wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“In the final analysis, what will be your contribution to this plane?


If it is personal, then is it part of the friction that must continue?”


Desert Spirit




October 2007


     External causes designed to ‘save the world,’ or ‘save the whales,’ or ‘stand for peace’ are all cleverly designed distractions to keep a being preoccupied with not dealing with THEMSELVES, and finding within themselves all the reasons they think they need an external answer.


     If the external pursuit is to ‘save’ anything, would not these beings be demonstrating that they ALREADY KNOW WHAT peace is, what salvation is, what harmony is? And if so, why would they then need to promote it, flaunt it, find followers of their cause? They pursue external causes and attempt to drum up business, followers, to support their causes. Yet these are the SAME people who condemn the false teachers who attempt to drum up business, followers, to support their causes. How are they any different from the false teachers?


     External pursuers of external solutions are motivated by an internal strive, and seek external answers TO an internal discontent. Yet they will debate vehemently this is not so, anxiously justifying their actions. For what or who would they be WITHOUT external pursuits? What would they do without their external seeking? They would have to encounter themselves.


     I hear the justifications by many that they ‘care for the world and others’ and that is why they become advocates for the endless causes into which they distract themselves. And each cause is cleverly designed to keep a being from never finding out why they feel a need to support anything.


     Now the Wise have said one can be IN the world but not OF the world. How could one be in a physical reality while be not OF a physical reality? Who has ever asked this question? The busy, noisy, cluttered mind that becomes involved in causes does so because it thinks its actions and behaviors will make a difference. And in truth it DOES make a difference – yet they do not see DIFFERENCES SEPARATE.


     There is an issue within a being that thinks this world that is unsettled can be settled externally. And this is thought by a mind that is not satisfied with what it sees externally, but never seeks the source behind this internal dissatisfaction. And so it seems productive to involve oneself in external solutions, expending great energy through efforts, defending this ideal, all the while it is an internal conflict that fuels and therefore manifests external conflict.


     To be IN the world but not OF the world would require a being to step back FROM external pursuits and make an inward discovery through an inner journey and come upon the source of internal strife. Then, in the rectification OF the internal strife, one can effectively communicate this need TO others, thereby gradually transforming the internal conflict to harmony. In the correction of internal strife to internal harmony is the external healed. The internal strife is no longer being projected and disowned and therefore seen externally.


     Yet many who never make the inner correction will continue to contribute TO an external conflict. So in spite of an inner correction taking place within a being, there will still be many who will be manifesting an external conflict, of which the inner correction makes one aware.


     The external strife one becomes lost in and attempts to correct externally is the projected and denied conflict of one’s inner conflict. Yet it is also the inner conflict of many others who have not made the correction from external to internal pursuits.


     To be in the world but not of the world would be to correct what is within oneself and end the need to correct the world. And unfortunately, very, very few have discovered and implemented this, and therefore rely ON OTHERS or what is external to satisfy their inner strife and discontent.


     It is inner discontent that convinces us that activity in an external world can actually make a difference IN the external. Yet to truly contribute TO the external mess one must begin with the internal discontent that very few are willing to take on. The inner discontent, seen externally, does NOT ALLOW a being to  approach it.

     Shall I attend AA and make honest attempts to sober up? Or shall I attempt to shut down Anheuser Busch?


     Until the inner discontented take upon themselves a reversal of action, the external teachers, causes and solutions will continue to tempt them and draw them away from themselves into a world that is not their Home.                      


 Desert Spirit