is a shift whereby the object of the insult is reversed, remaining with the insulter, and it becomes the Gift, an Opportunity to Receive a transition.


     Each one who sought a sudden transition sought to offer the insult. They feel I sent them away, but actually requested, through their offer of the insult, a sudden transition. And I gave it. Now will they be angry with me because I gave them what they wanted, and made them not dependent on me?



transition – a passing from one place or condition to another



     Now they insult themselves by remaining in a toxic environment. They have been Given the Opportunity to Receive the sudden transition, but to not APPLY or EXERCISE it is to remain in the same situation that led them into a stale, lifeless existence.


     And so they remain in the unhealthy environment, for convenience, all the while the insult given is the request to BE moved. So I thank them for the insult, for it has moved me out of the energy of resistance and dependency. And so it can be for them also who offered the insult.


     Now I offer the need TO move, and the action can be transitional. For it is the Gift of Opportunity Spirit Offers me that I accept and offer to myself.


     I will not tolerate the disrespectful and arrogant who do not wish to look within and weed out the desire to insult themselves that is disowned and attempted to be placed elsewhere. And each one who is willing to take upon himself or herself the inner correction process must be without the desire to objectify their insults.


     Each being seeks for release. And some exercise it; some merely take sides that are appealing to the personal mind and convince themselves they are ‘speaking truth’ and on the ‘right path for them’. But there is no inner correction. There is only a preferential, preferred outcome they seek to pacify their misery that they think belongs to someone else.


     To seek for God or Love, to run to God or Love, is to be misguided. For the motivation behind such actions is hate for that from which they are running.


     And so it is the willing who come to freedom from self.


     Thank You, Teacher, for the Lesson of Transition. Now I read Your Words, “The world of time is the world of illusions. What happened long ago seems to be happening now.”


     The mind that serves time is the mind that serves the ill use of the mind’s power.


     Then what occurred in time long ago must be how my power was once used. In the willingness to resist not ‘evil’ but also given not into temptation, I receive Opportunity to make this transition to Higher Meaning in each Lesson You Provide.


     Here and now I exercise and apply right use of power, receiving not the disrespect through the insult but seeing it as the request for release he/she offers, that I may be released.


     And MANY I have released, turned away, and many more I will do so. For their liberation from dependency on me is my own.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”