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“To BELIEVE is not to demonstrate. And you think you demonstrate your beliefs.


But you are not Alive in doing so.”


Desert Spirit






Sunday, October 21, 2007

Desert Spirit



     Today my lesson reads,


God’s Teacher speaks to any two who join together for learning purposes.”


     And You say the Atonement is an UNDOING or an UNLEARLING.


     And You say that God’s Will is in everything.


     And You have said that learning is actually a GIVING MEANING TO, or a demonstrating, and not an acquiring of information.


     So every meeting of two beings must be God’s Will? And every meeting of two beings is a joining, and for the purpose of coming together for learning purposes?


     So every two who come together is Arranged by You, and for the purpose of giving meaning and expression to Reality, to the Spirit World?


     So I read the lesson for today and I think it must be those who join together may not see it is within Your Plan, Your Will, TO join them together. And many have attempted to deny that our coming together is part of Your Plan, thinking I have somehow infiltrated their private lives and private thoughts. And they resist greatly any mention of an unlearning or undoing of the ideas of learning and doing.


     If You Arrange the meeting of two beings, is it that both must be interested IN the unlearning of the ego-thought system? For then the lesson suggests that two are joined by you AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN AGREEMENT WITH EACH OTHER. And how can anyone learn in THAT kind of situation?


     Are the two joined together for the purpose of giving meaning to Truth and living by Eternal Laws?


     Are the two joined together to seek within themselves and each other the barriers to Your Presence if each other IS the other?


     I have met many to whom I was joined that were not interested IN seeking for the barriers to Your Presence. Do You join me to those who are not interested in joining?


     And those who are not interested in Your joining of our minds come to be ‘teachers’ and salesmen and saleswomen of their learned ideas of what they assume about Another Dimension.


     Could two be brought together for demonstrational purposes and not realize they ARE joined FOR Your learning purposes?


     If nothing happens by accident and chance plays no part in Your Plan, could any two, say for example a cameraman and a bridge jumper who is going to commit suicide, be joined together for the purpose of giving meaning to life, that would then press others to search for the meaning of Life or the Eternal?


     When I hear the word ‘learn’ I have thought of an acquiring of information rather than an actual physical demonstration. But I can acquire information and never apply, thereby never giving expressing TO the information I have acquired. And I talk the talk well, but am unable to walk the walk.


     Others DEMONSTRATE what some only read ABOUT. And the demonstrations of OTHERS become the information others seek to acquire, thinking they are experts on the experiences of others, without ever having the experience themselves.


     It is easy to become an expert on the experiences of others. It is difficult to LIVE the experiences others have demonstrated.




     So a bridge jumper demonstrates what he or she feels about life in a body, and what it means to him or her to prepare for entry into the Spirit World beyond existence in a body.


     And those who observe this acquire the information as to what it means TO THEY WHO ARE THE ONLOOKERS, seeing it as a cowardice act, or a sick behavior, or any of the endless ideas they apply to it.


     But those who acquire the information will hardly EVER attempt the demonstration themselves.


     And so the bridge jumper leaves the physical world, while those who are left behind to observe his jump think all sorts of things ABOUT his demonstration, and become experts on what it means, to them, in his demonstration.


     But I wonder which of them will go to the bridge and jump and find out for themselves what it means to leave this plane through such a demonstration?


     So the demonstration is superior to the observation of the demonstration.




      Maybe I must explain the Spirit World as not 'a place' but rather a Higher Consciousness, thereby making the world of the body a spirit world also, of a lower vibration.    




     The demonstration I make also must be useful to those who seek for ONLY information, but may never apply what I have demonstrated, thereby never discovering what I truly experienced.


     So what do You mean by, “God’s Teacher speaks to any two who join together”? You say this to me and I see it as a lesson to live. I suggest it to them and they think me delusional.


     If You are the Teacher, do You Arrange the meetings OF the two? How many have You sent to me I have not listened to and have attempted to ‘teach’ what I think is best for them? Or is that just my perception?


     Do You Arrange the meetings because You See what can benefit each being?


     They offer me their thoughts, but I see many things IN their thoughts that they tell me they did not see. And so each one You send me is an opportunity for me to expand MY mind. Yet when I demonstrate this they become threatened, thinking I am attempting to ‘teach’ them something. Yet it is only my interest IN their thoughts that I exercise by sharing what I see IN the thoughts of others.


     It is like the lesson of the evening sky and the stars in it that You Revealed to me.


     I once saw only the dark sky and stars. Then one night I saw something different – and I wrote about what I saw, and others thought it was an excessive use of imagination, or whatever was comfortable for them. For they did not see it until I demonstrated for them THROUGH WORDS what I saw.



And what DID I see?



     I looked up at the night sky, with all the stars in it. And I saw a large dark veil, of pure black, a black sheet that covered the world I lived in. And I saw each star as a pinhole IN that sheet. And I saw through the pinhole a light shining through the pinhole from the other side. And I saw a World of Light on the other side of the dark sheet. And I saw the pinhole as a passageway through which I would pass in my leaving this world every night that I left my body through physical sleep. And I saw endless pinholes, which meant to me endless Worlds of Light to which I could and would visit, each one with a different level of spiritual discovery. And I saw the larger ‘stars’ as holes I have passed through many times. And I saw the tiny holes as ones I have not yet visited but will.


     And in demonstrating this discovery, OTHERS ACQUIRED IT AND SPOKE ABOUT IT, but never discovered their own wonder to share with me.


     And this was a threat to them. And they made ME the ‘teacher’ when I never asked to be one. And THEY put me on a pedestal, and they condemned the pedestal and the teacher. And I allowed and agreed to this demonstration.



     Now when the prophets wrote of their revelations, and they became the "Book of Revelations," and the experts began TELLING US what THEY thought were the prophet's revelations, I wonder if they ever realized how foolish that was?


     I suppose in years to come some may interpret my discover of the stars and the night sky as something it is not?


     Now today’s lesson raises many questions in me. And I wonder how many questions it raised for the many others who received the same Words, who memorized Them, repeated Them, and interpreted Them for their own personal use?


     If You are God’s Teacher, in charge of the process of Atonement, which You say is an UNDOING or an UNLEARNING of what I have learned, then how does the joining of two for learning purposes demonstrate the UNLEARING?


     Obviously BOTH must be in a position to unlearn, even if they do not remember agreeing TO the meeting. And those who do not remember agreeing to the meeting will resist the meetings. They will say to me, “I did not ask for you to come to me to tell me your idea and I am going to block your messages”.


     I have met but a few who are actually willing or interested in demonstrating unlearning, undoing of the personal mind, of the ego-thought system, of the world’s thinking that has made the body a reality and a greater reality than the Spirit World from where ALL things come.


     And so if Your Will is in EVERYTHING, then unlearning of the world of bodies in my mind must be IN every situation.


    As I observe the bridge jumper, I see the spirit demonstrating its fearlessness of what lies beyond the body. And I observe the cameramen struggling with deep perplexing questions as to what it all means to them in their observing a bridge jumper commit suicide.


     Now this day I will to see each lesson and each meeting as one You have Arranged for my unlearning of the world of bodies, in my mind, and all that bodies think is real or true.


     I will see each situation as an opportunity to join for the purpose of undoing my way of seeing and thinking, and attempt to discover what You Will to show me IN each meeting.


     I thank You for these discoveries today.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”