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“Can you leave your ‘truth’ alone long enough to discover Its Reality?”


Desert Spirit



Saturday, December 08, 2007
Desert Spirit



Today my study begins with the Thought of God, “The surface traits of God’s teachers are not at all alike.”


But I must think they are. Or those who are alike must not be God’s teachers. Now I ask You, will this study relate me to surface traits, or will this study take me deeper, beyond the superficial masks that are worn by many who pretend to be teachers of God?


If You offer me the Thoughts of God, which You say are eternal and without limits, then so would my contact with this lesson be? Shall I remain at the external, superficial level of the words, or will I make Contact with the Energy behind Your Words?


What will this expression I offer reveal? What will I demonstrate in my contact with this lesson? Shall it be a superficial interpretation of the message? Or will it be an actual direct experience with the principle within it?



surface – (Fr, sur, over + face, a face) – a face over; over the face; (a mask?); the exterior of an object; any of the faces of a solid; superficial features; of, on or at the surface; external



So how many identify with the external? How many seek the external as the source of what is to be recognized as a teacher of God? They dress up, sit certain ways, live in places that assume to be holy, speak a certain way, ‘channel’ voices. There is an endless list of external views that are purported to be God’s teachers. For there must be an endless variation TO the ego, to the personal mind.


There must be endless interpretations of what is a light being when it is dressed in human form. And it seems that those of us who are related TO ONLY the external utilize it to make our determinations as to what a teacher of God is or is not. Yet You say the external is not alike at all, thereby suggesting a teacher of God could not be recognized BY an external costume. And the Pope will be seen as a teacher of God, or God’s holy messenger, but the street person who is homeless is not.



traits – (L, trahere, to draw) – a distinguishing characteristic



draw – (OE, dragen) – to make movement toward one; (attraction?) pull; to pull up, down, back in or out; to need to float in (said of a ship); to compel; to attract; to breathe in; to elicit a reply; to provoke; to bring on; to challenge; to receive; to make comparisons; to deduce; to stretch



So many wish to “become” a teacher, a counselor, a helper, a do-gooder, to become recognized, to become accepted, to become honored, to become revered. Who but the insecure and the incomplete would seek for such approval, for such status, for such recognition?


So many wish to tell others how they should live, make others dependent on them. And I too felt I had something to offer others, only to discover the personal mind is a getting mechanism and is only interested in accumulating; accumulating followers, things, ideas. The personal mind is not interested in emptying out what it has accumulated. How could it if it is built ON the accumulated mania it has designed for itself? Then, unless I am related TO something beyond the personal I cannot be FREE OF the personal.


Based on all the information it has accumulated, the personal mind or the individual mind then convinces itself it has something to offer others what others think will be beneficial TO them. This draws attention TO the individual who wishes to be noticed, recognized. And this need for acceptance, attention and recognition from others could only be fueled by the insecure, by the immature, by the fearful, by the small and shallow mind.  


These beings will NEVER encourage self-reliance. Therefore a surface trait of a being that desires to acquire followers cannot be a true teacher of God. For the independent being who needs NOT a leader or a teacher or a follower comes to discover his/her own goodness that cannot come FROM another.


In the acquisition of all the personal mind makes in the interest of exercising its superiority, it builds for itself a fortress of ideas through which it speaks, leaving for the recipient a wall of information through which the recipient must sift that the recipient is convinced is knowledge.


 And so information is equated with knowledge, and the provider of information is seen as a provider of knowledge. Yet the information the provider offers is not his/her own, but filtered through others who are also information providers. Information providers then never relate others or themselves to why he or she needs TO acquire information, thus making the recipient dependent ON the information, as in, “Oh, I just purchased the new best seller. Did you read so and so’s new book?” And this cycle never ends.


We have much information, but no inspiration.


The information provider relates another TO the information but not to the individual who provides it. Being an accepter OF information, one then equates acquiring information with the acquisition of knowledge. And one becomes dependent ON the acquisition of information, rather than being a SOURCE OF inspiration.


And so there is a relationship with the information but not with the provider of the information. The personal mind becomes the symbol of the provider of information, thereby making the recipient dependent ON the personal mind. Being that the personal mind is with endless variations, this makes for endless variations of the information – interpretations if you will, and will travel here and there, far and wide, for the next ‘teacher,’ the next fix.


The recipient becomes a receiver for the endless variations of the information provided but never relates the recipient to the personal mind that is providing the information OR accumulating the information. This personal mind that provides information is what is seen as a characteristic of God’s teachers, each one offering a different variation on the same theme, on the same information based on the personal mind’s interpretation of it. And the misguided follower says, “Well, there are many paths to God! That is your truth – this is my truth.”


On the surface, however, these beings LOOK THE SAME, full of shallow smiles, co-joined to their ‘soul mates’, clinging to each other for security, the ‘white tissue paper people,’ precariously fragile and guarded against any perceived ‘attack’ that may question their vulnerability they themselves do not realize they are emitting.


Each one is convinced of his/her self-proclaimed status of ‘teacher’ and think they have what others want or need, like pedophiles seeking out the child, seducing it with candy and treats and promises of entertainment and exciting experiences. Yet none of them offer an ending TO the information or dependency on it. None of them offer a look at what is providing the information. And therefore what seeks to acquire the information provided is never seen either.


Therefore the surface traits of those who are self-appointed teachers of God are equally alike. They look the same, they sound the same, they offer the same empty phraseology, they make and keep the insecure recipient dependent on them, the equally evade anything that would focus attention ONTO THEM rather than onto the information they provide.


The more glamorous they can make the information the more dependent they can make the recipient. And the more dependent the recipient becomes the higher the price the provider asks. And the recipient pays.


The information provider that offers a personal interpretation of the Thoughts of God has come to be recognized as a teacher or teachers of God. Therefore the surface traits are the masks, the costumes worn by the insecure who can only uphold their role as long as they can make others dependent on them. This then can be recognized as a characteristic of a self-appointed teacher of God.


Now could it be the dependent recipient IS the teacher of God Sent TO the false teacher, thereby teaching the false teacher OF his falseness? And how many fall, and how far from their self-erected pedestal do they fall when their ‘gifts’ dry up and no longer serve the dependent recipient?


For as many false teachers there are must there be a dependent recipient willing to wear the robes of the dependent follower who is the true teacher of God.


The pious false teachers do not see this, viewing their ‘followers’ as inferior to them. For who can share equality of mind as long as one sees oneself as a teacher and the other as a pupil, or visa-versa?


A characteristic of a self-appointed teacher of God is one who will always seek your approval, will always give you what you want, will make you dependent on him/her, will expect and accept financial compensation for what he/she offers you. As you read these words you already know who they are – their faces appear in your mind.


They will always encourage congregating with others who they proclaim are ‘like-minded,’ equally unaware they need and desire to ensure their ‘community of acceptance’.


They are the ones who never encourage self-inquiry. They utilize the concept of ‘choice’ to evade or deny anything or anyone who will draw to them attention about the source of the information they provide.


A false teacher, then, is characterized as an information provider. He/she is not related to a direct experience within him/herself. They will claim a direct experience with the information, thereby failing to understand what is a direct experience. And their experience is merely the providing of information that is not even theirs but rather the accumulated information others provided also – thieves who steal the direct experiences of others and utilize it for their own persona agenda.


The false are not related to their own direct experiences. Their experience is providing information and not utilizing the information to stimulate a direct experience with it within themselves.


The false teacher, whose information he/she provides, eventually becomes redundant to the dependent recipient, is seen as no longer an inspiring mind. The dependent recipient then must seek another information provider, another false teacher, whose variation ON the information will appear to be different. The ‘new’ information provider/false teacher then is seen as the one upon whom the recipient can depend, until the ‘new’ becomes stale also. This is inevitable as long as the information provider/false teacher is not related to his/her own direct experiences WITH the information. For when he/she IS, he/she becomes a transmitter of wisdom and inspiration, which within the individual are eternal and forever new.


My past affiliations with A.A. has show me this. Those who made of recovery an idea, or the acquiring and providing of information, never provided the direct experiences that would UTILIZE the information for self-transformation. They are the counselors, the ministers, the teachers, preachers, and therapists who have not applied what they have accumulated through books, but expect you to do so. And they expect you to pay them for this privilege.


The success of A.A. is built on the many individuals whose surface traits were various – each one coming from a different background that was experienced as insane thinking and living. Yet the commonality among those who are successful in remaining free of the insanity of limited thinking and living is based on UTILIZING THE INFORMATION PROVIDED to make inner transformation of thinking and thus action possible.


Self discovery then leads TO the release of and freedom FROM the acquisition of information. For when goodness within is discovered, so is the vast reservoir of wisdom, which inspiration provides.


Out of inspiration comes wisdom.


In A.A., each varying experience with self-destruction was met with a single universal principle – a willingness to enter the realm of self-destructive thinking, the realm of self-preservation,  the arena of self-dependency, where the discovery of conflict that resided within the individual mind was also found the solution waiting to be discovered.


Therefore, regardless OF the varying superficial traits OF the individual, the commonality is unchanged. The self-examination of oneself that liberates one from the self and from the need for information ends. One comes to BE the presenter of inspiration rather than a provider of information.


If you, the reader, are aware of it, what you are now receiving is inspiration, not information. It will therefore encourage you to come to express your inspiration that is stimulated by this expression.


It is therefore the authentic teacher who offers his/her own direct experience with the problem and the solution that is discovered within the individual and thus discourages the need to congregate or acquire information. The false do not encourage this because it is not practical for them to push you away if they are dependent on you, and thus make you dependent on them.


Since self-reliance is not practiced in their own respective lives, they will not encourage you to do the same. As long as they can draw to themselves the insecure who depend on them to provide information to them, they will do so to sustain their livelihood.


What will the false teacher discover about him/herself when he/she is no longer distracting him/herself by seducing the unaware with his/her ideas?


What will the insecure, who NEED followers do when the individual finally comes to self-reliance?


What will the dependent ‘teacher’ do when he/she no longer has the insecure TO depend on him/her?


Now I will to exercise the gift of inner correction and right use of mind power by offering only my direct experience with the Unknown. And so this contact with Inspiration that extends wisdom cannot come FROM the information another provides. But it is a demonstration of what any being can and eventually MUST exercise in order to be free of self-deception.


Delay will not offer this Opportunity.


Be it so now.

“It is done.”