wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"How can the mind that uses opposition as a guide understand anything?
It would have to forever BE conflicted BY its own determinations as to what anything means."

Desert Spirit



Another Name For God

Desert Spirit
April 2008




     Now my day begins in New Mexico, where I enjoy being given the opportunity to live, adventure and have time to visit the cabin and many of the Places that hold a rich history. So it is to You my Mother Father Creator within the Elders You send to Guide me to Whom I dedicate and direct my thoughts. It is You my Source of life of my spirit I thank for the many blessings You have sent me and for each one You have given me to walk with on this path to the awakening of my spirit and mind to Reality.


     I do not give much time to my study when I travel, for in my desire to arrive at my destination I rush and push and therefore do not exercise a calm action toward all I encounter.


     So now this time, this holy instant, my thoughts are on this study, the message You give me and my time here. And so I thank You, Spirit Creator, for this time and for Your patience with me in Your Wish to awaken me to the truth I am and to the function You would offer me to fulfill. How can I understand and fully recognize my reality unless I attempt to live it and demonstrate it?


     And so I ask, what will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Decide for me for my earthly journey. Thank You for my daily bread and all You provide that allows me to meet my obligations that I think You have assigned to me and arranged for me to have.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”


     Now I address the lesson as it has been Given with regard to certain outcome. The lesson, as You have previously introduced it is,


"All he (a teacher of God) sees is certain outcome at a time perhaps unknown to him as yet, but not in doubt."


     This would have to be a truth for You Who are my Teacher. All You see is certain outcome at a time perhaps unknown to ME as NOW, but not in doubt, if certain outcome is in the PRESENT, and not a future imagined? That all unknown to me of a certain outcome is NOW, HERE, in the present?


     How could it be otherwise if Spirit is in a state of grace forever? For in this fact, even if there would be a future, the future would have result IN an outcome of grace. Therefore ANY outcome, be it seen as a past OR a future must be OF Grace if it is true my spirit is in a State of Grace forever, or if I as spirit live in Your Grace forever. For then, the only task left to ME is to SEE the grace OF every instance I experience. And this would be nearly impossible if I begin my perceptions from a premise of a non-existence OF grace that I think I must somehow attain. Therefore, even a perceived ‘ungraceful’ situation or circumstance does not negate the fact that spirit is IN grace, even if the situation seems not graceful?


     Could not grace BE certainty? “I am certain this is not a graceful situation nor feels graceful” must be grace and certainty combined. And would it not always BE IN the present? But I think outcome is a future unknown to me, and so it becomes an exercise in deviation into an unknown future not yet known to me. And in this I KEEP WAITING FOR A CERTAIN OUTCOME, an outcome I have designed for myself without Your Contact.


     So I look for a FUTURE release, or a certain outcome, but do not see it AS a present moment.

     And so I will to investigate what is certain and what is an outcome if it IS here and now.



certain – (L. certus, determined) – fixed; sealed; inevitable; reliable; dependable; sure; positive; definite



determined – resolute; firm; having one’s mind made up; assured



determine – (L, de, from + terminus, a limit) – from a limit; limited from; to set limits to; to settle conclusively; to decide or decided upon; direct; to be the deciding factor; to find out or discover exactly



outcome – result; consequences; effect


     I cannot, will not deny the certain outcome has been the result, the effect of my earthly journey with You as my Guide, with You my Father Mother Creator within every Elder You send me. And so Certain Outcome is another name for God.


     Certain Outcome is the effect of my existence I experience. I experience God in every effect or outcome I encounter. In hindsight I see this is true in all I have ever experienced, even when the fact OF Guidance was not something with which I was familiar. Yet beyond the time I came to surrender my mind and the use of its power to Your Care, certain outcome has been the effect I have experienced in every adventure. And this fact alone should be sufficient in how I will approach any perceived outcome I would attempt to manufacture for myself. Yet it should also be sufficient in me understanding how foolish it would be FOR me to manufacture a perceived outcome.


     Now as I begin this day, I come to discover what is certain is determined, and what is an outcome is a result. Then, if my mind is determined to perceive a result, regardless OF what it is, it will be my determined perceptions that define the result.


     And so either the spirit that I am is in a state of grace forever, and therefore I live IN Order and Harmony, or I am removed FROM Grace and think I must ‘get back to It.’ But this would mean I have concluded what is Grace, and what is spirit, and what is the state I reside within every present moment. And based ON that conclusion I then attempt to reach a goal, or an outcome, that I have decided what it should be, and how it should feel or be experienced by my personal mind.


     The IDEA or the thought of not being IN Grace in the present would have to produce a certain outcome also, one I think will, sooner or later, be an effect of Grace. Yet it would then be one I decide. For to decide I live not IN grace but somehow must attain the state would be an idea based on the conclusions I make of myself, and therefore the attainment OF grace, or certainty, would also be one manufactured by me.


     And so the time-bound mind is the being who attempts to live by the personal mind, the self-will, that is not related to the Will of the Self, the Wishes of the Divine, the Certainty of Outcome.


     Now I have determined in all I have experienced what the OUTCOME WILL BE. And this was based on what I perceived my PRESENT state to be. Therefore the outcome I would attempt to manufacture for myself would be based on the idea of how I perceived myself in the present.

     And so in the present where I felt less than or unworthy or guilty, my manufactured outcome would consist of me not being that. Yet I did not see my motivation FOR a perceived outcome was based ON the self-definition I wrote for myself.


     Now You have come to awaken me to the Fact that I am a part of You, that You are Certainty, Order, Grace, Harmony, and therefore THIS IS MY REALITY ALSO TO WHICH I can claim title as I exercise this privilege. And in the present I remember this is the state. TRUE STATE of my being.


     IN this understanding is EVERY EFFECT OR OUTCOME I experience ALREADY WRITTEN.

     For how could I experience anything BUT Your certainty, grace, harmony and order if the present is Order out of which an outcome is made, and Certainty is my present?


     Now in spite of my perceptions of my physical existence, I see that every effect, every result contains Your Signature. And to see ONLY Your Signature IN every effect IS TO exercise the Fact OF Certain Outcome. And to not see only Your Signature is to decide what is good, and what is bad, and to conclude what is of God and what is of the Devil. Yet how can the mind that uses opposition as a guide understand anything? It would have to forever BE conflicted BY its own determinations as to what anything means.


     Now I ask You to press me to remember the result in all I encounter can ONLY BE Your Determination to show me Your Presence IN every situation. To live BY Grace is to not have an idea of what my future or A future will be, if Grace IS the Present.


     I will attempt to allow the present, past and future to be aligned only with the truth of Your Certain Outcome for me. For presently all I have experienced, as I look back, has contained this Signature. And I thank You for this remembrance I extend to ALL minds now.


     Your Certainty reveals this outcome in my study of Your Lesson.


     So be it.

     “It is done.”