wilderness path

a significant inner journey



“An open mind is not an idea.


In your definition of it you close your mind around the idea.


To be aware of this would be the initiation of the mind to Openness.”


Desert Spirit





Thursday, November 01, 2007

Desert Spirit



     Today my study continues with the levels of teaching. And the Thought of God I come to Receive to today to which I will respond is,


There is no one from whom a teacher of God cannot learn, and so thre is no one whom he cannot teach”.


     This is my holy instant of release from time, space and the ego-thought system. Thank You, Father Creator and Mother Earth for another day to come to live by Spirit’s Laws.  I thank You for managing my time one this plane according to Your Decisions and Wishes for me.


     What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom?


    So what is learning? And who learns? For if every being is a teacher of God, then every being must be a demonstration of God, an expression of God, a demonstration of Life, an expression of Life?


     Now if every being is a teacher, then ever being must also be a pupil? Every being demonstrates and every being is introduced TO a demonstration?


     This day I give what You Will for me to give. And I first will give to myself, to my mind, the space and time it deserves, being spacious and timeless. I give to myself first the care my mind needs and deserves. I give to my mind the freedom from oppressing thoughts, My mind deserves rest from worry, fear, depression, self-centeredness, pride, arrogance. And so in this I look to my lesson I will apply this day.


     There is no one from whom I cannot learn, or discover something. Yet who are they from whom I think I can learn or discover NOTHING? Or is this their gift, that I learn and discover nothing from them, the nothing they demonstrate, that my time with them is a waste OF time?


     In those from whom I learn nothing is not anything I would learn or keep for myself. And it will be this realization I extend to them. I pray they are not offended, but if they are they, will they learn FROM ME I have introduced them to an offense in them?


     “I can learn nothing from you. Your life represents everything I do not want nor need nor desire” is the blessing of my release from dependency on them, is my release from those who have nothing I want nor need nor desire, nor do I find appealing.


     And what will they do when they do not have me to ‘teach’? What will they do when they do not have me to depend on them? From whom will they take what I have when I no longer need to give what I have TO them?


     If the emphasis is on the Inner Teacher, then what would be inside a being he or she would not be afraid to look upon? What would be inside TO be afraid to look upon?


     The Inner Teacher resides there. That is why It is called an INNER Teacher.


     What would be seen within if the Inner Teacher is there? Is the Inner Teacher afraid to look at what a being has made that seems to be greater THAN the Inner Teacher? Is the Inner Teacher angry, depressed, sad that I have erected false idols in the place of the Inner Teacher? Are false idols my Inner Teacher? Are the idols of worship in an individual that are more important than the Inner Teacher offensive TO the Inner Teacher?


     One says to me, “I do not need to listen to you, or the Inner Teacher. I have God”. How idiotic is that?



     Would the Inner Teacher teach a being to seek outside or avoid those who wish to see what is inside another? If the Inner Teacher IS inside, who would not wish to GO INSIDE unless they fear the Inner Teacher?


     Perhaps the teacher they fear inside is NOT an Inner Teacher, but a source that is a teacher of fear, a teacher of guilt, a teacher of shame, a teacher of dependency, a teacher of littleness, a teacher of oppression, a teacher of falseness, a teacher of deception, a teacher of piety?


     Who would avoid going inside?


     Who would resent another who wishes to journey there? They say, “I want someone to know who I am truly” but they are afraid to go inside to reveal everything about themselves.


     Why would I be not afraid to go inside another but THEY are afraid to go inside themselves, with me as a companion? They want me to go to a movie with them but do not want to travel to the dark side of themselves with me.


     The children come to the door. I have on a monster mask. I have a candle. They do not care. They come to get the candy. I ask them, “Are you not scared?” They say, “No.” They are not afraid of monsters. The innocent child who has not yet been taught by fearful teachers TO fear.


     Why would I be not afraid to go inside myself and reveal what is there but they are afraid to see and hear what is inside me? If what is inside them not fearful to them, why will then not go there?


     If the Inner Teacher is inside each one, who needs to look elsewhere?


     Who would allow the Voice of the Inner Teacher that Asks one to journey inward? So those who resist going inward are teachers who do not know of an Inner Teacher. And they make the Inner Teacher something to fear. They make the Inner Teacher OUTSIDE, in the sky somewhere.


     What they would teach me is how to avoid the Inner Teacher and depend on them – “Listen to me. I have the message from HS. I am a messenger. I have the HS message for you. HS told me to tell you this…”


     If a being truly had a message for me from ‘HS’, would it be, “Listen to me only”? Or would it be, “Do not listen to me, but seek within yourself what blocks you from hearing the Voice of the Inner Teacher.”


     If the so-called ‘messengers’ were with an Inner Teacher, would they boast, would they draw attention to themselves, would they ask my for ANYTHING? If the Inner Teacher is in the ‘messengers’, and the Inner Teacher NEEDS NOTHING, why would they who think they have the ‘HS’ at their disposal ask me or anyone else for ANYTHING?


     If the so-called ‘messengers’ were with an Inner Teacher, would the Inner Teacher in them say to me, “Do not come here. This one only wants something from you. Go find the Inner Teacher within yourself”?


     Is the ‘HS’ so powerless that It needs ME to provide to IT worldy possessions?


     If the co-called ‘messengers’ were with an Inner Teacher, would they not encourage OTHERS to discover their Inner Teacher? Or would they say, “Your Inner Teacher is in me”?


     So those who claim to have an Inner Teacher, who do not ask me to look for the Inner Teacher within myself, must not have one, and want something from me. They want to introduce me to THEIR Inner Teacher who they claim wants my personal possessions, my house, my money, even my time. OR, they want to hear from me that their inner teacher is the voice of deception.


     And so this I learn FROM these other teachers. If I follow their examples, I can be sure I will wind up like them.



     Now if all can learn from another and those who claim to be spokespersons for God are included in this, then when they are asked to seek within themselves their piety, grandiosity, greed, pride, arrogance, self-centeredness, false security from which they suffer, will the Inner Teacher IN THEM ignore me?


     This lesson is reminiscent of my days in AA where it is written, “If YOU want what WE have…” And I discovered many there had what I DID NOT want. And I told them so. And I thanked each one of them for demonstrating for me what I DID NOT want. And they were offended. They said I was not with ‘ purpose ’, THEIR purpose. And I left them in their resentment and in their purpose, and I was liberated BY their poor examples.


     So I realize TODAY that I was living THEN this lesson You Give me today. And I thank You for showing me those who have what I DO NOT WANT NOR NEED, and for those who do not want what I have. And they do not need to waste their time with me, and I do not need to waste my time with them.


     And I thank You for those who DO have what I desire, and for those who desire what I have.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done in this way.”


     Now if these teachers of falseness who claim they want nothing from the world are speaking truly, why do they want from OTHERS the things of the world OTHERS have – their money, their house, their possessions, their dependency on the teacher of falseness?


     And those who find value in these false teachers, who continually seek them out to find out what these false teachers are doing with their lives, I wonder what these beings think they will find?


     I wonder what attracts them TO these false teachers? Does it make them feel good about themselves?


     Desert Spirit