wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"So it is a matter of trusting all things to an Orderly Universe,

a task that is easier said than done."

Desert Spirit



Eventual Successful Outcome


Copyright July 2008

Desert Spirit



Good day to you all,


     My lesson within the section, IS HEALING CERTAIN?, brings many blessings to me today.


     I have been reading the small book, BEAUTIFUL ROAD HOME by White Eagle in the evening before I go to bed. And this morning I discover that the VERY WORDS Teacher uses in my study lesson within the Course, the SAME WORDS appear in the White Eagle message. Further, these same coordinated messages are spoken of in the TAROT. That these are connected is so vast I doubt I will even be able to transmit this in this email. But I will try, because also in my lesson, today, it reads,

“It is not the function of God's teachers to evaluate the outcome of their gifts. It is merely their function to give them. Once they have done that they have also given the outcome, for that is part of the gift

     So I have always said this - that the inner correction process must be attained with an Inner Teacher, and this is what our function on this plane is. From there, we extend our experiences in the demonstrations we provide to others. And we do not have to be concerned if the demonstration is seen or not, or 'accepted.' Because it comes from Spirit World, it is eternal, and it is guaranteed to contain the successful outcome, which is healing, in all minds.


     So our demonstrations become the SEEDS WE PLANT. And in the planting of the seeds we see that they begin to bloom when we give patience and assurance to the seed that it WILL bloom and grow. And so the garden you planted and care for becomes a metaphor for the seeds you have planted in the others with your words and actions that come from Inner Health.


     Now for me this is also true.


     As you know, I brought to the garden the Holly Hock from the desert, from the cabin. I did not see this yesterday or the day before when I took the pictures. But it came to me this morning. In transplanting the Holly Hock it has grown very large, larger than it was when it lived in the desert, and more swiftly. Then it has recently produced the presence of the flower.


     Now also, the day before yesterday, when I went to the cabin, I dug up and brought back two more. And transplanting them in the garden, they now show signs of growth. So this is very significant in that these things have been spoken of in my lessons through the various mediums I have been studying - the Tarot, White Eagle's book BEAUTIFUL ROAD HOME, and A COURSE IN MIRACLES.


     In my most recent reading of White Eagle's words, last night and the night before, he speaks SPECIFICALLY of the garden, of the planting of the seed, of the taking root, and of the eventual blossoming of the flower, and that this requires patience on my part. This morning I recalled reading that, even though I did not make the connection of the reading and the taking of the pictures I sent to you. Then it hit me that this was what He was speaking about, and impact it made on me has been significant, because it represents successful outcome, which is what the Teacher of the Course is presently emphasizing, AND that this same theme was in my JULY 3 2008 reading of the Tarot.


     The successful outcome is a theme that is presently being introduced to me on all levels. It was spoken to me in the TAROT reading, it was spoken of in the BEAUTIFUL ROAD HOME book and also in the COURSE. The GIFT is the realization OF successful outcome in ALL things, regardless of how I perceive it. And the successful outcome is also the RESULT, or the EFFECT of the awareness of the gift.


     In other words, the principle of successful outcome is what Spirit guarantees, because we live IN the Order of the One Mind. But the awareness of this, in our minds and hearts, PRODUCES A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME WE CAN ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE IN A PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT. We have seen this too many times is true to deny it. So this is what we are Asked to demonstrate and transmit to others.


     In White Eagle's book, and on the present theme of repaying advances (debt, credit, etc.) that Spirit has provided, He says, “God has His own way of paying debts, and God has his own way of helping his sons and daughters, even with material gifts


     So this is extremely interesting in that the use of these words and my present lessons are are synchronized.


     Now in the Tarot also was this word OUTCOME in the reading that I did no July 3 2008, and yesterday and the day before it is this same word in my study. It specifically states in the Tarot book, EVENTUAL POSITIVE OUTCOME. In A Course in Miracles, on JULY 19, 20, 21 it mentions, “Do not evaluate the outcome; the outcome is given as part of God's gift.” With regard to the garden, we plant and then we attempt to hurry the process and not trust the outcome. But now we see that the outcome IS successful AND it IS coming to fruition.

     So if this can be seen easily in the externals, in what we have directly placed our hands into attempting to experience, it can only mean one thing - THAT OUR MINDS AND HEARTS ARE IN THE REALM OF Successful Outcome, or PROFOUND successful outcome. The TAROT uses the word EVENTUAL, but this means an event that we can see directly as we trust the process WILL unfold.


     So the outcome spoken of on JULY 3 is the seed that was planted and comes to fruition or to remind me again on JULY 19, 20, 21. It states that outcome, or eventual positive outcome, must be WITHIN the Gift Spirit provides.


     We can easily see this in terms of my recovery from drinking and drugging. The gift was or is sobriety, or soundness of mind, and the eventual positive outcome is my present lessons with sobriety, inner healing, freedom from time and the laws of medicine, economics and health. The seed of the Tarot was planted on JULY 3 and the Course reintroduces the theme on JULY 19, 20, 21. Within this same time frame is my reading of the WHITE EAGLE BOOK, but also within this time frame is Lori's request for money, and her eventual receiving of the lesson and the money and the WHITE EAGLE books.


     I only began to reread BEAUTIFUL ROAD HOME because I wanted to see what impact it would have on her if she read it. And yet, again, Spirit reveals the Gift is for me, that is revealed in the giving of it to the other.


     Now the planting of the seed, and of the transplanting of the Holly Hock and the present blooming of the flower is ALL part of all my readings of EVENTUAL SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME. And it is amazing if a person can be aware of how the Spirit World speaks to us.


     The eventual positive outcome, of which the Tarot spoke of on JULY 3 is the same lesson of which the Course speaks, using the same terminology, OUTCOME.




     And so the flowers are now blooming, a show of this eventual positive outcome of the gifts Spirit gives us, that we give to others, that we enjoy in our physical experiences, IN SPITE OF ANYTHING THE WORLD ATTEMPTS TO SHOW US.


     So while you were away, and not concerned if the flowers were going to bloom, and in spite of what you were told by a neighbor that the flowers were not blooming, they were, and I showed that fact to you.


     So it is a matter of trusting all things to an Orderly Universe, a task that is easier said than done.


     We are too full of the ‘I KNOW’ syndrome.