wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“How are you to change the world you experience


if YOU are unwilling to change your ideas ABOUT the world you experience?”


Desert Spirit




 November 15, 2007

Desert Spirit


My lessons recently have been on the issue of levels of teaching and the idea that such a premise could be possible. The lessons examine how I think of teaching and how I think of time. Being that I think in terms of a physical reality, of time and space and of the body, I am Told that the thought of levels of teaching being a possibility is false. The false is what the Teacher calls ‘illusion’. And so the idea of levels of teaching also include the idea of time, since a level of teaching implies something to attain, something to which one aspires. This implication then leads to the ideas of time and what one hopes to attain THROUGH time. And so if the idea of levels of teaching, as the Teachers Suggests, is illusory, so is the idea of time.

With these preliminary thoughts I begin my lesson which states, “We have covered the illusion of time already, but the illusion of levels of teaching seems to be something different.”

I have previously discovered the term ‘illusion’ means ‘ill use’ and that ‘ill use’ means ‘misuse’. The ill use of time must be my misuse of time, my misperceptions about time that teach me of some future point IN time where events I experience in a physical world will be different, changed; I will think/see/hear differently, my consciousness will be developed to a point where I would, at will, leave the body voluntarily rather than at the hands of physical death over which I think I have no control, that I could leave the body at will and return to it at will, change anything in the body simply by thinking it. And time tells me, or my ideas of time tell me I am not yet at a place IN my thinking where I can do this, thereby teaching me I must either work at these things or practice arduously these things, or be patient and they will soon be somehow available to me.

Yet it is how I utilize each day, each moment IN time that determines what/who I am as well as what experiences I will have on this plane. If You, Spirit, have come to Assist me in remembering, awaken me to the Fact I AM spirit with mind unlimited, I will to USE my time IN time to remember this NOW.

You tell me I do not know what love is and that there is no experience IN this world that compares to it.

And to make proclamations about love/God/life/Spirit/truth is inaccurate if I have used the power of Your Mind of Which I am a part to deny them, forget them, reject them, and in doing so redefine them for my own personal use.

You tell me my task is therefore not to seek for love/God/life/Spirit/truth, thereby indicating the right use of my power in time and space would be to seek all he ways I have defined love/God/life/Spirit/truth. Would this then be right us of time, or right use of my power in time?

The ill use of time would be to lose myself in an external environment where I think the world serves to me things I cannot change. And so I think, “The government has the ‘power’ to assist all beings in this place called the western hemisphere.” But it seems we do not WANT health care. We want suffering for OTHERS, and through war and violence we GIVE suffering TO others, thereby giving suffering to ourselves.

So how can we expect to wish for health care while we are sponsoring suffering (war) for others? The government then is only giving To us what we want, collectively.

How am I to change the world I experience, where my concerns for health care for the body would be available to me should I require it? Yet how can I, AS spirit, within Your Perfection, not provide health/wealth/safety/security/freedom TO myself within the world I experience?

Now You have Said the thoughts I think affect the world I experience. And so I come to look for all the ways I ill-use time, that I may be restored to sanity and rightly use my time IN time. I am also thinking that even my ILL USE OF time is right use of time if it prompts me to do something ABOUT my ill use of time that only promotes friction, dissatisfaction, fear, anxiousness, and a fragile, brittle and unstable existence.

I have relied on others to tell me of the condition of my body, thereby relying on others to teach me of their solutions to the problems from which they have told me I suffer. I rely on THEM to teach me how to protect it, care for it. Yet this care for the body comes from those who teach me the fear of NOT depending on THEIR solutions.

There is a high cost to me, emotionally and financially, in my depending on those who teach me of all the problems they say they seen IN my body. Yet, if they are an aspect of myself, as You say they are, then is it a part of my self that is ‘warning’ me OF potential problems, or is it the lie this part of my self tells me I wish to hear?

And so they give a pill. It is their solution. But NEVER do they tell me, “Change your thinking about your self, thereby changing your thinking about your body and this will in effect change the very cells of our body. For the cells contain your memories of what you think of yourself AS a body.”

And so I come to rightly use my power to remember I am spirit FIRST, part of the Perfection and Creation of the Uni-Verse, using a body to transmit this to others who are also convinced THEY are a body.

Animals do not suffer from disease or other ailments, physiological or psychological, as do humans. Nor do plants. And so in nature is displayed the Certainty of what the animal is, what the plant is; a expression of Life.

It KNOWS it is Life’s Expression.

It KNOWS What sustains it.

If I am part OF Life and ALL Harmony/Order/Perfection, it is THIS I will to remember, thereby transmitting TO my mind how to rightly use the body in time and space as You ask me.

Now I remember Your Words, “The body's function is but to let God's Voice speak through it to human ears.”

What other use in time would I have for my self and allow others, with whom I share the experiences I encounter in a body?

Now in this timeless instant I claim Your Use of time for me in the body, that my thoughts of my self in time and in the body may be dedicated for Your Use. I accept no less than this.

Be it so now.

“It is done.”