wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Economy is an idea inside the mind.

How economically do you use your power?

How do you invest your power, and your resources?

How does your economic value of your mind lead you to freedom from poverty

 and lead you to wise investing?"

Desert Spirit



Desert Spirit
May 2008

     Good morning.

     Today my lesson focuses on the ideas of sickness and healing. In a nutshell, it is again revealed that sickness is only possible in a mind that has placed God outside himself. In doing so, man becomes a victim of the world he sees, and so God is too outside. When God is placed outside of man’s mind, then man can do as he wishes with his mind, and with his body. He then can control his brother through fear.

     Healing is the restoration of the remembrance that God is INSIDE not outside. The outside merely reflects the PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF God that is remembered WITHIN a being.

     If you recall, the Teacher spoke of a celestial speed up. This is to say that Spirit would raise consciousness in man by bringing forth what man has kept hidden in himself. You know through experiences that it is the externals that become very painful before man begins to consider there is another way to live, and a person starts looking at himself or herself to make changes about how he or she feels about himself and thus the world.

     So this speedup is what we see now. Yet if you observe, we who are within the undoing and healing of our minds are also manifesting an existence, although it may not be an existence many share or are experiencing. So as the intensification of turbulence seen as external circumstances is this speeding up of all that needs to be healed in man, we see how we have escaped many things that others are currently experiencing.

     It is A Course in Miracles, it is a path in miracles, in correction, in the love that the Spirit Within provides.
     Now today my lesson specifically speaks about this. It suggests that in placing God outside, man has effectively taught himself he is beyond salvation, and that he is essentially on his own. In that regard, healing is seen as in the hands of others who can heal the body or hand out whatever medicine is needed to heal the body. This is also the law that is taught with regard to the economy. The economy becomes outside and affects us and we can do nothing about it, or think we cannot. But economy is an idea inside the mind. How economically do I use my power? How do I invest my power, and my resources? How does my economic value of my mind lead me to freedom from poverty and lead me to wise investing?

     So it says, “It (healing) stands for all that he would hide from himself to protect his ‘life.’ ”

     Healing seen outside stands for all that he would hide from himself, and so it manifests as the world he experiences. And outside, he must do things to protect his life – and all his solutions are for the body, how to protect it from disease, how to protect it from economic failure, how to live in the right environment so as to not be subjected to unpredictable weather patterns.

     So again it is emphasized that the specific world each person experiences is directly an effect of his inner world, and as it has been my determination to live by the fact that I am spirit and that the Spirit of the Universe is in me, there is nothing the world can ‘do’ to me or for me to protect me from a collective sickness that many share. 



     So it is with gratefulness today I remember the lesson – all that is hidden in me will manifest as an external experience. And when you look, in hindsight, at our existence, you see the many blessings we encounter as the lessons He gives us to challenge our minds that show us the world cannot harm us, even when seeming ‘precarious’ conditions are present. We were LED TO, first, Eureka. Eureka was the staging ground for our journey into fear. But Eureka was the Call that was Given by our Guides – “Eureka! You have arrived to penetrate your fears!”

     And such a lesson is far less severe than some that others are presently experiencing. So we must remember that WE CANNOT SAVE OTHERS, but we can demonstrate for others where our health lies, what needs to be addressed and where. And that the world and all its ‘temptations’ of gloom and doom as well as hope for the future with some new ‘leader’ is not that to which we are victims.

     Now I remember a lesson, “Seek not outside yourself – for you will fail, and you will weep each time an idol falls.” And we must see how many are desperate for ‘change’ and are placing this responsibility on someone who they think will lead them to a better life. We see how many idols we weep over as they fall. Again and again and again spirit comes to show us, “Do not put your faith in me, but in yourself.”

     So every prayer of undoing and unlearning of fear and so forth that we make in our study, we cab offer to Spirit to be Used in the collective healing of all minds.