wilderness path

a significant inner journey

“Disenchantment must be difficult to swallow by a mind that has built

its hopes and dreams on an idea a special relationship could be a holy relationship.”

Desert Spirit







Desert Spirit

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Thank You, Teacher, for this day and Your providing opportunity for me to extend my study of the undoing of the personal mind and its attachments. David R. seems to have had his wish granted in the entry of Brenda Durant Olson into my/our life. And after a brief encounter has revealed many things I come to understand about my own existence and the direction of my mind in the process of inner correction.


I trust Brenda Durant Olson will come to realize the need to not follow is the goal of Your wishes for us all, as pointed out in the video WAKE UP, but also not demonize what is denied to her in our contact, thereby attempting to prove to the mind her recent contact with Anne Marie and myself, or me specifically, is ‘illusion,’ and that her present position is ‘truth.’


In my exchange with her she reveals that her new husband suggested she looked ‘disenchanted.’ And if the condition of disenchantment is perceived in the relationship by him, then it must be that enchantment/fantasy was its foundation. Therefore the realization that the enchanted relationship and existence has been realized to actually be the disenchantment that it truly is. But in this realization one does not disown the fact by attempting to convince the mind the disenchantment is elsewhere.


Now what comes to my mind are Insights –


Enchantment is the personal mind’s manufactured experience the mind makes up to convince itself the special relationship it wants and cultivates is actually a real/holy relationship established by God. The realization of this can be devastating or liberating.”


Disenchantment must be difficult to swallow by a mind that has built its hopes and dreams on an idea a special relationship could be a holy relationship.”


Disenchantment is not the realization that a being has lost something outside itself but rather has lost something inside itself that another cannot provide.”


God does not enchant. The personal mind enchants that leads to disenchantment for which God or another is blamed.”


So now I turn to the lesson You have prepared for me that reads,


To accept the release from guilt and pain, the insignificance of the body must be an acceptable idea. With this idea is pain gone forever. But with this idea goes also all confusion about creation. Does not this follow of necessity?


To accept release from guilt and sickness, the insignificance of the body must be an acceptable idea, and in this fact pain is forever gone as well as all confusion about creation.


Confusion about creation goes and is a result of my necessity to see and be willing to accept the idea of the insignificance of the body.


Then, if it is necessary for my mind to be free of pain and guilt, the realization of my mind is to see the insignificance of the body. Yet I am shown, through Brenda’s picture show, the union of bodies, and I am told this is a gift of the Father according to the experiencer.


If the insignificance of the body is to be accepted by the mind, then it could not manufacture an illusion of enchantment. To do so must eventually lead to disenchantment if the body is to be seen as not significant. Yet they who think the ‘significant other’ is their ‘soul mate’ must be the fantasy the personal mind plays out by the disenchanted mind. And I wish to not interfere with anyone’s fantasies if this is that by which they desire to exist.


The relationship of fantasy and enchantment between minds convinced they are bodies becomes fragile and can be upset by a single realization that the mind made what is special into something it thinks is holy.


And so of necessity the personal mind that thinks it IS a body MUST make a relationship OF two bodies significant. And of necessity this fantasy of enchantment MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL COSTS. For it must be an EFFECT OF a mind that has made the body significant by making for itself a  ‘significant other.’


Now the lesson reads,


Place cause and effect in their true sequence in one respect, and the learning will generalize and transform the world.”


Then, I begin my study with the fact, “I am not a body – I am as Spirit created me AS spirit. And within my mind is this fact made to be the mind’s priority.”


From this realization must all I perceive reveal this essential shift in perception.


And so it must also bring to my mind the understanding this truth IS NOT a priority in the minds of those who have prioritized the idea IN their mind they are a body. In doing so they manifest the effects of such an idea according to their mind’s belief.



And so reality brings to the mind an END to illusions and fantasy in a mind that has prioritized the fact that it, the mind, has made the body real within itself and an idea. And pursuits for what a mind that thinks it is a body, that seeks for another body to ‘complete’ itself, ENDS.


Thank You, Teacher, for this lesson and recent opportunity to bring to all minds that which is real and that which is no longer needed to be maintained in fantasy.


So be it now.

“It is done in this way.”